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AM ARBOR SAYINGS BANK, ANN ARBOR, MICIIIGAN, Transaots General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $SO,OOO. Organized nnder the General Banking: Law of ttais ötati', the etockholdors are individaally liablo Tor an additional amouut eqnal to the stock held by them. therehy creating a tiuarantee Fund for the benefit of Depositorá of $100,000.00. Three por cent. interest Is allowed on all Savings Deposita of one dollar and upwards, according to tbc rules oí the Bank and interest componnded aeml-annually. Money to Loan on unincumbered tatc and other good eecurity. DIRECTORS : CHRISTIAN MACK, WM I). HAHlilMAN, W. W. WINES. DANIEL IIISC'OCK, M DEUBi'L, WILLAKL B. SMITH. OFFICERS: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINES, Vicc-Pr.'. C. E. HISCOCK.Oashler. ATTEHTIONfARHÉRS 500,000 ACRES OF 11RST-CLAS.S TIMBER LANDS IN NORTHERN WISC0NSIX, For Sale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers, Rlchsoll- lieulthful el i mate -good drinking water- line murlcvt facilities- steady deraand for Inhor at koo'1 wum. NO DROUGHTS, NO GRASSHOPPER PLAGUES, NO CYCLONES. Full Information, wlih map, jmmpblets, etc, furnislieil Fkfk. Address II VS. li. Ol.ltY. I.ainl Com'r, V. C. R. R., Mllwaukee. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S iiiïililliii Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wiiolesale and Retall Trade. We staall also keep a supply of SWIPT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Kyc Flour, ItnokM 'lieal Flour, Corn Mcal, Fced, Etc, At Wholesale and Hetail. A general stock of GROCERIES and PROVISIÜNS Conetantly on hand, which will he sold on aB reaaonahle terras as at any other house In the city. Va-h paid for BUTTER, EGGS. and COÜNTKY PRODUCE generally. Goods delivered to any p:irt of the ciiy without extra charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT. TTTIT fVor worktnsr pcopl0 Send 10 cents I Ij 1 IJ potHK-', and we will mail you free a fi p I r royal, valuahle eample box of gooda J thiit will put you in the way of muklng more money in a few days than yoo ever thoui;tit posnible at any business. Capital not reqtiired. You cjit live at home and work in spare unie only, or all the time. AH of both erxee.of all ages, grandly eucceeefal. 00 contê to $5 easily earned eyrj rveninir. Tbat all who want work may tett the huaint'ps, we make thfeunparalhled offer: To al] who are not wvll satiifled we will eend $1 to pay for the trouble of writlng us. Full partlcularn, directions, etc, font flrM. Imiiifiiet1 pay abaolutely sare tor allwho Btart at once. LïonH dclay. AddreB Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine. RUPTURH! EGAlí'S IMPERIAL TRUSS. B Tb Is new Trusi hu a tfiral pring and 001'BBlir ATtT rsiucu ; yietdi to very inotiou, retiüninit - ihe hírnialwvr Worn iay mi.Í iii wilh flHh fort. Sent n Trlftl. EdcIom Stump for Circular. Vd in bolh Uolvtnlty HoaplUü. EOAN'S IMPERIAL TRUSS CO, Box 2288, Ann Arbor, Mich. Oiïlce, Ilarüilton Block, Ann Arbor.


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