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MB. GILL'S DAUGHTEE. Poor Katie 1 A grcat eufferer she was, nd most patiënt ly did she endure in the hope that at last her sufferings would come to an end. She was just budding into womanhood ; a fine-looking girl of nearly ninetecn, who had, previous to her attack of illness, enjoyed robust health. Let her mother teil the story, as sho told it to two of our editorial friendl who taoently ipnt an evening at the house. " Katie's illncss came on slowly, with greatpain in herthigh and hip. For a while slie kept on going to boIiooI, but the pains becaine bo severe tluu she liad to stay at home, and most of the time he down on a liltle lounge here in the fittingroom. We tried llie best physicians we could get. The disease bailled them all. One said it was ulceration of the thigh bone, and wanted to have the poor child undergo a terrible operation. It turned out to be sciatic rhenmfttífm. l'oor child! how she did lufferl About four o'clock in the aftcrnoon she would begin screaming with pain. She couldn't help it. She would scream and moan till about four in the inorning. Then she would fall asleep from wcariness, and leep for soiue hours. This went on for bout eight montlis. During the nights neither she nor I could sleep. " Katie was a great reader. One day, in a paper, she sw an advcrtisement of Athlophoros. She asked me to get it and see if it wouldn't euro her. We had tried a good niauy difl'erent things, but I thought we would trv this. And I went and got a bottle. I gave her a doM of it towardseveuing. It was simply wonderful how it quieted the poor child'l pain and put her intoagentle sleep. She slept nicely until ten. Then she was in a great perspiration. She waked, and I gave her .inother dose, for the first one had done her so good. Then she feil asleep again and (lept lili inorning. Her pain wasgone. She had hardlj any returns of it. The AthJopborot did the work for her most completely. "But the terrible sciatica had drawn Katie's leg up. and made it shorter than it had been, byseveral indios. Slie was lame for life, although the rheumatism was all drivenoutof her. Shc liad towalk on crutches. One day she feil down stairs and was so badly hurt that slio had to be taken to the hospital. There she suftéred a great deal, and after some weeks she died. " Father Tscheider, of the Paulist Falliere, saw nuieh of Katie during her illness, and knOWl all about us. Go and ;usk him, and he will teil you all about it. Some time ago we save a letter about Katie's case, and it was published. We iiave had numorous inquine in reference to it, allof which we promptly answer. "I must teil you," continued Mrs. Gill, " of our neighbör, Mrs. Suniniers, and her leven-year old boy. The boy had one of the most terrible ntlacks of rheumatism I ever knew a boy to have. I had a little Athlophorcw lolt in ilic imttU from which Katie had taken. I gave it to Mrs. Summers, and she gave it to the child who was screaming with pain. When Mr. Summers came home, he was surprised to iind the boy ¦Itting up, free from pain, and clieerfully 8nging. I wish you would go and see them. They live not far from here, on West 12th street, No. 905." Mr. Gill added in his own behalf: " I have had a good deal of rheumatism myself, chiefly in my shoulders and arms. But I took Athlophoros and I got rid of the trouble. I did not have to take much either. I found the medicine acted very quickly." The Kev. Father Peter Tscheider, assistant pastor of theChurchoftheHolv Family, was found at his pastoral residence, No. 4Í7 West 12th street, Chicago. Father Tscheider took pleasure in saying that he knew Mr. and Mrs. Gill, and that he esteemed themhighly; also that he had een Katie frequently during her illness, and knew all about her wonderful recoyery from sciatica, and her subsequent injury and her illness at the hospital. If you cannoteet ATm.ornOKos er jour drugglat, we wlU senU It expres pald. ou recelpt of regular prlce - one dollar per Dottle. We prater that you buy It from your drufrglst, but If he hasn't It, do not be persuaded to try somethlne else, but order at once from us, as dlrectea Athlopboros Co., 111 Wall street, New Vork.


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