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Common Council Proceedings

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A special session of the eouncil was held Monday eveuing, with n full eouncil present. On reoommendatlon of City Marshal Fall and the polfce commictee, Fred sipf ley, IlmiuT 15. Heuderson and Wm. Catnpioii were appolated patrol men tor the cominr jear. Petitions were received froin Noah W. Cheever, Moses Beabolt, V. B. Smitli, Chus. Spoor, F. Q. Beblelober and 42 others, asklug the coimcil not to chanjre the city charter m m to allow all of the elector of the city to vote in the raising of money, Inatrad of the tas payen only, as it DOW reads, which were received and tiled. Aid. Lawrence ofl'ered the following: Resolved, That E. B. Pond be dlrected to prepare an amendraent to the charter etriklngontthe works tax pnyer and insrrllng electors' in stc. 2, tltle V. of the cnarier. To which Aid. Martin offured the lowinjr substitute: Resolved, That the common council of the city of Ann Arbor do most résped fully submil lo hls excelleuoy, tbeUovernor of Michigan, lts protest agalnst i mentllng the charter sothat money for municipal purposus símil be ralsed by vote ol electora limead of by vote of tax-payers of sald city. The quesiioii reenrrlngapon theamendment, t was adoptad, by a vote of 8 yeas and O nays. Discussion upon tlils poiut was liad by Aids. LawreDOe and Hiscock ia oppoüitlon to the substituto and by D. Crauier, Esq., In favor of the same. Aid. Hiscock, from oommlttee lo whom was referred bonds of city oflicers, etc, reponed favorably ujwn tlioseof the Hecorder, conptiible Suiherlanil and Giilley and Mmiii Bros. drngglste, aad reto rneil several others for correction.


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