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Atf extremely sensational inurd&r wa discovered at the Southera Hotel in St. Louis ou the 14th, wher a truuk was found to contain the partially-decomposed corpse of a man Icnown as Arthur Preller, oL London, -- I"" "" tne body read: "So peiisli all traitors to the great cause." The present theory was that the man was killed by a coinpauion namcd Maxwell, who was constantly with him, and who diaappeareS Apr 1 U. Andrkw Hoffman shot and killed John üallahan at Chaudlerville. O., on the 14th. : The murderer then requested his son to kill hini, biit the boy reiused and the father ñed. The carelessnefs of a lad in Chicago caused a flreon the 14th In the Reed building, T9 to 8T Wabash avenue, wlik-h was extinguished after a loss of $ir0,000 had been iucurred. Several of the occupants and flremen barely escaped with lires. A platform collapsed a few days ago at Toledo, O., preeipitating twenty-flve children twenty feet tothe ground. Three boys were seriously hurt, and several others were more or less injured. Rollek-skatino rink proprietorsor.;anizod an association at New York on the 14th, the purposo being to elévate the toue of the rinks. A well in the Thorn Creek oil district of Pennsylvania, after havin.; been torpedoed, coniinenced to flow on the 14th at the rate of 3,601) barrels per day. A firk in a New York piano faetory on ?he 14th destroyed Í1.")D,ÜOU worth of property. A number of men were injured by the falling in of the second floor and ona of thein at least was expected to die. The town of Mann's Landing, on Puget Sound, was destroyed by fire a few nights go. Fourteen buildings ware destroyed by fire at Kinston, N. C, on the Uth, two at Wilmington, N. C, and two colored churches at Baton Rouge, La. In a duel in a hotel at Lancaster, S. C, on the 14th W. D. Curtis was shot to death by Charles E manu el. The Wholesale boot and shoe firm of Fellows, Shaw & Raymond, of Boston, failed on the 14th for $ 100,000. Governor Martin, of Kansas, on the 15th issued a proclamation establishing quarantine against several of the States at the present time said to be aftlieted with pleuro-pneumonia. At Diamond Island, in the Ohio River, Mrs. Mary Draper and two children were drowned a few days ago by the capsizing of a canoe. Near Mount Zion, O., the other night burglars broke into the house of Andrew Coleman, bound thewhole family hnod and foot, and secured $1,300. TWELVE chiUlren und one man were bitten by a mad dog at Milwaukeeonthe 15th. Edmünd McCurtin, Chief of the Choctaws, calis upon all freedmen residiDg in the Nation and entitled to c tizenship to register themselves before June or suffer ex ulsion as intruders. Georoe R. Humpf, residing in Herkimer County, N. Y., killed his wifo and child a few days ago, while insane, and then cut his own throat. William Clark, living in Holt County, Ho., a fow days ago shot and killed Mrs. Hardin and her daughter Annie, whom he had betrayed, and then shot hiinself. The murderer was wealthy, and leaves a wife. The Marine Hospital Bureau at Washington was on the l,"th taking jirecautions against the introduction of cholera into the United States. Two quarantine stations were already in operatiou, and others would be opened next mout li. S. A. Dusham, cotlon factor and dealer in naval stores at Chai leston, S. C, failed on the l(!th for jj-li'sUOO. A party of twenty-five men from Blunt and Harrold, D. T., forced the jail at Pierre earij on the morni".g of the l'ith, and hanged Jam s H. Bell, tln murJerer of Fureat G. Small, to the flag-staft of the court-house. A work-train on the Denver & South Park Road was bur.ed in an avalauche