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lrRiNB March tho losse by lire in the United States re&eheil .a,O00,00U, aad for tho lirst tbree niouths oC 188.Ï the loss is $27,500,000. The average flre waste for Marcb in the past t'm vcnrs luis (k'pm less than $7,000,000. Kykrso & Brown, livary-stable keepers, failed ou the Tth in New York, with MbMHMm ostimated at .p'W.OOO. A grnkral, strike in all the departments of the McCormick Keapor Work in Chicago begau on the Tth. In a street-ear at Newport, Ky., Mr. McMillan killed a bank dei k mimed John L. Cummings tbo other d.iy for assaulting hia daushter. Ta-o touno men named Gllbert Parker and Ferdinand Y. Rogers were drowned at Davenport, Ia., on the Tth. Hkavy and destructivo rains feil the other night in Mississippi, doing great damage to railroad property. AnoDSTüs Hoextek, manufacturar of liuen collars nnd colfl at Nw York, failed on the 7tb for $180,000. A priso.vkr in the Kent County (Del.) jail assaulted the turnkey with an iron bar on the 7th and six prisonors made tbc ¦ir escape. The wheat plant has greatly improved in the Wabash Vulley within the past few days, and the prospecta on the Tth indicated a bounticul harrest. Matuïw Oli.vqek, a farm-hand, while plowing recantly near Lafayottn, Ind., feil dead m a fit of apoplexy. Karltoii the ïnoruii of the Tth an expresa train on the Louisvillp, New Albany & Chicago Road was ditched tca milea north of Indiaiapolis. The eugineer was the only persou burt, l.ut the loss in rollingstot k was heavy. L. K. Eldridgk, a patiënt in the Tenuessee Insane Asyluin, killed two men on the 8th by crushing their skulls with a floor mop, and was assaultiiig a third person whenseized. Nilson Edwards, a New York denfst, who was found on the 8th, spent two davs in killing himself with a razor. His throat and body wore horribly gashed. Thk Exchange National Bank of Norfolk, Va., owes its depositora ovar $3,000,000. The examiner on the 8tli made a gloomy report of ita condition. The Coluinbus (O.) Coal Company has posted notices at all its mines in the Hocking Valley that it will issue no more orders for merchandise, but will pay its employés In cash every Tuesday. A mad dog recently killed and partly devoured the infant child of Mrs. Carroll, living in Washington County, Md. The father of the child died a few days before from hydrophobia, caused from a bite of the same animal. In the past two y ears the population of Kansas has increased 1T2.6G1, and 2,000,000 additional acres have been placed under cultivation. Fiftbkn hundubd Oklahoma colonists were ttill in camp at Arkansas City on the 8tb. Thomas McClintoch, of Chicago, was jostled by tbree men on a train at Allegheny City the other night, and robbed of $5,000 ia cash and notes. Louis Derry and his wife quarreled the other eveuinir at Ponlar lüntf. Mn. Tho woman drew a pistol, but before she could flre her husbauii shot her dead and then blew out his ovn braias. Sikbert & Co.'slarge furniture inauufactory at PIttgburgh, Pa., was totally destroyed by flre on the 9th, $100,000 worth of property being destroyed. Louis Dekbï, formerly City Marshal at Poplar Bluff Mo., killed his wife on the 9th, and then blew his own brains out. Jealousy was the cause. S. K. lluss, once a prominent New Orleans inerchant, poisoned himself on the Oth; Mainie Fisher drowned herself at Tremont, O., and Oeorge W. Ohr hanged himself at Indianapolis, Ind. At Wellsboro, Pa., on the 9th sentences of about ten years each wore iniposed upon flve burglars, who recently robbed a bank at Osceola. Thk Cathedral of the Inearnation, erected by Mrs. A. T. Stewart at Garden City, Long Island, in memory of her husband, was dedi ated on the Oth. IVolves and eagleg were on the 9th reported to be killing and cariying off the stock toat remained in the destitute sections of Central West Virgiaia. Enragkd because the Legislatura failed to reimburse him for time and money expended, D. 8. Grimes on the 9th totally destroyed the Colorado exhib t at the New Orleans show. TJiis was accounted to be oue of the most attractive displays of the exhibition. It ia reported that Miss Effle Irong, of Salem Church, near Jarvis, O., who had been bedr.dden for three years, bega praying recently, and kept up her sup plications for relief for fourtaen hours when she guddenly arosa from her bed cured, and attended a revival meeting th same nigbt. Tai Farmers' Bank at