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For once in her Ufe Canada has Riel tronble. There is so niuch fault foimd about Arbor Day freozing up, why coultln't Gov. Algergive the forest culturists another chance ? Mr. Conkling must have a gooti deal of svmpathy with the Canadians just now. It was the balf breeds that drove iiim to retirement. The Coldwater Sun has made the followinjj discovcry: "We notice that Bishop (üllespie says ayraen instead of ahmeu in liis prayers." lp AFEWotliercounties would adopt the swifc justice that Jackson county dld in the case of the murderer Halstead, tliere would be fewer crimes cominitled iu Michigan. "Grant's victory over liis latest and his best," says the Detroit Post. Hovr about his victory over the doctors that attend him? Isn't it quite as grand and good ? The IIowcll Republican, whicli entered its 31st volume with the last issue, is a paper that our Livingston county neighbore ought to be pleased with. It is a clean, neat, able Journal. Wonder what the Lordly Roscoe thlnks now about liis assertion tliat "anybody c:in carry Michifran?" But with the rlght !-ort of leaders and leadersliip Michigan is sureiy republican, nevertheless. The present congress is made up so largely of democratie political accklent tliat the men of brains like S. S Cox, of Jffew York, are glad to accept a forelgn mtaloii and get out of it. Fhom agricultura! reports to tlie bureau at Washington the conclusión lias been reacbed that the wheat erop, this year, on account of less aereage sown, and winterkllllng, wlll be about 100,000,000 bushels less than Ia3t year. It is quite amusing to hear some of our esteemed exclianges teil "the reason why'' the republtcan party got left n its recent engagement. Itcan be told in few words: Lack of votes. And lack of votes was caused by lack of entluiMasm, that's all. Gen. Shakespeare seemed to hará a peculiar way of lus own to make money out of the cloth furnished the soldier boys for their uuiforms. Our democratie exchanres that are so horrified over the action of 8upt. Ghss better "look to home" for nasal exudation. The solid south and New York are the only soctions solid with President Cleveland, judgingby his appointments. Twothirds from the south and one-third from New York. The great central and western statea have none worthy of honoring, even with po.toflices. Pension Agent Post, being politely requ.-tcl to renign hia pnsition by CongresSman Maybury, so that the latter mlght place one of his heiichineii therein, just as politely refused to accommodate the suave Bllly. And the general opinión is tliat Congressman Billy made a bad mistake. Torn Navin Is in prlson and lias ben put to work as book-keeper for the Webster wag.m contract. The posltlon he was elven proved to be much better tlian he expecti d would be glven liim. He keeps up ood spiriis.-CliesaningArgus. Now the question naturally arises, why should Navin be treated any better than any other thief coniiucd in the state prison ? The Three Rivers Tribune don't give up the battle yet: " Monday's battle proved a regular 'Buil Run' to the republicans of Michigan, and the 'rebel veil' of victory is loud and tantalizing. But never miud. We are only repulsed, not vanqulshed. There will be a 'Gettysburg' and an 'Appoinattox' next." If toü are among the number who have a great fortune of several million dollars or lees in Europe somewhere, just trade off your claim for a good buck aaw and saw buck witli some body, iiul yon will be that much ahead, while"the fel'low you traded with will go down in sorrow to a paupei'8 doom- just as like as not. Franklin Fishrr, liftten years olil, and Frank Ables, another boy sawed and corded twelve cords of hard wood in one day tuis week in Woodbridjre.- Ilillsdale Leader. The Leader mnn leaves us in dense darkneM as to the kind of saw the boys ued. Was it a hand saw or cro?scut ? Don't let the suspense last any longer. The Lansing Republican thus speaks the mind8 ot many Washtcnawiaiis : " Captain E. P. Allen of Ypsilanti was in the city on Friday and made the Republican office a friendly cali. He is the same genial gentleman as ever, and if the citi zen8 of the secund district know their Interests, will have congressman written before his name one o( these days. The way wheat went up the scale when it koked as if war bet ween England and Russia could not be averted, is only tquiilcd by tlte -w„y t lins slid duwn tlie scale since more peaceful npivs cernes fi-om these two great powers. But if, as the agricultural bureau at Washington predict?, tbc wheat erop in thls countrv should be 100,000,000 bus. short thlsyear, stronger prices would necessarily rule. Ihe followiiig incident shows how (leep and permanent is the hold of Gen. Grantupon the affections of his people, especially the old veterans who served under him: "A old man n seedy irarments, who said lie had traveled on foot trom Galena, III., and had known and fought under General Giant, pansed in front of' the general's hoiife at 6:30 Saturday mornlng and, doffing his weatlierbeaten hat, praved loud and fervently for bis recovery. When he turncd to go the teurs were coursing down the veteran'tt face. " As between England and liussia the sympathies of the peoj.le of the United States can but be with EngUnd. Her civilizatlon, her near kindtblp, her ever tcature draws the American people to he in siich a strngifle as a war between tlios two great nalions wonld be. Althouu not ympatblzlog In the leaxt wltb Eng laod'a erad treutmont of Irelimd, ye wlun it ciimcs to a choice beiween th eemi-barbarous nation of Rnssia, an England, it will not take an Americai long to make up his mind. Ghadially is the idea of crematloi becoming popular, and the establishmeti of new crematories in different sections o the country is occasionally umounced il the prcss. Scientists claim that wlien this metliod of disposinjr of the dead shal overeóme the prejudice grown up by bnmlredl of years of custom, and become universal, a great ste,i will have beei taken ii the way of aiinüiilating disease, especially contagious and epidemie, and tluit the length of human lite will be materially extended. But that will not be iu our day. The tendency of newspaper men to stick their nose into the private affiiirs of people and publisli things wliich tlie public have no business to know, is reprehenslble and contemptible. The story that Mrs. Garfleld was to be married soon, is a case in point. The story wal a base lie from beginning to end, without any foundation of tnitli, and it was do oue's business particularly l)ad it been true. Tbereisa legitímate field for newspaper mei) to cultívate, and when they lci outside and make public the private atlaitsof any purson or faiuily they are doin; wrong. President Cleveland has issued a proclamation restoring to the Wtanebafo and Crow Creek Indians the lauds in Dakota known as the Wlnnebajro reservation, on the east bank of the Missouri river, which was opened up to settlement by President Arthur. Tliis action has caused intense indfpnation throughout Dakota, and it is asserted that much hardship will ensue among the many ccttlers who have just completed seeding, and have all they possess invested in the claims they took in K'l fairti from the jrovernment. The action of President Cleveland ís quite genemlly coudemned a being nnwlee and uncalled for.


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