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The frogs, even, have notcroakednnieh over the weather tbtl spring. The building vacated by F. Retticli, Jr., is to be occupied by Adolph Hoflstetter. The Huron cornet band is au Aun Arbor institution thatis coming to the front. Larry OToole wlll Iiercaftcrbe found in the store with O. BC. King, ou Washington st. Tiieie wil] baaeveral opporttroltlet totea the elephant this summcr. Three circuses coniiu. The fint Momlay in May 3 when tlie Auditor General sells the lands advertised tor taxes. The order of Sons of St. George is to give a supper and entertainment to-niorrow evening. Representative Sutton, of this district attended the sovernor's recept ion at Detroit last week. Frank Hangoterfer will have sixteen boats in hls Huron river liotilla as soon as navigation Opent. Geo. B. Alexander has been appointed agent for the Grinnell Bros. in this city, and will tumke the sewiujj machine business hum. J. II. Peebles lias sold bis house and lot corner of Washington and Ingalls sts., to Bdmund Olancy, formerly of Northfield, for $3,000. Martin Clark says tliat In the late contest for the judicial ermine hehad the consolation of beiug left with lus Honor, Judg Cooley. TheassèrSoh tbat Washtenaw county is outofdebtand has $15,000 h hertreasury, is another whopper. If such be the iacl, why vote $12,000 for a new jail ? Henry Cornwell on North División st. is the bos= calf raiser. He lately sold to Butcher Meuth, oti Detroit st., a calf only four montlis old which weiffhed 4Ö0 pounds. The high school building will be furnisued with water for $25 per annum, and the city hall and various engine houses for $20 each. A figure very reasonable, to say the least. Tde lawyers of the state have decided to secure aportraitby Iyes, of .ííulge Cooley, to ! innig in tlie 0prem court room. A BDffloient amount lias already been subscribed therefor. Ottmar Eberbach and Conrad Schneider are delegates from the Venia Society of this city, to the state coaventloo wliich meets in Kalnmazoo ou the 25th, 2öth and 87 th of May. To the everlasting credit of Ann Arbor be it said, that not a copy of either the Pólice News or Gazette are taken here. That is a thing to biag about. Slucli evll is done by vila literature. Evart H. Scott has orders for 175,000 strawberry, and other small fruit plants. Orden frota as far south as Georgia, as f est as California, and as far east as Masaachusetts and Canada huve been received. The Delhi milis included in the assignment of Frank Qoodale, have been rented to Allmendingeiifc Schueider, of this city. Tii is lirm is composed of wide-awake, enterprising gentlemen, aud they will make a success of it. Wlieat is coming In quite freely at 94 @ 98c. per bushei, though some of the farmers hnvln'g secured $1 per bushei, others are waiting for the same figure Flour is quoted at $5.75 for family grade, and $6.75 for patent process. Alarried at Leadville, Col., on April 6th by the Rev. Dr. Hayes, Miss Nellie Stebbins, and Mr. Jessie K. Truman. Miss Stebbins forinerly lived in this city and is the daugliter of the late Frank Stebbins, aud graud-daughter of Wtn. S. Maynar.l. A man who credits another man with dishonest purposes and in ten tg because he thinks and votes differently from himself on questions of public polic}1, will bear watchlng. Such a man is undoubtedly actuated by prirate galn more tban the public froinl. Adrián Times: "Prof. Lovejoy, of Anii Axbor, bas been ben endeavorin;; to secure a class in pipe organ and piano practice. The gentleman";! deft liaiidling of tlie key nnlocked sweet made from the Baptist church now pipe organ last Sunliny morning." The Lansing Rppublican pays one of Oor city fathers this coinpliineiit: "Herb" Itudson, a former Lansing boy, now the genial landlord of the C'ook Louse at Ann Arbor, was choseu alderman on the republican tickilat the recent electlou In tlie llrsi wiiril of lliat city, by 0 majorlty As tlie wanl is r-. llubly democratie lt shows that ' Herb" bas lost none of thegood graces whlch Kalned hlm o mauy Irlends in the home of IiIh boybood. Tben will be