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WORTHY Of Confidence. AVCR'C Parsnpar illa i-i a medicino that. M I Cn O during nearly 40 years, lu all parta of the world, has proved lts eficacy iw Ilie bost blood alterativo kuowu to medical olcnce SArtSAPARILLA hTZlZ genaine Hondura Sarsaparilla) Is lts ase, and lts powen are mhauced bv the extract of Yellow Doek and StiilinLiia. the Iodtdes of l'otussium and Iron, ;ind othiT potent ingrediente. IC yur blood vitlated by di raugements O of the dtgestive umi asslmilatoryfunotious? i it tatnted by Serofula? or -i contato tba po'Non of Mercury or Contagloua Dbeasef TH F l'';"'i".T physlciana of the United Int Statei, who know tba composltion of Aykr's 8AU8APARIIXA, say tbat nothin eNe bo !_r'ioil for the piiritkation of the blood i.i withln llie ranga of pharmacy. fiWI V ''Y '!'" us0 tllis remedy Is It UftLI poasibla for i pergon wbo Ikis corruptcd blootl lo attaln sound hcalth :md prevent tranitmlsalon of the destructive taint u posterlty. TUnDmirui V 'Hrclivcrrnovatlon inUnUUUfiLT of t be lystem must lnclude not only tlio romoval of corruptlon from tlia blood, but ils enrichineiit and the ¦trengthenlng of the vital orprans. DPI IADI E vitnosses, all over the (iLLiAÜLt world, t.-.-tifv tbat this worklibetter accompllsheubyATXR's Sausatauilla thaii by any other romi'dv. Cl finn tl':lt '3 corruPt('l thronghalsbLUUU gase is nada pure, and blood weakened throuh cüminutiou of tho red corpnaclea ia made strong, by AYER'S ÖAR3APARII.I.A. DIIDIcrVIMP tl10 I''0011 an1 building rUnlrYllib up tho lystem roquire time in serlous casos, lint benefit will be derived irora the use of Ayer's BARSAFARILbA moro speedily than froin anytbJng else. urmmáir íorwhich llke effectn are mLUIblnt. falsely chiimed. Is abunlant in the market.undermanynames, but Ote onlï preparatlon tbat bas stood tli.' test of tune, ;iii(l proved worthy of the world'ö coufldence, Is Ayer's Sarsaparilla, PREPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Loweü, MassSold by all Druggists: Price $1; feix bottles for $5. LX7MBERÏ LT7MBER! LÏÏMBEE! lt yon contémplate building, cali at FERDON Luier ïiii! Corner Fourth and Dejiot Sis., and ge onr rtgure9 for all kimls of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumbcr and guaran tee AERY LOW PRICES JS-Give us a cali and we will make it to your interest, as our large and well graded stock fully sustains our sserüon. Telephone Connections witli Office. T. J. KEECH Stipt JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GENERAL, IMRAKCB lliBNCï! 1 ii i iobvfici-: : Over Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, OOR. I1UKON AND KODRTH: BTB, North British Insurance Co,, Of London aiul Èdlobnrg. ÍCapIUl, 13,000,000, Gold. Detroit Fire an! Marine InmUN ('o., CiBhApsets t60O,(iii. gpriBffiflld Ins. Co. or Massachiix'ilM, Cash Aesels f 1,800.000. Howanl Ihs. Coinpany of New York, CasUAfsets $1,000,000. Agriculturnl Ins. Co., Watcrtown, N.T., C'aib AHset 1, 800,000. Losscs T.iherally Adjn-tcrt and Promptly Palfl. j Leaf, Fine Gut, Q Navy Clippins ijSp. ; endSnuffs fei


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