of snow near Kokomo, Col., on the löth, and of the flfty laborers on the cars one was killed, flve were probably fatally injured, and the others were more or less bruised. A fire at an early hour on the evening of the 16th entirely destroyed the new Buffalo (N. Y.) Morning Exprtt block, with all its contents, cuusing a loss of $233,000, with an insurance of $224,000. A printer nained James Ross was fatally injured. An old woman called Grauny Galloway, with two grand-children, girls, aged eight and ten years, were found dead in their beds on the 1 t;t li in their house four miles from Mount Pleasant, W. Va. The three evidently starved to death. The section near Hamlet, N. C, was Bwept by a cyclone on the afternoon of the löth, timber, fences and houses being leveled, but no lives were lost. At the Barbour flax-spinning works at Paterson, N. J., fourteen hundred spinners truck on the 16th for an iucrease of ten per cent. in wages. Emancipation Dat (the twenty-third anniversary) was celebrated at Washington on the ltith by a parade of about üve thousaud colored people. Estimates of the losses to farmers in West Virginia, by reason of the starvation of cattle and the depreciation in prices, placed the loss on the lGth at one hundred thousand dollars. The overseers of Harvard College have refused to grant the petition of undergraduates that attendance at morniug prayers be made optional. Mr. Swank, of the American Iron and Steel Association, States his belief that prices of those Staples have reached bottom, that business is slow and the demand at low ebb. A BILL passed the New York Senate on the lüth providin for a perpetual park around Niágara Falls, and for an appropriation to purchase the land. The measure awaited the Governor's signature. In Toledo the other daj a Federal Commissioner sold to an agent of ;he bondholders, for $1,000,000, the maiu line of the Ohio Central Road. t Bbnator Stanford's stable on his Vina (Cal.) ranch were fird by tramps early on the morning of the l(th, oue hundred and eleven horses and mules being Lurned to death. The loss was placed at $30,000. At a Cabinet meetin.z n Washington on the lfith it was decided to. issue a proclamation notifying settlers on the Winnbago lands in Dakota that the country was illee"'lv -xp il to s"tt)e nenf. and that it H lniT 9J1 uv w[jhï118 ptf'JV111"1" ui-ijí ej8 joj '¦() 'noiXug i)o ivt m paoB(d sbu oq 'n-eraqonajji b 'uaiaig saqavno smnipooq Xq pwoirainoo sbav 3i?j}no eqx 'pepnno. Avvj eno pan 'panji 8J9AV Znipjmq on,} ni 8j.ia oq.M namtiniqg xis eqj jo jnoj pnB 'q'Ul 9q? no japMod ïubiSI Xq dn nAvojq sva '-x 'h 'Bpnoosny ï esnoq-qsBM asauiHO V dojo b j[nq nqj Bsei o% ppiX eq} UAiop sjno Biqj, "dojo s,JvaA qs) ireq} ssa] S[aqsnq OOO'OOO'et ecl I1!M JV9& siqi Bnnipai jo doao }B9q.iv eq aAvs J9JM0Q 9H3Xbjbt 3IIJ, 'Uil 9tlï jojqStn 9qj no ejg Xq poXojssp o.i.i.u '-pai 'joisug jo noivod esonisnq gqj 30 i(jnd o3,n[ v Suisuduioo 'sSnipimq xaaixis utjuujaoAV-Monoj v Snudpjnm joj ''opï 'no?SBnioqx Q 'gnBijBii 'ejonsg pnB nodtfo pn '}nnn souif jo japjmu 9q} joj 'Xji 'Sjnquoijsaj o 'Xopij snQ íjep -jnra adui joj 'Bf) 'b[iiubo}b 'p9Joio3 q'joq 'noBnqof jaaj pn no}B9jj ÍMiii-ni -jaqicj s;q jo japjnui 9q} joj '3(JV 'qi!n'S ¦)joj tt) 'sdniTqj '"TiIÜAV pni siq pnB Xppay nqof pu pJOJ '-'K lI!IIH JnJ ''II 'íí 'BinooBT í)b 'nomug SBoioqx :qiil oq} uo aoBid (ooi snoiinoaxa SniAonoj anj, aaaoj Xq pdAOtu -8J aq 05 os op 01 2uip;Bj gjanj,is 'sXBp X)Xis uiqiin sj.ioi.i jijq-i .i.miiu.i.i i-j gpni:[ qons no snosjed v SinXjijou jmti 'pi" pnB aiiBjadonj (juam9[8B 0} bojibq ni nouBAjagay o8BqenniAV 9t} Sninado japjo B(jnqijy inapjüaoj 3niJB[09p noijBrnar ! -aojd B penssi qji 