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A strong plea of " The Modern Schoolnuister" is inade by Lawrence M. Knnls in The Curreut of May 9. He holds tliat tbe teacher, personally, is not given the popular consideration be Ueserves, and urges that the parents of the childreu he teucües accord to hun that due social recognition which is often withheld. The attitude of Catholicism toward our public schools - a problem of grave concern at the present time- ís to be discusseU from opposite piemisesin the June number of thelsorth AiiRMiean Heyipwv, the Roman Gsthoílo Ohurch, and Bishop Keane, of Virginia, iu defense of its policy. Under the new arrangement whereby the Century is issued in ihi.s country on the lirst ot the month and copyriglited here. copyright protection is also secured In Great Britain by issue there a day or two in advance - a great advantage to contributors, since their articles are now protected in both countries. Arranements are now in progress whereby the tít. ííicholas will also be issued in London in aJvance of lts publication here, so as to secure English copyright protection. Mr.W. D. Howells is engaged upon a new serial story for The C'entury Magazine, to follow " The JRise of Silas Lapham,'' which will be finished i the August number. The publication of the uew story will be begun possibly during the autumn, and will be completed in six numbers of the magazine. It is said to deal with the tortunes of a country boy in Hnstnn. nnrl wltb thp iprnlpvitip rn Utm account, oflhe minister who has tried to help him with advice; and will therefore Ilústrate phases of one of the peculiar questionsof American life. Thesituations will be fresh, and the cliaracters a larger group than Mr. Howells usually brings upon the scène of one novel. In the minister, the readers of The Century will reconize one of the subordínate characters of "The Rise of Silas Lapham." The May issue of Art and üecoration, presents the first number of the most beautiful art magazine ever published in this country, and containing contributions froni the leading prominent American artists. There are about fifty illustrations, twentyof them being ful) pages. The printing is a novelty in magazine work, and the impressions are in black and chocolate ink. No magazine ever started with such a magnificent list of prominent contributors. The frontispiece is a beautiful figure by F. S. Church, f olio wed by wall decorations by Mazzanovitch, mantels by Pierce, tiles and panels by Volkmar, lanibrequins by Halm, jewelry by Bouche, and a great yariety of other useful designs, including eight full-page illustrations of tbe application of the pahnto decomtion, compiled by that eminent autbority, Raguenet Price, 25 cents a number. Piiblication office, No. 9 East 17th street, New York.


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