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"cleanliness Is Next To Godliness."

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Editob Coi'rikb:- In the ürsi, Inaugural address, delivercd March 4tb, 1861, onrmartyred President Abraham Lincoln whoso rnnsumuto knowbdge of men, of tho hulden spring of li 11111 in actions, of tlioir .nul methods, has been the wonder and admirutlon of the world, he Ba ld: "Notlilng valuablo can be lost by taklng Unie. Jf there be au object to hurry any of you In hot liaste to a step wlilch you would uevcr tuke dellborallty, that object wlll be fru.straled by taking time; but nuguod object can be frustrated by lt." And Heury Word Beecher,- whatever may bo said of him in many respecta, - whose abilities and knowledge of men rere oerer questioued, In bli greatipeecb tor the unión at Liverpool, England October I6th, 18G3said: "I have always held lt to be an iinfalllug trato that where a mau had a tbai would bearan exarulnutlon be wan perfectly willing to have il spoken aüout." In the üj;ht of the abovo would it be pertinent to why the voice of Inquiry lato the umin features of the Goodhue & Uirnie contract was stilled in the council cliamLer betbre election, and the Whoie matter nislied througfa witliout descussion. And wliy, at the first meeting of the new, preaent council, when six oew memben bad just taken tbelr amts: when a new contract diflering in material puinti from the former, and k-ss favorable to the city had been preseoted and time asked to exainine it; their wisli were overriden and the thing, which gave auay a valnable fianchise without any protection whatever of the in tereMs of the city, was iut throiigh under wlllp and spur. But uot satisfifd with that, only last Monday nighl, it was attempted in the common council to jilace the city still more li'inly under the (eet of this Corporation by the adoptiou ot a rosolution requestinj{ the Legislature to repeal that greatest safeguard in our city charter of the taxpayers from fraudulent and burdenaome taxation- vi, that no extra tases shall be levied witlioui first oblaining the con.-ent of the taxpaymg electora. To repeal this would put it in the power of auy (leMgniujr rascáis to coloilizea borde ot vugubuods in the city anti vote taxes upon the proporly owners which would ruin them forever. AU tbariks to the Vlg 1 int luanliaiisof the people's interests vvlici itood in the council as a wail against those lio ni.-hed tlie IntqaltDUl water contract in "hot liaste'' refusing all investigation and examination, and now seek lo remore trom the poor man with his mail house the only protection against the taxation of powerful and grasping monopolies. It i greatly to be feared that the cleansing to be accomplished by the waler contract consists chieflj' in cleansinw the pockets of the taxpayers of their ready cash and leavinggodllness as their only worldly posscsiun. Truly uiuler tliis benevolenc sclieme "cleanliness is next to godlint-s"- taxj)ayers to becompletely "tleaned out" with only godliness to fall back on, The devious ways of men are past flndlngoot. Yea, verily.


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