9qi no in9pis9Jcj aHX ïpuBt onqod no eonaj eq; eioraej 0} pnimje9p oef bbai jj -pernotu 9q ;snm was the third mmriber of LU famuy in a direct line to ham; bimself In prison. On the 17th US Indictmenta tor gambUng were returnorl by tho Grand Jury at Wheeling, W. Va. Amongthoae tnvolved are an ex-Govornor, a. membei ¦! the city council and leading morchants aml manufacturera. Two maskki highwaynmi stopped th stage frora Vul ture, A. T., Uie other night and stole the express box containlng K400. Aaüon Jones (colored), charged with murler, was taken front prisou at New Roads, La., on the night of the lTth and lynched. In the United States and Canada thore iwere 215 business failures during the seven days ended on the 17th, against 200 the previous seven dnys. The distribution was as follows: Middlo States, 45; New England States, 37; Wetrn, 68; Boothern, 40; Pacific States and Territories, l'J; Canada, 19. J. P. Jotck, Margaret Joyce, Charles Joyce and Mary Rica were burned up in their house a few days ago in Buncombe County, N. C, after haring been murdered by porsons unknown. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The twentieth anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln was commemoiated on the l.')th at Bpiingfield, 111., in a solenm and impressive manuer. At the State House a welcoraing address was delivored by Governor Oglesby, who was followed by General Logan, General Sherman and others in tributes to the martyr's memory. In spite of the rain a thousand people par.ticipated in the formal exercises at the tomb, which was elaborately decorated with flowers. Mr. Da vis, the successor of the late Mr. Bridges from the Thirty-Seventh District, was sworn in as a member of tho Illinois Senate on the 15th. In the joint session only one vote was cast for United States Senator. The fiith Congress of the Military Order of the Loyal Legión of the United States met iu Chicago on the lfth. Ex-President Hayes occupied the chair. A resolution of condolence with General Grant was adopted and tétagraphed to New York. Christopher Bradtohu, who died on the 15th at Pittsburgh, Pa., was one of three brothers who had at different tinu'S rescued 532 persons from drowniug. A boat contaiuing Mrs. Admiral Reynolds and other ladies was capsized at Fortress Monroe on the 15th by wind, and Mrs. Reynolds wasdrowned. The others were rescued. Forty years ago Mis. Harriet Gi anger,of Sharon.Pa., awidow, lost her infautsouby abduction. Constant search failed to disclose any trace ofthecuild. Afew daysago an anonymous letter inforincd her of her son's whereabouts, and the aged motlu-r is now an inniate of her son's household at Michigan City, Ind. The Women's Baptist Foreign Missinnary Society of the West at its recent session at Toledo re-elected Mrs. A. J. Howe, of Chicago, President ferthsenmingyear. Edwards PnRBIPONT, Secretary of the American Legation at Rome, died in that city on the 16th. ¦Thk President made the following appointments on the 17th: Consuls-Geueral of the United States - James M. Morgan, of South Carolina, at Melbourne, Australia; Jacob Muller, of Ohio, at Frankfort-ontlie-Main, Germany. Consuls of the United States - Charles W. Wagner, of Missouri, .atToronto; Thomas R. Welch, ot Arkansas, at Hamilton, Can. ; Francis H. Wig,fall, of Maryland, at Leeds, Eng. ; Charles Jonas, of Wiscons n, at Prague; Richard Stockton, of New Jersoy, at Rotterdam ; William Slade, of Ohio, at Brussels; J. Harvey Farnham, of Louisiaua, at Paso del Norte, Mex.; Willinni J. Black, of Delaware, at Nuremberg, Germany. John A. O'Niel, formerly Mayor of Hoboken, N. J., has been appointed Superintendent of Engraving in the