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A war between Kugland aud Rnakia threiitens. The United States wouhl be greally prufited thureby ; 80 mnny, with WliOtt money is the greateFt thing to be desiied, are anxious to see it precipitated at once. Tbey severely criticise Gladstone's polu-y, without knowlng anvthing eitlier ut' diplomacy or statesmanship. We are four thuusand miles away from London, and have 110 means of knowinsr K.. Iwlila Aiora IUii,.,. olir vjtliL.liir Of observation being ouly a supeiticial one, it is presunipUKins t'ur us to crp at the couise of oue of the oldest and groatest stHtesman of inudern times, who knuws more accurately the state ot uft'.iirs at tl. e pieseDt than we ehall kuow, even when it shall liavu passed into history. Kiifrland, if not the gieatest, is one of the ctiong st nutiuns on tbe globe. Her resources of men, money and credit are enornious. Iet abe faces another country Inch can coinmund more men and fight neaier home. Kussia g vast, and a conflict between two such nations cannot but be long, bloody, expensive, and for what guin 'i Great Hrit.iin does not need to protect India by pushiug troops f. ir bevond ii borders into deserts and the wild, hostile country of Afghanistan Let her protect it wlien it is attacked and tlien slie c;in figlit nearer a permanent ba?e of supplie8. In all probability, sooner or later, war is inevitable between tbesv power, but wo sliould not censure m j. ..._.. to nliinir l.ic. country into 'the dread arbitranient of arms." The interests of England at present lie in avoitling, rutber than in huriying war. Tlien il it must come, ttie prime minister knows t is better to Ügüt because attacked, ratlier tlian tor mere glory or more possesions. That public opinión, upon whicli lie dependí, ia conservative and will tiglit to tbe la-t when attacked, but does not favor Jingolsm, posing for effect, and a hot-headed, rash impetuosity whicli must have blood. Any one who, without the true case of the facU before liim, knows mure than Gladtone, having all the details at hand, fhould go over at once and give England's poor old prime minister the benefit t liis udvice.


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