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Below we jrlve tbe new water-woiks contract in full. It is a mucli Itronger document than the iirst one, thourh a few important poinU are siill omittcd or uvaded: THE WATKR WORKS AOREKMKNT. Articlet of Agrcement, made UiIh 6th day of May, A. 1)., IKK5. between the " Mnyur.'ltt'cordor and Aldermen of hecltyof Ann Arbor," partió of the flrst pari, and " The Ann Arbor Water Compuny," ft corporal Ion organlzed and exUMnK by vlnue ol Ihnptor W, ofHowi'II'H Annotated Stututes of ftUaiilgan, parly of the Kecond part. Witnksskth: Tiie party of the second part, liereby Hgree and ooi tnWH4 wilh artU'S oftherlrst part, t bulld in the city of Aun Arbor. in the State of Michigan, a completa system of water woiks, on the reservoir and punt pi ng plan. The top of the remT vol r sha II lic loca tea nol less thati one hundrtd and ftft.y flve feet above the lntersectlon of Main and Hu ron st reets in ald city, or at the pomt denignaU'd on the raap and plan of PfOTOMOr C K. Üret'iH', DOW on lile In the officw of the recorder in thecKyof Ann Arbor. The reservoir shall be made of earth ; sh 11 be puddied wit h clay, and paved on the bottom and .sldeu wit ti cobble stonefl, and shall iiold nut Jess than twi) mi Ilion gallonH The party of the Hecond part shall mnlntaln in sjlmI reservoir from one mlllion loelghteen hundred thouRund uull nis of water and at no time shall allow it to lail below seven huiuired and flfty thousaud gallons, excepl when necesuary to cleanse the Hame, or in case of unavoidable accident, and 1 uring such time or times, it Hhall malntaln by direct pri'ssui -, a sufficlent flupply of watt r tor iii'1 and domentic use and bíihU keep steain and iiNo au eujiueer on hand ready to act in riisi' Of lire. The reservoir hall be oleanned whenever necetiHary. The tn let pipen to the reservoir Rtiall be one foot above the bottom theieof. aud shail be io arrangud tüat tlie water pumped into snhi reHervolr shall pasn in a pipe up through the same above the level of the water, and tlien fait over on a Htone rockery so as to give the water moreaerution. A drain pipe shall be provided so as to empty tbe reservoir. Tne banks of tlie reservoir nuall be seeded and soddeU. The party of the second part -hall Airnish aud set up pumping machinery capable or pumping rllty thoiiMtnd giillon of water per nour luto the reservoir, and of ampie power and capaclty for all requIremeutH. A coonectiou between the forcu mam and thedlstributing niHin hhall be put lu to allow a direct presaute froin the pump iu the case of emergeuoy. Tne works shall at all times be capable of throwlng by reaervotr presHure, Hix streams etguty leet high at tlie (Jourt House at one time; and by direct preasure the same number of streams at the same place, oue hundred and ten feet high. And agaln, live mivjuu-, ility-tour feet high at ihe Ünlverblty campus, aud the same number of strams at the saine plaoe, by direct prensure, mne feet high. In the construction of thee workH, the party of the second part Hhall follow the plans submitted by Prof. C. E (ireene, lor the Mes and location of the dttrlbuling pipes, except so far us they have beeu or may be changed by the mutual conseut of the purtles hereto. The said plans ancl maps so far as aforesaid submitted by Prof. J. K. Üreene.and now on rtle in office ol the etiy recorder and mark. ed exhlblf'A" are hereby made a part of tiiis agreement. The party of the second part shall lay pipes slxteeu lncii's to four uu-hes Inclusive, not leHH than fourteeu miles in leugtli; and any excess of said iourteeu ml es u. bhowu on said plan and mups, shall be laid iluwu wthin the teiritoiy now cuvered by said plan uu l-ss the parties thereto otherwibe mutually' agree. .Nul more man mie unir or lour Indi pipe bhull be laid,aud íor thechange so made in Hit' plan of l'rof. U E. lireene, Irom four lo six iuch pipe, Ihe pames oí the tirsi part shall pay to ilie party of the seooiid pan the Kiim (if two huudred and tlfty dollar every mi montiiH atter the reut of said workN cominenoes. muiI pipe shall be flrst-class cast Iron pipeu and sball be laíd below freezing polnu Un the lengtn of the pipe so oouairooted as atoresald, the party of the becond parís ull loi-ate aud inalntaln one huuured íiro hydranls, for which lliey uhitll lurniMi at all times the neoecsary tuppiy of water, and 6hall keep tlie same in good order and at all limes ready lor use. Thesaid hydranig shall beelther Chapman, Ludlow or faitee t& l'iikms' hydraui, anu Kiiall all be three nozzted, one