Bureau at Washington, at a salary of $o,(W0 per onnam, in place of G. W. Casilear, removed. General W. B. Hazen was on the 17th reprimanded by the President, in aecordance with the sentenco of the court-martial, for captious criticisin of his suj)erior oliicer, and was then restored to duty as cuief signal officer. FOREIGN. Deserters from the Mehdi3 ariny reported on the 14th the evacuation of Birti and Metemneh. Italian troops had occupied a station on the Red Sea, and the flap; of Kiug Humbert was iloatiug beside that of the Khedive. A dispatch of the Hth from Libertad States that a basis for peace had been arranged between San Salvador and Guatemala; that hostilities had ceased, and general amnesty had been proclaimed. A i'AXtc caused by an explosión of gas occurred at the Royal Theater Museum at Moutreal, a few days ago, and several persons were badly crushcd. J. H. Moonky's large tannery at Montreal was burned tho other afternoon, the loss raaching $100,000. Seyeral of the etnployAj escaped by jumpisg from the windows. It was announced on the 14th that CJVadstone's ta-sitati m over the Kooshk River aftair had emboldened Russ, and sh was now demandiug explauationi and withdrawals. liusf.ia was attemptiug t .discount the possibility of a Polish revolt In case of war with Bngland by maling ext nsive seizures of arms. The hai'bor of Bombay had been lined with torpedoes, to prevent the entry of a Russian fleet. It was reported on the löth that the In dians and half-breeds now in revolt a;;aiust the Cauadian Government had laid waste a large section of country to tUo north and west of Battleford. Over ono thpesand settlers were rendereil hoineless by the raid. Upon the arrival of the Prince of Wales at Cork on the 15th tlïe Nationalists kept up a wordy warfare with the Loyalists all along the line of the royal procession, and at night indulged in a riot which the pólice were hardly able to quoll. The hospital were reported to be ftlled with injured citizens. In the Engllab Cablnet council on tho lóth the Anglo-Russiau situation, it was said, was represented to be as followa: England and Russia had agreed upon a basis for a delimitation of the Afghan frontier subject to a satisfactory azplaoation hy Russia of the recent attack on the Afghans. According to this scheme it was said that Penjdeh would be ceded to Russia provided the Ameer consented. Despite this statement, however, reiruitiug for tho British navy continued with great ac.tivity. Fifty persons wero burued to death in :i eonflagration which destroyed several houses on the 16th in the town of Meleeg, a few miles north of Cairo, Egypt. The ice in the Moira River gorged at Bellev.lle, Can., on tlie llith, flooding the streets and houses, and doin damage to the extent of $7.j,000. The Prince and Princesa of Wales were ; Cillarney, Ircland, oa the lötb with mingled cheers and hisses. Admiral Jouett reported on the lütu having crossedtho Isthmus of Panama and found good order all along the ruilway. Winnipeo adviies of the lCth announce little chauge in th3 state of affairs. The Indians were gathering in bands about Battleford, and were threatening an attack. All the stock that could be found by the redakins nloui; either side of the Baskatchewan north of Battleford had been driven off and killed. Tho Indians appeared to be laying up a store of provisions, as if for a long cumpaign. Clark's variety theater and three adjoining buildings wero burned iu Biightou, Out., the other night. London advices of tho lObb state that several days must elapse beforo the Oovernment would be able to make a definite statement of the result of her treatings with Russia. A hopeful