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Mr. Town Says A Few Words More

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Editor Codriek : Your generosity last weck allowed me sufflclent space t expressmy views regardinga classof per sons in nearly every community, that i usually in slang phrase called "kickers. I endeavored to state cleaily and truth fully tlie peculiar characteristics and tb service this class of men render tbe com munity. I endeavored to state wit clearness the classes of men whom they oppose, and the courses of conduct the condemn. It Ia a source of regret tlia there existe in this community any whos self-censoriousnessofqualitiesandconduc compels tlietn to believe themaelves the especial objects of any kicker's hostilit) and that uny ?iews had especial referenc to them, which was certainly not the case That is the diffltulty in treating of gen eralities, for there are perhaps alway some who are in the positiou of the green hom in good conipany whosaid "I know they were talking of me for they Uagbei consummately." I desire also to expiessl state that those who aregcnerally chargec with being the authors of and reaponsibl for my views expressed last week are no only not responsible, butare in total igno ranee of my identity. AVhile they, like olher good citizens, are subject to rationa OlitioUm, their good services to the city dui-ing the maiiy years they have residei in this commuaHy should bespeak fo them the absence upon public questious o sordid notions and of conduct whieh the; believe Drciudicial to the Dublic welfare


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