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Boston. Mass., May 1, 1836. Mr. Editor - An assumptive reminder, headed In startllng unostentatiousiiefs, "Courier Olltce", has just come to my tanctum sanctorum bringlug casually tú iny inind the tact that out in the direction of the land of the Ojibwayn, and of the Androscoftgin inan's visionary baked Wild Turkey dominion, thero doe lie a lake-bound, umlulatinjj tract of real esate known to "" down-eosters as Mich-i-fian (please accent the last syllable), and furllierinore, that a portion of snid territory is populated with a tribe of denizeu familiar lo your huinble servant It occurs to me while sitting tn solitary reflection thi typical May-day afternoon, that au fll'iif ion pregnant with idea localized to this Hul) of culture, muy not prove uninteresting to them - your gnorüiit readers - pardon me. I say ignorant, because tliey read your paper for informatiou; iynorunce is the antecedent of info mation, as informatiOR necessarily ouibodies t in the idea of ignorance, heuce the propositiou. I have üaid lliat this is a TVPICAI. MAY-DAV. I do nul wUli tu bu misunderstood, and tliurefore I do not mean typical in the sense wbicli fond nicmory atribules tu oíd Michigan - for May-day brings to ray inind thouglits oí a bright, a lovely day; a warming gun; a fresh, green garment over nature cast; a foliare juat peeping trom barren trees in jjroves beside a ¦'raming Hurón,'1 where aiany birds aud laughing anemones lierald the advent of spring. No, "OldOceau" prcdestiuates our May-day, and typical liere will portray to your inind a cold, damp day ; a i-uw east wind, laden with frequent mist orraiu - truly adreary waste of monotony I This is our Muy-day, and yet the Boston Record to-day giij-s: "Tne spring is unusually forward." Doyou wonder that the "queen of epring" here take her animal cold even though ciad in gum-shoes and inuiflur? Goldsmith gaya: "Winter Ungering chilla the lap of spring." Remember that spring poetry ia pretty, but it won't keep off the croup. Yet, this same conglomérate May-day ia the sigua I for AN EXODUS, Aii annual chauge trom city to country and sea-side lite, and thousands who yesterday lodged in comfort and luxury at a city üreside, will to nijilit, with shivering epidermis, luig the tire place in a cold and uninviting cottage at Nahant, lievere, Nwitasket or some oue of the hund reilt of lovely sites which dot Mussachusetts bay. You see, Bottoiilan believe that tliere is uotliing like being prepimd for meteorological or barnmetric emergencies; and f they can't be comfortable Muy lst at the sea shore, they may at least feel secure fiom sunstroke, and at ihe same time respect the demands f Dame Fashion and follow the antecedents ut inhemed Boston culture bcqueathed them by ancestral blui-bloodism. Fur a weck past this MUSICAL WOHLD Has been in uilUat of u constcllation ot star win have Illumiued onr spheie .11. ii earuptured oor cuiturcd enviroi ments. M. mager Miipleson whh his magniticent rui pa ut ai tsls is at present til - ing au engagemeut here, to whicli oui music-loviug people have long looked torward (Vllh anlicipation and unabated engeiness. K.icli cvrniiijj the lioston Tbeatre hs been the acene ot panegyrics trom oonuonnei ot people. It was my good lortune to be pie.-ent last evening at Patu's tarewell tü America, aud the vaet assemblage which greeted lui.ülliiig uot only eveiT seat troiu pit to nig ruoui, was a tribute to La Diva inspiriüg her tu lier greatest eflbit and one uk n was a filtiug climax to her unprecedentd succeas. It was aD eveut in a liteiime. To hear tliio queen in the role of Martha, Aluie. Scalclii as Nancy, Sig. Vicini as Liionell, Öig. CberubiDl a Plunketts, and $g. Kiiialdini as Iord Tiisiaii' was to Uear a culminaiiou ot musical tpleudur nevir lo be furxotlen; and the nieinoiies of that eveniui; will be as l.isliiiji iis lite itself ! From the moment Una Sig. Arditi raised his baton over his oiciieotia the attenlion of the audience was held like magie. Patti's "La.-t Kose ot Slimmer" was the signal for an ovaüou. I would that it were witliiu my power to dtsciibe the seusation of that supreme moment! Imagine a vast atldieuce, an almost paintul silence, broken only by those sweelest tones whicli go to the very depths of oue's soul ! The completion of tne uumber was the occasion ot oue coutiniied buist of applause and enthusiasm, in which an audience, wild almosl to fieuzy, arose en masse and gave vent m pcnt-ui ieeiings: floral cmblems, buuquets and garlands were larished upon Fatti in unlimited profusión and she was taiily wreathed in floral bowers. It was many tuoinents bef ore the audieuce could become restored to its (lUiet.and only tintil alter the ttiird ren(eiing ot this l'avorite could the opera pioceed. At the conclusión of the opera oixurred another ovation and pandeiuouiuiii. Thrlce the curtaiu arose, thrice Putti sang the favorite selection, but this was not enougb. Thrice again she cauie beforc the cuitain and to au audience enraptured and in tears, she, witli tears iu her eyes, sang "Home, Sweet Home." Do uot iisk ine to picture this - the tcene btggars de8criptioii, and only in my thoughts chii I do it justice. Patti has ceitamly here reached the apogee of her fame, and she bearg with her to Europe the hearts of Boston ians and the inerited title La Diva .' BUSINESS HODSE8, For the solidiiy of which iioeton is noted, are greatly exercised over the prospecta of the Anrlo-Russian war. It is lo this eliaiinel tiiat we look for relief from the present commercial tUgnttlOD which has o completely settled oyer the business world ut laryp, and our metiopollian centers in particular. The iniiie.-sion t present feeiiis to be war w i 1 1 be our salvation. Fiom the latest Iclrgiaphic news, we learn t hut Huuu hua sunt hor ultimatum to England. The quesliou tlien now stand.: Dc.ea an ultimátum ultímate? A diplomatic question of tliis sorl between two nations, one of whivli does not want to iight, and the otlier does liut don't daré, a a qnestion imposhW to answer. In case it does, liowever, we nmv Htm expect. to sce the Biïtinh Lioii and Roln Bear, with hair on end andtails fl"piinr, rliewing each other op in trne bea.-tly (ashion cm "Indla's coral su ;ind" to the tune of "God Save the Qneeii," while the rest of tlie European menagerie sit on tlieir haunchesand grin at the fan, and at the same time lieking chops in eager expectancy, they wstcli their cliance to Mep in for a gran Httbe ossiverons plunder, without dffering even to pay a tarthing toward defriiying the funeral expenses. Kingdoms hb well as republics are uiigrateful- and


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