feeling continued to prevail, the belief being that the Czar would be influenced by urgent advicus from the Emperor of Germany to maintain peace. At the same time politicians agreed that peace could only be temporary. Rusgia would push forward the railway to tho Afghan frontier. Advicbs of the 17th state that tho oftlcers of the Columbian Government recentIv selected one bundred of tho worst els Uuprisoned at. Colon, au i plaeing EnenC oa lxinrd 11 steainnr carried 1 ii ¦in iint into the bn ,'wher theentire one iiundn'd wore tbrown overboanl and drownad. Londom advioss of the iTtli trom General Comai "IV, mi si. Petersburg, state thal, iln Afilian had evacuateil all the frontier posts, and that the Rossiaa outposts now ocoupy their tormer poeittons. General ComaroS said that he would proceed shortly to inspect the advaneed posts. ÏMK Terminus Hotel and seven frame structures at Victoria, 1!. ('., were destroyed liy flre on the morning of the 17th, two persons perlshing in tliu Bamea, the .others Mcaping 'n their night clothes. A larqe tenemput was l.urned at Quebec on the 17th, and thrat ehildreu perished in the Ban LAT EB NEWS. Aovicbs ol the r.'tli tromWinnlpeg tat h,-it Riel had eight baodred men under htm, all well aruèd mul ready to flght, and thal Riel unid dii" rather than be takm alive. Hi;, Bear, with Bfteen hondred BWOf had promtsed to juin Riel Ui ment the Governw o1 struck the flrst blow. Dan M 't, 'ih-i famous drfver of trottiiifi bonea, died on the I9th al lus rosidence in New York. '1'hk panio In Bpalnorer the spread oí cholera was Increasing on the lüth, as reports f 'iitinin'1 toarrive ihowingthat new pointe rere b Ing ooastantly attacked The Government was takinK cm-rgetio mi's bo Isolate Infected towns. At tlm j 5 '' ""' Illinois Legislature on the I8th Uorriion received tw to: I ii tod StaU's Senator, Logan íourt and scatterlng fivi. Genkkai, Gbant's physictianj met nt twoo'clockon the afternixMi of the ïüili tor conanltation. tn the bulletin iuaed at tbathour tb reported the patiënt in an improred eondition, both general uud local, but still tnaiated thal he had only about one chance tu a thousand for reoorery. Et persons lost their h ontheltth in a bornlc on the farm of Aogostus Wi-iitz l, near Readlng, Fa. It was ht the flre wat of incendiary orlgin, and a 111,111 sus] i cted of the crime had been locked ii]. Tui) mioTiiKKs, Frank and Tulial Taykir, were lynched near Forsythe, Mo., a few ugo, for a mnrd iit. ujion J. T. Diokinson. Tin: two little soni of Mr, Kemp, n farmer, Irrlng a few miles trom Fullerton, N. 1... s,i flre toa itraw-staok a tewdays I to dath. A v. i in the Rio Orando Ri ver near Laredo, Tez., caased great iK-struction of property on the r.itii. RSV, Dn. David Stekk, of New York, a Jewih rabbi of considei alileproniinei oe, coiii; Ide ni Wilki'sl arre, Pa., ou the 18tfa by taki aam. Tui: Biitish troops on the Nile were on the I8th snffering torture from the great heat prevalent tn the Sondan. Fi iu B houscs were destroyed by a cyclone the othor night in Burns City, Tex. Tin: cptton milis at WilmingtOA, N. C, liave sluit down for sixtydays, owing tc the depresiion In the trade, Tuk President on the lth made the followlng appointments : To be American Ministers Resident and Consuls General - WiUiam D. Bloxham, of Florida, to Bolivia: Bayliss W. Hanna, of Indiana, to Pertta; Walker Fearn, of Louisiana, to Roumania, Servia and Greece. To be Consuls of the United State - James Murray, of New York, at St. John, N. B.; Boyd Winchester, of Kentueky, at Nioe, Franci'; Charles F. Kimball, of JUincis, at Stittgart, (-'. ¦! many.


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