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Plans ú Proposals Wanted. Plañís and speolflcalions for the construction of n jall inclurtlng Shorllï's reatdence, to beeret.d la the citvcif Ann Arbor. Miehlcmi, fop the nseof Waslitennw oonntv. will be recelved up to and noludtim tlie 28th day of April, 1886. at ïü o'clock u. m. s;iid Jall to be or a oapaalty anfflelent to oonfine witli snivty nut ïrss tiian twmty prlsoners In teel fd cells, at a cosí not to exoeed twclvr thousanii dollars. J. L. (H.BEIiT. II. I). HliNNKI. M. I'. CBB. KING'S EVIL Was the name iormcrly givon to : bccauso of a superstiüun Ihut ii ¦ rured by a kiug's touch. The v i wispr now, and kiiows tUat SCROFULA can ouly be eored by a thorough i tion of" tbc blood. "if th; the disease perpetUBtes lts I generatlon títer generation. earlter symptomatlo asvi lo] mi a Eczema, Cutaneous En i mors, Botls, Carbuti l'urulpnt lileers, Nervons sical ollapsc. Me. I ( B tinup, lthoiinitilisin, ¦ : p tarrh, Kldney an i Llvcr Tubercular Cons1.:: uu.4 otlier daugei'uus 0( produceJ by t. Ayers Sa na] e tbat i' i ¦ the -!,ni Heredltary .¦ and uien jry. l tb i liíul act ida to tho iüi .. njiu Regenerativo f. :... ït ooi)ipo.pc] of tlie frenuinc i, Sarsa) Uiiftu, the lodi Iron, nod other in . tencj . earífullj i : pounded. Iti rormu to the medical proíi constantly prcacjiljj w.uai.i.A as an Absolute Curo For nll d) il hy !!: r V;ii lUo blood. li i a i practlcabl ¦ de n ¦. r preparatlon for whl h II i r ¦ clalmed, and la i', . i wdl as the best 1 cüie, iu thu wurM, Ayer's Sarsapara, PRXPARXfo BY Dr. J. C. Ayor & Co., Lomll, Iriass [Analytk'ul Ciioi.' Kold by all DruggisU: l'iico $1; Sixbotll


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