Norfolk, Va. failed on the 9th, with liabilities of $250, 000. Thb Washington monument was strucl three times by lightning on the 9th, bu received no clamase. Maey and James Jones perished in a fire which destroyed several frame buildings the other day in Berkley, Va. Daniel Kelly and Patrick Sullivan were killed by a recent premature explo sion in the Eureka Miue at Silver City Utah. Thb markets all over the country were on I he 9th farorably afïected by the war news from Asia, and wheat, corn, oats flour and meats went upward with a rush Kate Smulsey, aged twenty-flve years the Fort Plain (N. Y.) faster, died on the 9th. Over a year aso Miss Smulsay contracted a mysterious diseass, and from a few montha after that time to the day ol her death she pariook of scarcely any food. Physicians said tliat from March 11 to November 25 she did not eat anything, and they expressed themselves as haring never seeu any case li#e hers. Amono the suicides on the lOth were the following: C. Van Valkenburg, & woalthy farmer, near ütica, N. Y. ; A. V. Arnold, a wealthy Willkmsburg (Pa.) lumber inerchant, and Juhus Loi9eau, a eollegfe professor, at Woodaide, L. I. Tbk Espue a Land & Cattle Company, embraciug sixty thousand head of cattle and flfty thousand acres, waj sold at Port WorUi, Tex., on the luth toan Eiiglish syndicate incorporated in Londou. The property was valued at $3,50U,03J. xna. icuuiua ui [i II w bao iepflruucul of Ariculture at Washington indicated on the lüth a reductioa of ten per cent, of last year's área of winter wheat, or a falling off of 100,000,W bushels Ín this year'a yield. The steamer Dean Richmond reached Albany on the lOth, the first vessel of the season from New York. Colombus Crawford (colored) was hanged at Yorkville, S. C, on the lOth for the murder of Ellisou Sanders, and Richard Fraser (colored) was executed at Charleston, 8. C, for killing Jack Gethers. A party of finir hundred persona who loft Enland to settle in the Canadian Northwest have been diverted to Wisconsin and Indiana, in consequence of Riel's revolt. Herr Steinktz, the celebrated chess player, played twenty carnes simultaneously in Wilmlngton, üii., a few evenings ago, and won them all. In the Unitid States and' Canada there were 200 business failures during th even days ended on the lOth, against 249 the previou seven davs. The distribation was as follows: Middla States, 42; New England t5tates,21; Western, 40; Southern, 61 ; Pacíüc States and Territorios, 20; Canada, 26. Hepobts on the lOth from all counties in Michigan showed a better average oondition of the crops than at thia 1 me last year. The lOth was exchange and merohants' day at the New Orleans Exposition. Fonr tboutand school ohUdrsu sang songs in Jiu ie Hall, and little bailnets was dons Geosg H. StlLLS, wife-murderer, was executed in tb ja)l-yrd at Brooklyn on the lOth. At Petersburg, Va., a heavy snow-storm set in early on the tnorning of the lot li, and the snow was still falling rapidly at four p. in. Br the recent collapse of an iron bridge on the Baltimore & Ohio Hoad, near Connellsville, Pa., a coke train of seventeeu cars was wrecked. The conductor and brakeman, brothers named H. H. and Benjamin Fuller, were killed. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Oovkrnor Kurk, of Wisconsin, has vetoed a bilí aiithoriing the keeping of vagrauts on bread and water for ninety days, deeming such punishment cruel and unusual. Thb United States Court at San Francisco on the (th sent Sarah Althea Hill to jail for one day, for contempt in refusing to produce her marriage contract with exSouator Sharon. At the Church of the Holy Trinity, . in New York, Mrs. Torn Thumb was marriod on the 6th to Count Primo Magis, a professional uiidget. The Count presented bis wife with a valuable estáte in Italy, and they will cross the Atlantic next raonth. An vii'kh of the Tth from the Michigan election iudicated that the fuaion candidates for Supreme Court Judge and Regents were elected orer the Republican nomineeg by 20,000 majoi ity. Amos Smith, Jr., Hepublican, was elected Mayor of Cincinnati at the recent eloction by 3,000 majority. A fourth husband was secured on the 7th by Mrs. Sallie Ward Lawrence Hunt Armstrong, of Louisville, Ky., who for a generation bas been known as the most beautiful woman in the South. The latest acquisition is O. F. Loting, a cultured gentleman, aeventy years of age. After an lUness