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Real Estate Sales

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Wra. H. Clough lo George Nissle, Saline 11,000 Wm. Freer, by heire, to Wm. Brown, Huperlo 4,950 Clara B. Freer, by guardián, to Charles J. Muwerso. Superior 1,112 Jautos Waerz to Egldus Schurtz, Ann Arbor 860 Thoina J. Brooks to Jacob Hlchardson, Lira 800 T. H Hlscock to W. A. Everett, Ypsllantl.. 1,866 Jacob F. ScUaible toC. Schleicher, Ann Arbor 675 John J. Hutzel to C. and W. E. Hutrei, Lodl 1,546 ilnry c. Spencer lo John. N. Wllson, Ypsllanll 1,800 Oscar B Pertee to B. D. Brown, Salem, 6.OC0 Wmiara Bacon to Martin Vanee, Chelea 2,000 A M Goodale to J. W. Knlght, Ann Arbor 800 Nevada Quinan to Alcx. Soulier, Webter 600 Helen C Swlft to Patrlck O'Brlen, Yplaull 450 John Allen to Willlam Buss, Lodl and Plltsfleld 4,535 Jos. T. Mclntyre to Oscar B. Pester, YpBllanti 2,300 F. Kowler to Peter Dreaser LfiOO Charles Lopkwood to Q. P. and E. M. HmUii-i. Snlenl 5,2 0 liary Horo to John Street. Ann Arbor, 600 L. B. Vuughan to John P. Judson, Adh Arbor 700 L. M. Bacon to H. S. Aolraes, Clielsea.. 450 Georee W. Harrlott to Albert Colllns, Kalln. 1,005 'hrisi lan Hchwab to J. and C. Schwab, Brldgewuler 15,000 Paul Fi Itz to Paul Frltz, Jr., Freedom .. 400 John W. Kice to Alex. K. Klrkwood, Nlmrtui ... 500 H. P. 8 rlnghnm to Nlcholas C. SUingham, Manchester 300 Jacob Haas to Dorothea B. Frey, Ann Arbor 2,600 J. George Hack to Héctor Drake. Lodl 600 Wllllnm P. Carson lo Daniel Reeves, Saline 850 " I Sfly, Pat, wbat are you nbout - sweepliiK out tliat roomf" "Nn," au swereil Pat. " I am only 8weepinr tho diit and leaving the room."


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