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A thoiongh uticle discussiiij{ Mírlame of whist, ind the recent papers on that uhject by Mr. R. A. Proclor, nppears iu heOtiting tor May. It is trom tlie pen of one of the firat aulliorities in the country, and uill not fuil to attract the atteulion of ho rapidly incrensing nuniber of people who are interestcel in this scientifie game. Anothcr of the charmtag llluètrations to Wordsworth's soimets by Mr. Alfred Paron.-' ili appear In the May Harpers, 'l'he Pall Mali Gazette M. Parons as now "the first landscape painter f Eiifïlaml." He ltstiUayoungman, and s known to many Americana througli the )amon and PytLla frienüihlp between lLr. E. A. Abbey and hlmself. It is a curious fact that ouo of the must ¦motu poems in our langaase appaared originally in a magazine that selilom ouches poctry at all, and the same íieriodcal, nfter in interval of sixty-six vears, ïow bring8 out anotlier poein veiy similar n theme. Bryant's "Tlianalopsis" was first p inted iu the North American Review for September, 1817. The May iiunber of thu Keview, just out, has a Kem by Robert Huchanan on "The New Buddha." The critica found fault with the Bryant's poem on the grouud that it wa9 un-Cliristian; it reuiaius to be seen what they will say of Mr. Buobanan'i, Thequestion. "Has Cliii-lianity BenentM) ornan?" Is ably discussed in this number by Mis. Elizabelh Cady Stanton and Bishop J. L. SpaUling. President J. L. Plckarü writes on "Why Crime is Increasing," and David Diulley Field on "Industrial Co-operatton," wliile l'rof. Andrew F. West, of Princetou, contributes an article of ffreat clearness and Btrength on "What is Academie Freelom ':" Jamei Payn, the Euj;lish novelist, tlacuasea "Succesi In Fiction," and T. F. Thiselton Dyer "Superstition in Englifh Life.'1 Tlie ncw department of Commenta keeps well tip to the standard wiih which it Btarted.


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