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A Scotch druggist was aroused by the rii...

A Scotch druggist was aroused by the rii... image
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A Scotch druggist was aroused by the riiiiing of his niglit bell. He anise, went down stairs. and stived a cngtomer witli a dose of salts. His rtfe gruinbletl. H Wlial profit do you Ket oitt o' that pMDjrf "A ha'penny." was the reply. "And for that ha'penny you 'II be awake for a long time," rejciined the wife. "Auecl," replied tbr placid drujrcist, "the dose of salts will keep Imn awake niuch longer; let us tliank Heuven that we buve the. proflt and doí the pain of the transaction." Purlfy your blood, tone up Ihe aystem, and regulute the digettlTO ocguhl by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. ,old by tl] diuggisls. Butchlnft the strangler, who was i ed in San Francisco. BMuJe ihe assertion tlint logergoll's tencblngs was one of tlie Inflaeocea ttiat bronght blm to thi Iowb. Verj Remarkablo DNcoyery. Mr. Qeo. V WHHnjt, of Maoeliefter, Micli., writes: "Mfwlfe Imsbrtii alnionl helplt'ss for tive y art, so helpieM H at alie conld not turn over in Ivil alone. Site used two Boltleí of Klecii ie Bitu-i-, i so inuch lm pro ved, Chat ihe la abre nou lo do her own work." Klectric lïittcrs will do all thal is claimcd for tlieni. Hnndredi ol teatimouUls attest thelr great curative powers Ónly fit ty a bottle at Eberbacb A Son's. "¦ What does your btubmid do?" aaked tlie cenMis man. ' He ain't doln' nothinp at this lime of the 3'tar," it'plieil tlieyoiniij wife. "Is bea pauper?" aked the census man. Slie lilu-hed scarlet to the eais "Luw, nor he exclalmed somewliat indi'iiantly. "We aiu"t been married inoic-'n six week?." Rev. Wm. Stout, Wiaiton, Out . ttatee: Being ineffectually tivated by ITflOMOIT for Scrofula, I was cured by Bnrdock Blood Bitters. Wrlta for proot Tlie followlng nniqneep-itle waipicked up In Yorkville : " Dear Bill : reson I didn't laffwhen you latt at me in the Poet oris yestenlay was because I bey bile on my fase, and Kant lxfi lf 1 Uiff lhe'11 busf. But I love yu Bill, hile oriM bile. Laft'or no latl'. Your luying Kate, till deth." Eberbach & Son :hfi Uruggists,who are nlways lookinj; al r tlie interest? of thtir riisioincrg, have iow secured the sale of Dr. Bosiinko' Dough and Lu" Kyrup. a remedy that lever fails to cure Colils. Palón iii the Tliest and all Lun Aflcciions. Forproof, ry a f ree sample bottle. Regular size 50 :ents and $1 00. Rome was captured four times in sixeei: years, and during that time 15,000,100 human beinps perished by sword, pestience and famiue. Educated and Experienced. Hood's Sarsaparilla is prepared by C. I. lood fe Co., Apothccaries, Lowell, Mass., vho have a thorough knowledge of pharnacy, and many years pravtloal e..erince in the business. Ie is preparad with he gTMittt t-kill and care, unüer the diectiou of the men who orijrinated t. ience Hood's Sarsiipnrilla may bu dependd upou as a thoroughly pure, honest, and ellable medicine.


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