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The Late Mrs. Brigham

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At S". Andrew's chnrch bist Snnday nfteriioon, at 3 o'clock, was held the laat sad rites over the remalni ,ol Mrs. Sophronia Brigham, widow of the late Dr. Philip S. Brigham, and mother of Miss Jane E. Brigham, and Mrs. Moloney, of Detroit, all tonner resident ol tbUoity. Deceased was in the Sülli year Of her age, and was nnc of the ploueers of this counly, haring come to Aun Arbor to live in ihe year 1829. She was heloved l. r larjre chele of friendt in this city. Following is a brief sketch of her life:
Mrs. Sophronia Brigham, wbo dlwl In Detroit on Frlday morningal ihenue ofSi years was one ui ih deni, 11 ooi the oMest, in pulnt ol' rt-slüeni-e, of aoy living white Dersini in Ulobtg LU. Herbunband as Dr. Plilllp 8. Brlgliam, wllh wIkjiii slic M'tilcil ut A.1 n Arbor in the tlnn lerritory of Michigan, in the yeai bït Dr liricliain ili-d in the year IM). In hls llfetime he wiih wldely known In Mlciilcaii Aller hls dealh Mrs. Brigham llved on tne old hoinestcaü at Anu Arüor, and giMierations of tndeuts from all pal Is of the country knew anti loved her. 8he was the ¦ ldest eommunicant of the Episcopal cliurch In the state, and probahly had as larue au acqaalntanoe wltb the people ol Michigan as any cltizi'n now llvlnj; Mrs. Brlgham was i roman ol remarkable vigor of mind, and unlil her last Illness was fully Infnrmed on all the current events aud topics, discusslng themwlth rare lutelligence and onglnallty. Even ut bar treat age she was one of the most entertalntiiK and winning of women. Of a family of nine children but three survive her- Mrs. Molony and Miss Jane E Brigham of Detroit, and Mrs. John G James of Texas.
Of graudcblldren. John I! Molony. S. B Sinclair, Mrs. Don M. Dioklnson, Mrs Geo. r. Ol matead, Mlu Uargnerlte Sloolalr, MIh Kate n Molony and the MlMea Kathleen and Annie Trowbridge, all of Detroit survlve her.