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A Creat Victory A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cu red by Hood's Sarsaparilla " In the winter of 1879 I was attacked with Scrofula in one of the most aggravatlng forms. At one time I bad no less than tblrteen largo abscesses over and around my neck and throat, contlnually exudlng an offensive m.-iss of bloody matter disgustlng to bebold, and almost intolerable to endure. It is impossible to fully describe my sufferings, as the case was complicated wlth Chronic Catarrh. After three years of misery, having been treated by three physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on the recommendatlon of W. J. Huntley, druggist, of Lockport, I was lnduced to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, after having taken twelve bottles, within the last twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have entirely ceased, and the abscesses have all dlsappeared, except the unslghtly scars, whlch are daily becominc ' smaller by degrees, and beantifully less.' I do not know wnat It may have done for others, but I do know that in my case, Hood's Sarsaparilla has proved an elfectlve specino Indeed. As an evidenee of my gratltude I send these faets unsolicited, and I am ready to verify the authentlclty of this cure, by personal correspondenoe with any one who doubts It." Charles A. Kobert8, East Wilson, N. Y. This statement is confirmed by W. J. Huntley, druggist, of Lockport, K. Y., who calis the curo a grtat victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla. Send for book giving statements of man y cures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all drugglsts. f l ; six for $5. Made only by 0. 1. IIOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Dosob One Dollar. .apBk 'rhu fln"'st tonic tl flSTET itllV iïhSmsIcm cestion nnd Msiinl3ïs Ék pcrlormance oftheir Wm HF.Á.m the system acquirrn mmmf%A, L whlch Is a pecullark fcSTOHCHr Ut, f the dynpoptic p lllaaF ÏM " r" wy t cheer¦ ¦ ¦ ¦¦ lit-h hcalth on sure bnndstion. usu tbe peerless ioviorant. Fur salo y all Drngfrlflte and Dealers eenprally. As a supcrb liairdressinp and reno vator Ayer's Hair Vigor is univers:illy conimendcil. It eradicatesscurf and dundruff, urca all eruptions and itcliina;9 of tlio calp, promotes the renewod ffrowth of the uur, and surely prevents Ra fadlng oi irning gray.


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