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TRUE ECONOMY. one must proctic true economy to ood e Bui it do economy to bny "hddv" artich-f: bad Flour, b..d Butler at d bad Food of au v kind are not c"nnm ical t use flt an pruc: a tboasaod lime worae h " fhoddy ' mm dlctne ihat pretenda to cure, uut raakee the pa' tii'i t (tre F A- ii st fooil is the cheapest bicnêfit ii' Dotrltloai i)d irenjrtbontng 10 th1 whote - stem, vel in ptimll qu ntitie . po it a pure medhicb. coree every iTtn , t -t. i, . ¦ n do-; i , alwajfl kCfep in iiiind ihwe 'lm iïvttd Facts : " There i more roAl poIM care in one bottle oí UoDt'e i Kidnej and l i rt Remvdy, ir the dis aset II Ie prepared lor than in - i anti oi the socalled coree ; the do?e U 20 to 30 drops. 53T" It cnrep, restores, ri-L-ü'atrs and inviorie Liver, Btomach, Kidney, Bladder and U Inar oriranv, créales a marvi-'ous appet)tand rí'buiíd- the entire tontera, and itis "Never kuown to faii '" Bf" It wUl prevent as well as cnro, Malaria, Fevers and R1 eumutipm and all diseñes which eom ¦ from l rap om blood. Keep the lountain and thesprlnga li i aopply it, pora, and ih etream Qúwinfi tl,ic;!rom will be hvaltbfol and Uié-givlnff. Sper lal and intorpsting ca=e of BrijfhtV dlneaueMegci lbd on poch d pasrts of oor Bauuer book. JSBIIin '(Kidnef and Uvr)R MhDTinrïBfl (b6 blond, thereby keeping the Kidneyc, l.iv r, Stninnch BladMi-r ai d l'rin iry organi vicoroup wtth lift and actlon, cnuslng tbem lo Irre -- tem irom the poUonous waste wliich brings dieeaseund dath. it reachee the eoat of the iUaeaM al once- removes thecaniae - Bttmaiatae and nfiaiB the tunctlon of the Kidneyp, Liver and l'rirmry orirans. %LT Save voar health by nMne HüiTf (Kidney nnd LiverJ ReüEDT, n milions will rot pcomw Loas "i the prioelea boen. Itwilicure F'-Tnalf Üeakneaa and prevent momhly [nfftírin?. Gorrespondtnce freely (tHwered by our Consulting Physician at ie. his offlc KT1 The largest saloa are ftl :"¦ . . w"'" the home of the medicine; ttllTÍT'V whe e U '9 bc8t known.itis J7 WW;iJJ' ased most extei siveiy nd :kidney-&-5ic ';rvscri!;ed tl)'75 physicians. _r 'L"I VER ' hat b c 1 1 e r eiidorscment &&ÏC?"! PSICE, 1.25 PEE BOTTLE ¦gy'Himt s BemeAy Co.f Tê providence, r. i. Jfca jror saie by qii Dntggists.


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