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THE CASHIEK'S DADGHTEK. The Men -Iianis National Bank, of Toledo, Ohio, is recognized as one of the prosperOU8 iinancial concerns of Ihat busy city ; and M. C Waru, K.sq., is well known as Itl Assi-t:i:it OMninr. Mr. Wam hal a danghtcr wlio sulièred severely frum rlienniatisin. Aitboagh only thirtcui ycars .UI, thuobatinate diseasetook a lirni hold of lier, tod for n;uths torturad her. Hearing tliat Mr. Wam had used Athlophoro to rertore the young lady to heahh and utxtona to know the effect of the medicine on one so young. a gentleman callcd ujon Mr. Waru, to ask for information abont it, which Mr. Waru verv courteously gave in tlii wise: "M daughter was indeed a suflerer. For ueveral mootiSth m laid uj with rheuniatisin, and unable to go to school or to attciul to her studies at home. We wei e quite jicxjilexed to know what to do aKiiit it, for the diseose did not yicld to theorilinarv remeiliesof the jihvsiiians. After he liad endured niuch ]am, 1 heatd of At!il.)'hiirii4, autitried a bottle. 1 was utonished, lioth at thecompleteness of the cure and the promptness with which it was lirought about. I had supposed that a medicine so powerful as tliis might have left sonie unpleasant cflects, but it is now maiiy months since 6he was cnred, and iliere has been nothingof the kind, nor has there been any return of the disease. My daughter is as well as ever, attends her ? liuol regularlv, and is taking her usual interest in her studies. I havepood reason to hold Athlophoros in verv high e-teem, and freely to rccuinincnd it to all who are afflicted tli rheumatiam." Krom the Bank the gentleman vrent to i in u puin vu .'ii i. .tu i-it'm; ix ('rosby. ()n skin Mr. ('rosby what he kncw abont Atlilophorus, tliat gentleman replied : "Vi havo sold a good deal of it, and 1 have hoard of its doing much good in many i KEku BUaeeT Well. there i o jt around the córner from here. He ís a liarber, working at Flower's baxber 6hop on Jefl'erson avenue. Onaking Mr. Klower about rheumatisni, he replied, "uo, I haven't the rheumatism, luit mv man Thomai had it, and that - that What-dye-call-it, with the long name that knocked it outof hira. Better wait and see him ; hc'll be here in a few minutes." Present ly in carne Mr. G. W. Thomas, a bright and cheery looking young man of about thirty, who looked as if he nad neversufl'ered an ache. "Surely you are not the man who was laid up with rheumatlsm?" "Yes, I arn the man, was his reply, and I was all crippled up with it, so that I couldn't work. Yes, that Athlophoros is the stuff. I would give twenty-five dollars íor a Imttle rather than go without it. The riieumatism caiueon me when I was at work in t lik'ago. I was sick a long while. My first attack was in the fall of 1883. I tried linimento and evervthing else I could get. You know in a barber shop every body who coma in recomniends omething orother. Well, I took them all. 1 had to quit work. Une Saturday night 1 was heljH'd home from the shop, for I could not walk. On the way I gotabottle of Athlophoros. I liked the idea of it, because it didn't ofler to cure everything; only rheumatism and neuralgia. I was undressed and put to bed, for I could not help myself. I took two tea-spoonfuls of the medicine, in niilk. AVhen I had had it down about two hours I began to fee] numb. Now, I was not in pain. In about an hourand a half after that I feltprickly all over, as if with a lot of needles. Then I sweated. Oh I what a sweat ! By Wednesday mornins I was able to be at work again. Since that I have never lost a ilay. I took in all about three bottles. "Well, you ought to see my oíd landlady, oíd Slrs. Smith. She ís 73 years oíd. Sha had taken pretty much everything for her rheumatism ; but no good. I had about enough of this medicine left for two doses, and I gave it to her. She took it, and it relieved her at once. Then she got another bottle. That was two months ago. She has had no return of the rheumatism ; nor have I either." If you cannot eet Athlophoros of your druggist, we wlll send lt expresa pald, on recelpt of regular pdce-onedoUar per DotUe. Weprefer that you buy lt (rom your drugglst, but 11 ne hasn't lt, do not be permiaded to try Bomethlne else, but order at once from U3, as dlrectea Athlofiioros Co., liï Wall Street, New York.


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