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5 THE íAMARBOESAVIESBAM, AXN AliBOH, MICHIGAN, I Transaots General Banking Business, j I CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. I Organized under the Cieneral Bankin Law of th Stat.-, the stockholdore are individual]? Hablo foran additional amouut equal to the stock held by thein, thereby creating a unartntee Pand for the benefit of DupoBit rs of i $100,000.00. une per cent. Interest Is allouedon all Savinga Depotltl uf one dollar and upwards, according to the rules of the Bank and Interest comp mnded semi-annnaUy. Money to Loan on nnlncumbcrcd real estáte and other good eeenrity. DIRECT0B8: CHRISTIAN 1ÍACK, Wèt l. HARKIMAN, WW UINKS. DAN1BL HI8C0CK, wiuiam deobel, willaki) b. smith. OPFICERSj 0. M CK, Pn. w. w. WINB8, Vice-Pre. V. E. IUSCOCK.Ojshler. WeWiWfTrWrs 500,000 ACRES OF FIKST-CLAss TIMBER LANDS NORTHEEH WI.SC0XS1N, ForSale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers. liich soll- healthful cllmate-good driukin" water- flne market facllltles-sli-mly (iemmi.l for l;ior t good wnges. NO DROUGHTSi NO GRASSHOPPEH PLAGUES, NO CYCLONES. Kuil InformaUon. wlth mapa. pampbleU. etc.. furQislied Krkk. Addresn CHAS. l.. ('OLBY. Land Coiu'r. W. C. R. K., Milwiiukee. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S iiuplii AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wholesale and Retail Tmdc. We shall also keep a eupply of 8WIFT & DEUBEL'S BB8T White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Kyc Flour, Buckwhcat Flour, Curn Sita!. Peed, Etc., At Whylesale and Uetail. A general stock of &ROCERIES tú PR07ISIÜNS Constantly on hand, whlch wil] be sokl n reaaonable terme as at any other house tn the city. Cash pa'd for BUTTER, KGG-, and COÜNTKY PRODUUB generally. Goods delivurcd to any part (f the cuy without extra charge. RIXSEY & SEAB0LT. TTT1T r for worklng people. Srnd 10 cents M II I Npotage, and we will mail you free a I P I f royal, valuable sample box of goods XiJJJJX 'hat will pnt you in the way ol mukB8 mijre muney in AfewaaytthAn you ever thouj;ht possible at any biiilnees. Capital not required. Vou can live at hom. in spare lime only, or all the time. All of botti Of all tgM, i;randly successful. 50 cents to $5 easily rarned every evenlng. Tlmt uil who work may teet the business, we nwka thix uiiparnlleled offer: To all who are nol well mtllfled we will end $1 to pay for the trouble of writing m. Pull particulars, directioiif, Mc. tanl fne. Itcmense pay absoluiely sure lor allwho start at once, uon't delay. Addrcsg Stinpon & Co., Portland, Maine. :fl upturh! EGAN'S IMPERIAL TRUSS. 2 Thil nt Truss hu a ftrnl ipnn n.l í;km-HBg atxd PRtuim; yieldtto every tnr . j the hernlK kIwbvi. Won dny tim ip( w ¦ furt. 8at en Trial. Kurlow Sunit'i forCn. T Uied in both Univni!y Hotnluli. EGAITS IMPERIAL TXUSS CO., Box 2288. Arm Artmr, HM. OiEce, Hamilton Block. Ann Arbor.


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