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"What, hn! Andromeda!" "Judged by the tone Jehuic of tby voice, methinks, Heoiico, "twere the tallyho." "Whereat I tally one for thy sweet wil. Butlist thee, serapnlm. Bul beard the news that late hath tattled of Beutrice Marcia?" "Me rivul i" the dn. ir? AVhat of her? If thou bast news that villifics the jade, tben teed me, niy boy, the yery dregs ol it." "She hath betrothed lier to the Cetint Persimmons." "Wliat! he that owns tlie peanut mart below, and daily sops the shekels of the just in change for pop-corn, tally, and the like?" "The same, Andromeda, the very similar !" "What, he And slie? Nay, nay, it cnnnot be! Plutonlan furies crush it i' the bud ! For will she not to fair Italia hieand ride góndolas i' the niarkut place, sit for her portralt to Sir Michael Angelo; swap gailic with the fragrunt Gtonoeae, and homeward come with voice with foreign timbre so veneered that she may sell her ditties by the quaver, and count her dui-ats as we coui.t her faults?" "Go to, thou jealous jabberer, go to! Thy lears do m ike but. coipses of thy wits. There do be ways ot circumventin 111, if this thine Illiad ot woes should come. I have au uncle, fjirl.1' "As vvondrous news as if thou'd'st told me thou'd"st a father once !"' "But winst thee, WalltOQ ! "Tis a man of gold, iliis Koodlv uncle tbat I teil thee of, and d'-ath hatli even now a inortgage on the saine. Thine own Henrico is the coming heir, and hen, on tongue of joy, duth come the tidings of bis dear demiw, then will us twain across the waters speed and pnrohaae this Italia that thou spe ik'st " "But, Rood Henrico " '"N:iy ! wiihliuld me not, for iron is not stronger than me will. Ivn-h jot and tittle of this fabled land I will secure me witli me unole'i gold - Florence, Lumbardy, Sicily and Rome, with all their pile of lire and üric-a-br.ic. sliall be bui ours and only imrs, me lovc; and thif PurslmmoDS and bis cackling mate will meet their doom in Conm's limpid tide, or torced to live in circumstance as lean as is the tuwel to l'isa constcrate." "Now do the GhKl'l vi-neer me soul ith Maoe, uweet cmnforttr, and I do sim in


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