another entertainment of the Juvenile Temperance School abont slx weeks lïom now to be held ut the Opera House. All children are Invited to become meraberi of this school, whlch meets every Tuesday ifternoon from 4 to 5, over Mr. Noble's clothiiif; store. The Presbytery of Detroit met at Milford last week, together with the woinin's board of miasions. Kev. Lr. 8teele and John Moore, Mr. and Mis. R C. Whiting, l'rvi. Payne, and Mis. M. Geltton representedthe Ann Arbor chuicli. The occasion is reported to have been one of great excellence. Ann Arbor, havinfr from 1,500 to 2,000 young pcople, from all ]arts of the nation, and in fact all parts of ihe world, constantly in atteinlame upon her schools, will be iu position to advertise her water 'jrks prandly if thcy are properly put in ;i'l all rifrhl. And tlio sanie if they are "'Hall O.K. W. E. Uoyden attended the sale of '!" borm beid by A. H. Hrooks, of W ixoin, :i U:w dayi since, and reports that Jvery tbing went otf in jrood shape. The avente tor l teníales sold was$144 cach and 8 niales broncht $100 each. This inCladed the entire herd, including geveral calves. The anímala aold went into the northern part of the state mostly, and the pricea eoosidered excellent. Mr. 'ioyden bought one heifer, but sold it again at an advance Thermometer 84 in the sliade on Tues day. The Cook house is beinj repainteil an( renovated inside. Jack Loney prides hiuiself apon lii spaaklng nies team. The storm-houses ut ilio ooort house have becu taken down. E. lí. Freer bas been appointed depot] for Lima, by Sheriff Walsh. Three special meetings ot' the eounci hare been held this inonth. Judge Joslyn did not go to Ilowell as advertised to exchange wltll .ïudge Newton. Forepaugh announces that bis sliow will be in Michigan trom the 8th to the 30th of June. The A n n Albor agricukural worluahlp ped a f2,300 car loaü of machinery toMilwaukee last week. Where'i our street cleaning and leveling machines? Now is a good time for ihem to conuiience businea. Walter S. Hicks of tliis place is general manager of a new Hoptoniccompany just orgauised at Grand Rapids. Ad Ypsilantian lias bouglit the northern brewery of the Frey estáte for $11,000. B. - His name is not Chaspatison. Cascade glen is fast bccoining a victim to the cupidity of man. The beautiful spot will moii be shorn of its beauty. Ou the 18th inst., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Benham (nee Amelia Jacobus) of Hamburg, rcjolced in the advent of a daughter. The M. C. depot is one of the most piotureaque and qualntold landmarks of .i fonnei civilizatiou in the state- bo stated. The workmeu tearing down the old Devaney block have had to stop because ot the (langer of the side walls tumbliug duwii. Richard Stubba, of Ana Aibor, died April Sist, at the age of 88 years, of paralytic siroke. He was burn in Dublin Irolaud. Au Ingpection bas been ordered for Welch postNo. 137. ü. A. li., by Inspcc.or General Uainpton, for Frlday evenin" May 8lh. Suuday was the lirst spring day that has beamcd upon u so lar. But then, people never make garúen much until inio Muy any way. The new style shirt is a daisy. Front, culis and ollar of colored gooda, the rest white, warrauted not to bile, kick, euü' or scratch. Whra one flrm can pile np over 100 olls, 8,000 yaids, of carpeling in one lot n tiont ot Uieir store, it doni look inucJi ike hard tunes. Jacob A. I'olheuuis has traded bis farm n tjcio lor the block of Mores Just northoí the postofflee, owned by l'ettr Loujr. The rCU palü Was f 7,000. Geo. V, Wright, of Bridgewater, will iddreM the temperanco meeting next öunday aílernoou at 8 o'olock. Main st. ver oble's clothing store. A serious accident occurred at Delhi ast Sutunlav, by uhieh a man named lobn Caid, of Wayne couniy, lost his ite - being run over by the car. Next Satui day, the 2SUi, the Aun Ar)ui- Water Coinpany is to hold a meetingit tile i.