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Liberty Enlightening The World

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TiiU - wuuUBi or tnu worm, which is now being loaded on the French transport Ière for shipment to this country, Is the largest statue in the world. Some Idea Of its magnitude may be obtained from the fact that forty persons found siatiding-room within the beatl. A six-foot in ui standing on the level of the lips only just reached the uyebrow. Wbile workmen wen employed on the crown of her head thef seemed to be niaking i huge sugar-cauldroii, and tbey juniped with ease in and out of the tip of the nose. Fifteen people might sit aroiind the llame of thetorcb, whicli elevation can be reached by a spiral staircase within the outstretchtd arm. The London Daily News, in (peaklng of it, says: "It is out and away the largest statue of modern times. The Culossus of Rhodes was nothing to it. It could carry the 'Bavaria' or the 'Hermann ' in its arms. It towers to the skies truin the yard of the Hue de Chazelles, where it has been eightyears in construction, and the view from its coronet sweeps clear of the six-story houses and beyond the walls of Paris." The welght of this slupendous statue is 440,000 pounda, of whicn lt,000 pounds ïronTTï is expe'c'ted to ariive in New York about the 25tu ot May, where it will be erected on Bedloe's Island, this being the location selected for it by Gen. W. T. .Slierman, wlio was appointed by the President to make the selection. When placed in position it will loom up 305 feet above tide-water, the height of the statue being 151.2 feet, that ot the pedestal !1 feet, and foundation 52.10 teet. This imposing statue, higher than the enormous towers of the great Brooklyn bridge or the steeple of Trinity churcb, wliicli is the lofliest in the city of New York, - higher, in fact, than any of the colossal statues of antiquity, - by its rare artististic proportions, as well ás by its stupendous dimensión?, will add another to the wonders of the world. A word should be said of its artistic merit. The pose, stride, and posture, with its classic face, are pronounced perfect; the drapery is both massive and fine, atid in some parts is as delicate and silky in effect as it wrought with a fine chisel on the vin il].. cl anol. The conception and execution of this great work are due to the gieat French sculptor, M. Baitholdi, who has devoted eight years of bis life and most of bis fortune to this great work, and whose generous impulses, which must be on a scale commensurate with this noble work, prompted him to make such a gift to the United States. The committee in charge of the construction of the base and pedestal for the reception of this great work are in want of lunds for its completion, and have prepared a miniature statuette, an exact counterpart of the original, six inches in height, the figure being made of bronze, the pedestal of nickel silver, which they are now delivering to subsciibers throughout the United States for the small surn of f 1 each. Aside from its being a lasting souvenir of this colossal statue, it will ornament our homes and bear testimony that we have contributed to the completion of one of the grandest works of modern times. All remittances should be addressed to Richard Butler, Secretary American Committee of the Slaliie of Liberty, No. 33 Alereer st., New York. The committee are also prepared to furnish a model, in same metáis, twelve Dches in heiüht, at $5 each, delivereil. We teel assured our people will be only too eager to testify their grateful sense of the friendliuess of this magnanimous offer on the part of the Frenen people, and to reciprócate the kliully and liberal sentiments in which it originated, by Chai aiding in an active prosecution ol labors that niuy be requiied to give the stalue au appropriate base and pedestal Now is the time to do it. Whoever wishes to have the honor and pleasure ot coutributing to tlie erection of the grandest statue of any age, to say nothing ol the sentiment that should be welcomed and encouraged, must act promptly, for the money will be raised as sure as the sun rises. Kvery subscriber sending $1 will be supplied with a miniature counterpart of this great and imperishable statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World."


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