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JIAHOVK DIKIl l'lllti. AS Arbor OomtAiroBBT, No. 13 meets flrst Tuesday of eacli inoutli, W. O. Doty, E. C: W. A. Tolohard, Heconler. WwurKSAW Ohahtkk, No. H, H A. M.- Mi-.K flrst. Monday eaeh inonth. Isaac Handy, H. P.; Z. KoKth, secretnry. Gii.iiKN Külk Lodoe, No 159, K. and A M. - Meets I linrsday of eaob inonth. L. C. Goodrich, W. M.: N. D. Gates, Secretary. Fkatbknity LODOB. Nu.iii F. and A.M.- Meets flrst Wednesday ol tach inonth. K J. Morton, W. M.; Will Hollands, Secretary. BUSINESS CAROS. W. H. MlliMlV. DNE3IITrilTIIIIISIITIL OJFFICK : Orer Sachs Abel's Dry (loods Store. Entranck by Firht National Bank. GEKMAN CLASSES by Emil Baur, fonnerly teacher of Germán In the Aun Arbor High school. Beginning and advanced conversational classes will be arranged above Sheeliau & Co's book store on state Street. Sigmon 8teen's "Studiën und I'lautlerelen" will be used for conversatlou. Kor grammar classes any gram mar the student desires, moilern languages are soon forgottvn if not praotloed. Kemetnberthe greftl advanlage of knowing Germán in baslneu M wt'll is litorary pursuitH. Beglun ng the l.'th 0Í Janilary. References: Dr, Henry F. Frieze, Dr. Alexauder incbill 1 r. !:. I, Witller, Prof. Ellsha Jones, Supt. W. S. Perry. Kor easy ti'rins enqulre of Messrs. Slieehan &. Co., ' )s8lus &¦¦ Co., or addresa PROF EMIL BAUR, City. WILL.IAM iir;nz, House, Sijn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! I'aperinc, Glazing, Oilding, anrt CHlcimininï, and work of every description donu iu the beet etyle. and warrauted tu give satisfaciiuu. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr, Arbor. C. SCHAEBERLE, Rehidmok. 57 Soütii Main St., Tkacher op Piano , Violin &nd taj o! Misic. IIsrSTTJGTIOlÑrS Given on Plan of the Royal Coneervatory of Moslo at Leipsfc, Saxony. W. W. & A V. XICIIOLS, New Dental Rooms, over Joe T. Jacob's Store. GAS or VITILIZED AIR Adininlsterad for the painlesB eitractlon of teeth. JOSEPII BERKV, The Practical TAILOR AM IUÏTER, Of the late flrm oi WINANS St, BKRRY, has located hia place of business at NO. 7 HURON STREET, WITH A FULL LINE OF Suitings and Trouserings, And would sav to his old fricDds and new ones that lf they want a GOUD FIT and a NOBBY FIT at REASONABLK PK1CKS, cali on him and they will be sure to get one. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE ! $29,000,000. Secarity held for the protection of the policy CHRISTIAÑ MACK BepresenU the followinc flret-clais companiei, of which one, the .Etna, has alone paid $56,000,000 Ure loase in sixty-ttve years : Etna, of Harttod $ 9,192,644 Franklin of Philadelphiii 3,1 18,713 Germán in, N. Y 2,700,729 Gorman American, N. Y 4,065,968 IjOndon Assurance, Loniton.. . 1,416,788 Mlchhrsn F. & M., Detroit. . . 287. G08 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596,679 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losses liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Pollcies isued at the loweut ratcs of premium. nttitr J. J. GOODYEAR S PHARMACY! IS THE PLACE TO BUY H ANDSOM E TOILET GOODS! ELEGANT BRIC-A-BRAC, Statuetts, Mirrors, Plush Goods ETC, ETC. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY. No. 5 S. Main Street,


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