ílice ot Uoodhue & Blrnie, iu Spriogñeld, Mass., lor Ule electiou ot offl¦c-lí. The quesÜOU ot water woiks never should have been allowed to have intereieii with the eily Charter. It should lave couie up aa a distinct and wparate tropoaltlon, Next Monday niglit the Beethoven 8Hiig Verein of tliis city, assisted jy the the Gesnng Veiein's Harmonie, ot laekaon will give its sixth animal concert it Ueethoven hall. The May meeting of the Poiuological ociety will be omitted on account of the ie.-sure of Work. A .strawberry exhibit will be one of the principal features of lie June meeting. Cannot Aun Arbor jjeojile aftbrd to buy a good lot up towü somewhere for the new ail, and trade it with thecounty for their ot wav down on the llats ? Or can they nut? Whatchersay ? The position and standing of the Hou. A. J. Sawyer in this coinmunity, ifnothQg inore, should have shielded bino from lie pulilicity given his recent unfortunate llnes, by tlie public prints. The home misslonary society of the etroit Presbytery, which met in Milford ast week, elected Miss Kate M. Hall, resident, and Mrs. M. B. Gelston corres)ondinr tecretary. Both resideuts of his city. A broken-axle on a freight cirs caused alight smash-up on the M. C , a couple f miles enst of this city buncUy, and a ot of trampa on board rot a bad sliaking up, and two of tliem got in jail by the peration. Courtney Burlingame, a seven year old on of TI103. Burlingame, of Ann Arbor, iroke his rigiit forearm yetterday by faling out of a hammock. The same little 'ellow had hls leg broken two or three ears since. Down near the second railroad bridge cavengers have dumped the dead bodies f horses, dogs, etc, and the crows are oing the woik that man ought to have one. cleaning the carcasses of supcrluous flesh. Land lias been boujíht, survej s made, ml prospecta are excellent for a uw il 2. R. K. depot. In case the Inaprovenents are all made vvlilch are in eontem)latioti by tlie M. C. people, there will be nucli rejoicing by the traveling public lereabouts. A fine exhibition of water color patntngs is now beinr Iield ut Bandall & Bmnlani's art raliery on Huron Street, and vil 1 continue for severa I days. The eihiblt s really a beautiful onc and any lover of rt e ui ti nd imicli food for thoujrht, and a eal feaht for blteyee in looklDg it over. "Our ctiarter is riht." "It is built on be oorreot principie," "Tboie who have lie taxes lo pay shoald vute the money." Vud yet every man who voted last Mon.iv olghtto relain the charter is t is is rascal, and every nnc who voted to hange it is in unusiially safe and honefet man. Quer, isu'i it? The Detroit Post liaving just put n a llant of the Edison electrio light, naturilly feels pi t-uy uell over the improvetent f rom pas, anil in its rathnalaiui it laims tobe "'the only newspaper office n Michigan Hluminated by the Edison ncandescent light.'' Not su, grood Wend, 'iib (.'oruiER office mi tlie i'n.-t In the tate to use it as it has been running sucessfully here since the first ui last Drein ber. The Manchester Enterprisepaya Judge larriman the following compliment, hrougli it9 Ann Arbor correspondent: Judjre VV. I). Harriman, on reslgning he mayoralty of ourcity, was ourteousy iccorded the un&nioioai thanks of the ommon council for toe able and impiirtial manner in which lie has conducted the sessions of that body for the past two years. Our citizen, loe and filend, ure pronounced in their assertions that the Judge bas been the most competent wichler of the gavel the city bas had for years." The sad ntelliilence is receiveil that Isaac Wynkup died at Uis home in the 5th ward this morning, ;it 1 o'olock, a. in., of Inflammatlon of the langs. He was born iu Bucks county, Pa., in 1817, and was conequent]y i8 years of age. He carne to Michigan iu 1837, scttling upon a farm In Salem, where he has resided until a few years ag", when he moved to Ann Arbor. Mr. Wynkup was one of Waahtènaw'i beat known men. He had been tuperrlaor of Salem several years, and w:is a penon who had str.inj; OOD victlons of rlgut and i great fund of jood common ecuse. Among tlie people he was ilways beloved for bil nolileness of character and strict Intetrity, II is death will canse :i Iceling of' sadness in many a borne in Washtenaw, whero he was known and esteemed.


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