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BACK & ABEL'S COLUMN. 6ACH&ABEL Our New Spring Goods now ready for inspection and at prices that will pay you to look. All the New Shades of Colored Silks at $1 00 a yard, former price, $1.25Five pieces of Black Silks at $1.00 per yard. former price, $140. This silk is the greatest bargain ever shown in the city. We guarantee it not to crack Ten pieces Satin Rhadames in the new shades. at $1 25, always sold at $1.50. They are cheap1 case Tricots, 60 cents, worth 85 cents. These goods are very desirable and exceedingly cheap. 25 pieces, 50-inch Colored Satin Berbers at 50 cents, worth 70 10 pieces Colored Cashmeres at 60 cents per yard, former price, 75. 50 dozen Towels at 25 cents. Special price for a short time. This Towel is large and very cheap. Five pieces Bleached Damask at 75 cents, former price, 90Five pieces Damask at 50 cents, worth 65. It will pay to look at our linens 50 dozen Striped Hose, full regular made, at 25 cents, worth 40. 25 dozen Hose, Solid Oil Dolors, full regular made, at 25 cents, worth 40 50 Crochet ftuilts at $1.00, former price, $1.25. We are prepared this Spring to give good goods lower than can be found elsewhere for the same We simply ask for an inspection. BACH & ABEL. 1884. 1885. UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY TII1RD CONCERT. SATURDAY EVENING, APEIL 25. niuumM The Greatt-st Uvlug Pianiste, assisted by MR. WM. LUDERER, Vlolinist, at UNIVERSITY HALL. ADMISSIOX, - - 5O CENTS. Ueserve Seats without extra charge at Moore's and Oslus & Co's book store, on Thursday, April 23d, 1885. GRAND OPERA HOUSE! k Arbor's Laughing Festival. TUESDAY EVE., APRIL 28, The Eminent Comediuns, IMRISON I GOURLAY And their Fanious OOMEDT OKGANIZATION, Presenting here for the firat time, thetr phcnoinonally. uuccessfu', and unlversally Mcltnowledged, most humorons of all plays known to ihe annuis of the stage, entltled, SKIPPBD, BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, The I.augliliiK succoss of the past twó yenr In uil tlie principal citles of this ountry, From New York to Sun Francisco. NOTE.- All the mrtglMl rompimy, details and efïVotH of tlils producliou as jilven in all principal cllica, and in (hu leadtng tlleativs of New York for 150 nlglils wlll be seeu here. HeserveU Seats on Bale at Boughton's New Office. f 10 FURNITURE CHEAP. At private sale, the Bedroom Sets, Bedding, Carpets, Stoves, Crochery, etc., etc, of the Sb. James will be disposed of at rare barQains. Applij in pcrson or bij telcphone to A. R. BEAL at the Courier Office, who will show the goods from 9 to 12 and 2to Jfp. m.


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