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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CtOCRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY, WILL 8EE BY EXAMININC THIS MAP, THAT THE ! "LuF-íyWorthiní(Sj3éjWlbert Lea Ve ra L¦$ ¦(ƒ$$ ;' - -!-r? - . - -é?n3L2f8nríis & s ' rV. 5. E.St.Louis i r1 _,.'' CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILWAY By reason of lts central poaltlon and close relation to all principal Unes East and West, at initial and terminal points, constitute tte most important mid-corjtinental link In that system of throuyh transportaron whlch invites and facilltates travel and trafflc between cities of the Atlantic and Pacillc Consta. It Is also the favorite and best route to and lrom points East, Northeast and Boutheast, and correspondlng points W est, Northwest and Southwest. The Rock Island system lncludes in its main line and branches, Chicnpo, Joliet, Ottawa, La Salle, Peoría, Geneseo, Moline and Rock Ieland, In Illinois; Davenport, Muacatlne, Washington, Fairfleld, Cttumwa, Oskalocsa, West Liberty, Iowa City, Dss Molnes, Indianola, WinterEet. Atlantic, Knoxville, Audubon, Harían, Guthrie Centre end Council Bluffs, in Iou-a; Gallatin, Trenton Cameron anl Kansas City, in Missouri; Leayenworth snd Atcliison. in Kansas; Albert Lea, Minneapolis and St. Paul, In Minnesota; Watertown in Dakota, and hundreds of intermedíate citiee, towns, vihages and stations. THE CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE Onarante8 Ita patrons that sense of personal securlty afforded by n eolid, thorousrhly bulastea road-bed; smooth tracks or contlnuous steel rail; substantially built culverts and bridares; roilingr stock as near perfection aa human skill can make it; the safety appliances of patent buffers, platforms and air-brakes; and that exacting1 discipline which governs the practical operation of all lts traína. Otaer specialties of this route are Transfers at all connectln? points in Union Depots, aud the unsurpassed comforts and luxuries of its PHSsen?er Equipment. The Fast Express Tralns between Chicago and the Missouri Riverare romposed of well ventilated, flnely upholstered Day Coaches, Magniflcent Pullman Palace Sleepers of the latest design, and sumptuous Diningr Cars, in which elaborately cooked meáis are leisurelv eaten, "g-ood Digestión waitinfj on Appetite, and Health on both." Between Chlcagro and Kansas City and Atchison, are also run the Celebrated Reclining Chair Cars. THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Is the direct and favorite line between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul, where connectlons are mad) In Union Deoots for all points m the Territories and Britiah Provinces. Over this route, Fast Exoresa Trains are run to the waterincr places, summr resorts. picturesque localities, and hiintins? and flshinsr grounds of Iowa and Minnesota. It is also the most desirable route to the richt wheat flelds and pastoral lande of Interior Dnkota. Still another DIRECT LTNE, via Séneca and Kankakee, has been opened between Newport News, Richmond. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, nd Lafayette and Council Bluffs, Kansas City, Mlnneaoolis and St. Paul and intermedíate points. For detailed Information see Maps and Folders, obtainable. as well as Tickets, at all principal Ticket Offices in the United States and Canada; or by addreaaing R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, President and General M--ajer. Chicago. General Ticket and Passenger Agent, Chicago.


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