of soine montas, Richscholar, died on the 8th in New York, aged sixty-three years. Emmons Hamlin, the noted oigan manufacturar of Boston, died of pneumonía on the 8tli. Cysus W. Field, after flfty years of actire business in New York, is resigning hls railway and telegraph memberships, and intends to pend the summer in Europe. John Marstoií, a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, died in Philadelphia a few days ago, at the age of ninety. A cotJRT in New York on the 8th granted a motion to send a commissiou to England to examine witnesses in regard to the sanity of Mrs. Dudley, who shot O'Donovan Itossa. Benjamin F. Butler has beeu sued in the Massachusetts Supreme Court, by the managers of the National Soldiers' homes for $15,000, for whioh he failed to account as Treasurer. Bishop Stewart and Eider C. J. Robinfinn, indicted for polygamy, were on the 8th sentenced at Phoenix, A. T., to ninety dayg in the penitentiary. Th Republieans recent! y elected Mayors in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo, the Democrats carrying Dayton. The Demoorats carried Detroit, Mich., and Dubuque. Ia. has been appointed Pension Agent for Wisconsin. ¦ Kobert B. Ytance, of North Carolina, was on the lOth appointed Deputy Commissioner of Patents, and William E. McLean, of Indiana, First Deputy Coramisaioaer of Pensions. Major S. E. Mower, one of the owners of the Snnday Telegrapk, at Milwaukee, killed himself with a revolver on the lOth while suffering frorn neuralgia. Rev. Henry Whitehkad, who settled in Chicago when it was only a military post, and with his own hands erected the first Methodist Church, died on the lOth, aged aeventy-flve years. FOREIGN. Dispatches received from San Salvador on tbe 7th conflrmed the report of the death of General Barrios. Brisson, the new Prime Minister of France, put forth a program me on tbe 7th which includes liberty of the press, the abolition of the Senate and the separation of church and State. Advices of the 7th from Fort Qu'Appelle, in the Northwest Territory, report that ths Indians in that región were highly excited and anxious to fight. News from Fort McLeod was alarming, and a detachment of troops would be sent thither at once. The Piegan Indians were on the warpath, and raids were feared. Reports brought in by scouts indicated an excited feeling all over the country. Thk Prince of Wales left London on the 7th for Ireland. Acableoram of the 7th from Spain roported thirty new cases of cholera at Jativa and seven deaths. Tbe Colombian troops and the citizens at Aspinwall were destitute and starving on the 7th. The railroad company and the United States snip Galena were feeding the Boldiers. There was great anxiety among foieigners at Panama. Rüssia waa on the 7th putting the greaï naval and military station of Cronstadt in a state of complete defense. Hundreds va iajj fcur3 iiíiu ueeu sunK íu me iiarüor. Lord Dufferin sent a long dispatch from Rawil-Pinde, warning the Governinent to beware of Russiau intrigues. It appeared that many Russian offlcers had visited Eabool during the last few months as spies. Thb gross public debt of Canada, as stated in the House of Commons recently by Mr. Boswell, is $227,110,&36. An official proclamation was iasued on the 8th at Constantinople eondemniug tho Mehdi as an impostor and a robber. Di Frkycinet, in the French Senate on the 8th, stated that the preludes of a peace with China had been virtually concluded. The river Thames was flooding the Btreets of London 011 theSth, causing great damage. ( President Zaldivar, of San Salvador, telegraphed to the Costa Rican Minister at Washington on the 9th that Presideut Barrios and his son were killed at Chalchuapa. A recent hurrlcane at Tamatave, Madagascar, wrecked flve French and six native vessels and the American bark Sarah Hobart. Riel, the half-breed leader, had on the 9th cleaned out the country between IIuuiboldt and Prince Albert, and Prince Albert country had been turned into a desert. Fugitives from the North were flying to Qu'Appelle in large numbers. There was every indication of a general Indian uprislng. The reports that American Indiana had crossed the border to Join in the revolt were not conflrmed. Captain Norton, of the Sh mandoah, landed 100 marines at Panama on the 9th to protect American interests. He had been instructed by Secretary Whitney to keep transit open, guard the lives and property of