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The following report of the Board of II ealih lias been sent in to the coimcil : Ta Vie Vommon Council of the city of Ann Arbor I During the year endlng Mftrch 31st, 1885, the city has remalued lïee from epidemie diseases. Kvery building and yard in the city lias been lnspected, and exisling nulsances ordered cleaned out. The cltlzens, as a rule, complied readlly with tlie requests of the Board. Seventeen hundred dwellin housus have thus been tnipeoted lis lo sanllary con ditions. Sanltary coudillon ot the houses was found good ; the eellars were dry and free fiom uecomposlng vegetable matter. The vaults were found needing attention lu iiiiiny quarlera. Two hundred und thlrtyfour vaults were found In very bad conditlon. Slnce Ibis inspecllon, upwards of 200 vnulis have been cleaned, and thls work is dally progresslng. Ttie waler supply is from wells, sprtngs and cisterna. In tlie llrst ward the wells are now generally abandoued for clsterns, ou account of coiitamlnatlon by drainage from vaulis. In the thlckly settle I parts of the city.almobl every well is surrountled wllhln a radius ol' 40 feet by 0 or more vault. A drive wll "ver 75 feet deep has thus been contamluated liy a vautt some 20 feet dlstunt Kour hundred and seventy-ftve families ure now usln 111 tered cistern water for ordlnary DQrposea Natural spring water Is used by 7. families scallered over the M, 3d, Ith and otü wards of the city. In the less thlckly settled wards of the city, well water Is excluslvely used, and our spection round these wolls good. The miIciataol bluecliiy lias us yl aaved II"' velu from the drainage of the viuilts. The Board oi Health reeoramenda, il is now seems hopeful we are to have waterwork. Unit tbe source of supply and character of the water aa to Ita puniy tra oarefolly lnvegtigit'ed, mul the aaoitary Inlereatof thicity guardad. Also that public drlDklng foúntains be established in all public placea In the dlnerent rardl and t the public school building, i The uuinberof dealVis in i! Ity, Inolndiug lbo sludeut couimuiuiy, fow tlie yeal were 114. As the Board of Ilcnlth lia to obtnto I reporta Ironi the uodertakers, and as there are no cerlillciites from the altendlng phyuiclan requlred as to tbe oaate "t death, e can at best, bul classify the deatha under the general term of the diseases ol organs : OonaompUon M Pawlysls 4 lnilumutioii of the Can oer I lungs 7 Malaria 1 Coii(i?stii)ii of luugsji Typhold fever 8 Throat diseases 9 Dlpbtheria 7 Bronchitis 1 Puerperal fever 1 Inflaramatlonof the]) Croop l bowels 1 enlfe gangrene ... 1 Klimmer oomprinba Accidenta -l (diseasps of Heroorrhage 1 ach and howeis) Blood polson (aeptlCholeia infiintiiin.. 1 rwtnla) 1 (Jholcra morbus 1 Not known, clnsi'd Braln diseases .'i as olil age and all Apoplexy . l fivor 70 yeara old 1(1 Ilespectfully submitted lu behftlf ot Uoard of Health. C. GEOKQE, Henlth Offlcer. ASM AltliOK, ApliU 8lh, 1883. The editions of The Ceniury Majjazlne are now so large that it bas become D( iary elther to go to presa al au earller date or to poftpone the day of i The lutter alteraatire has been accepted. The Aril nuinber, the edltion of which was 236,000, was delayed anti) tbe 36th of Miircli. The May immber - edltion, 350,000 - will be teoed on tbe lat day oi Muy, tlius Inaugarating with the flrsl Dumber of the thirtieth volume a change which lias long been ooDlderetl deslxable by the pnblisherg, and uhich it 9 believed will be heartlly commended by the public. Fature numbers of The Centuïy Magiizine will be Ls.Minl on tlie lat day of the month of which ëach lx ars date. Perfect soiiiidness of body and mlnd is possible only with pure blood. Leadlng medical et all oivilized countries endorse Ayer'fl SarsapariUa as the best, blood-purifyiiig'mediciiK! In exitence. Itvastly Increases the workingand productivo powcrs of bolh hand and brain. If you want children's clothing cali on the Two Sama. Ifyou wanta Hat, callón tin; TtvoSams '


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