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A Temperance Convert

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Dr. Howard Crosby, as reported by the Cbristian Union, opened bis door the other niglit to an unknown guest. "I am a rumseller," sald the man in a stern voice, "a keeper of a grogshop." From the man's look tlie Doctor thought he meditated i personal attack. In a moment he went on: "And IVe come to teil you that Tin jroing to quit the business. You have convinced me that it is wrong to sell ntoxicatiiisr liquor. I've listened tothe gabble of total abstinence fanatics these filteen years, and lt hns produced no effect whatever on me. But your arguments are unanswerable. I helieve that I am causing the death of niy fellow-mea. I havf closed my saloon, and will oerer open it again. Hum is the curse of our country. I believe it to be the c.iuse of nine-ienths of all the vice and crime ever committed. I'm goinij to quit the business. I wanted to see you and thank you for what you have done lor me." Mutual congratulatinnp!


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