cltizens of the United States, and remain absolutely neutral in coullids etween the local forcea. The rumors of a battle between the Russians and Afghans at the outposts of the atter were conflrmed on the 9th by a disatch from Meshed. The Afghan camp at Murghaub, on the Murghaub River, was captured by the Russians after a brief but anguinary battle. Fivehundred Afghans were killed. The Russian loss was flfty killed and wounded. In the British House of Commons Mr. Gladstone stated that tho attack must be regarded as unprovoked, and that the GoYernment had called upon lussia for an explanation. General M. L. Barillos was on the Oth installed as President of Guatemaja, nd the Cabinet had been reorganizad since the death of President Barrios. The Emperor of China issued adecree on the lOth reciting that the French, having humbly sued for peace, he graciously grants their prayer. Thkre was a slight shock of earthquake in Rome on the lOth. Church spires vibrated, and in someof them the bella rang. A telegram on the lOth from Commander Kane at Aspinwall reported that United States troop were now guardián: both end of the Panama Railroad . Eyerythioa waa aulet. t Ketts wat rocclrffd at W inmpeg on en lOth of tbe killiug of fourteen white iet tlers at Frog Lake, elghty miles from Bat tleford, by the Cree Indians. One woman was capltired. Fort Pitt was in danger Battleford wns siirrounded by 1,000 [n ilinin, bat no attack had been marl as yet A general iMag was feared. General Graham issued a proclama tion on the lOth urglng the to ¦ubmit to the Brltish and send in supplies of provisión and cattle, which would be paid for. Mr. Gladstonk stated in the British House of Commons on the lOth that Kussin had demanded from General Komaroff an explanation of Ii is cnnduct in attacking the Afgbans, aud that Penjdeh had not been occupied by the forcea of the Czar. LATER NEWS. WARfceliug at Ut. Petersburg was re p utod to !e overwhelmlug on the llth. Naval and military preparations werecontiuutvl witii groat energy, and the flouringmills at Odessa were puslied to their utniust oapacifey in preparing food. Two Brilish moii-of-wur ut Kingston had been onlereii to Portsmouth to load torpedoes, evidently for the Bal lic. General Komarolï had been appointed Comraauder-in-Chief in Turkestan. ballot as taken for United State Si-nntor in the joint setslon of the Illinois IjOgislature on the llth, Moirisou recoiving 1( votes and Logau 2. T-HK striking ni lemen of the McCormick reajier factory til Chicago were on the llth allowed an advnnco of ten per cent., and woi k had been r. ..iiiin-d. The Dcmocrats of the Thirty-seventh IÏUnoi;; Diylrirt 011 the Jlth olected Robert S. Dnvis to Miceood the late Frank M. Bridget i:i the Ktate Senato. Auvick;; of llie Lütb from Wlnnipeg statod that the Indians had massacred eleven wbitos at Frog Lake, and several others had been taken prlaonor. It was also rumored that th Kineteenth Battalion had a skirmisa with Riel, in which eighty men were killod. Snow-storms prevailed on the llth at New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Quarantine was ordered on the 12th at llarseilles, France, on account of the suspected prevalence of cholera at the Spanish port. At nine o'clock on the evening of th 12tu Colonel Frod, speaking of bis father's condition during the day, said that he had coughed a good deal and had altogether a bad day. The general belief was that the patiënt was grudually siaking. A thkaty of peace was signed on tha llth between the Governments of San iSalvador and Honduras, and the latter RepabUo had jniued the alliance agaiust Guatemala. At Lee's Summit, Mo., twenty-eight buildings were destroyed by fire on the 12th, entailiug a loss of $10(1,000. G. Henry Shaw, Democratie Reprefsentative from the Thii-ty-fourth Illinois Legislativo District, was founddead in bis room at the Palace Hotel, Springfleld, on 12 h. He had been dead several hours, and heart-disease was supposed to have been the cause. Ex-President Arthur arrived at his home in New York on the 12th from Fortres Monroe. He has rejoined his old law fii'in. At twentv-six leading houses in the United States the exehanges during the week ended ou the llth aggregated ;,!i;:;, against ii)4-J,l!)il,"i.'9 the previous week. As comparad Lli the corretponding period of ÍSS1, the falliug off amountt to 20.7 per cent.


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