sieamer aud two leadlng hose. and on thoe iouiteen miles of pij es the pa iiexn the flrst parí ni y lócate as mino additiunal buruubi asiinj inay seo ni, whlcli hhall lie sel and iiiaiiiutliied by tne pames of the flrst pan on theurius nained. The pames oí the flrst part shall have the right to sfini au expert to the íoundry al wnlch the pipes are belng casi tu int.pect the same, and the material from wnlch Ihey are made. The paru vt the secoud part agrees that such i'lpe shali be subJected loa hydrauüc pressure ol iliree nundred pounds lo ihe square inch at the loundry aiore&aid, and that sucii tests snall be made in the preseuce of an experl lo be sent as aforisalci. The expeuhe of the satd expert shall be borue by the partles of tüe nrst part deUJld" "s'endan'ciiSer'i'.'ï.üiliJ:'.':1 -.",ill" si-cuiiU Prt shail fnrnisli tne parlies ol [Ce ... ,,an a sworn staleinun that the pipes have been tested as provldwd for lu tuis contract. Tnesald party of the second part shan sui.Ject the euilre sysleui of pipes, gales aud nydrauts to a pressure of oue liuiuned anil tilty pounds to thexquareiuch, after ihe saine are ïald, constructed or put lu, belore thü rental ol the same shall coiuinence. The party of the secoud part shall also set valves or gates not less than seventy-tlve In nuinbi-r, aud all doublé faced, wlnch sliall open oue way and which shall be of uniform si,.' in nul that sliall lit one wrench. The party of ihe secoud part shall cause the pipes lo be lald onsucholdestreels ofsaid city as may bedlrected by sald rtist parties or thelr represeututivts; and all gate boxes are lo be adjusted so as lo tlt theerade ol any Street. Every hydrant on the main pipeshall liave a gate uuiu a polnl is reached that glve two mani to the cuy aforesaid. The sald second party shall lay at lts om expense a surface pipe to tlie uurb-stvme for all persons that inay make application for water Ihlti season. The said second party on the completion of said work, shall make a map showing the slieandlocailon of all pipes, gates, hydranis, etc , and deposit the same with the city recorder, for the use of the sald partles of the flrst part. The locatlon of the gates and hvdrants shall be subject to the approvai of the parties of the flrst part. The said tmiire works shall be flrat-clRHs In every respect sultable for these requirements lull.efflcieiil, and ready al all times to respoud, unavoldable accidentó, exeepteil ¦ provided, however. in case of a temporary f.iliure to supplv such water íor a perlod exceedlngone week, all compensatlou shall cease unlil the woi ks are again In operalion uuder this contract. No hydrant shall be located on a four inch pipe. The parties of the flrst part shall have the rlEht lo dm Mm water to test their liose and to afford Uieiu a reasouable praclice lor thelr Ilrcmen. The salet water works símil he eompleteil and wmer turned on on or before the iirsi day ol January, A. t., 1888. Kor the service and continued supply ol water, as above specitled, Ihe parlies of ihe ilrstpart hereby agree to pay to lh party of the second part the suiu f four Ihouxand dollar per annum, payable seml-annunliy from and afler the time wlien said water works shall be coinpleted and la operatlon In additlon to the uve hundred dollars above named, and whenlurther hydranls shall be establlshed. by dlrectlon ol the partles of the flrst part. as above provided, the parlies of the flrsl part to pay to the partles of the second pari, the flrst cost In place ueh adilltlunal hydranl. and the party or the leeond partshall supply sucli a.ldltional hydrants wlth water without further charge Similar hydrants on he aame lerm and coiidlilons shall be put In ou the Une ofsald water pipes on the public streel at the request of prívale partles and al the expense as aforesaid. Ihedepth at whlch the pipes are to be lald shall be below tne freezlng pol ui ol the ttrade of thestreels through wlnch they inay be lald, as now establihiied and of record The party of the sec .ml part shall extend the pipes above specltled beyuml the sald fourtein iiilles, whenever nrdi-rcd by the prtlen oflhe llrst,.uid f.,r very seven hundred leetofslx inoh pipe so ordered In Kuch extensión, the party of the second pari sball erect and inaliilaln one hydiant; and for each hydiani so inalntalned ihe party of the second pari shall recelve ilierefor a. ihf rale ortorljdollar per annum. payable as aforesald. The party of the seeoud part sh .11 lurnlsh al all times a sufflclent nupply of waler sultablefordoinesllepurp.mes to ihelnliabltanuofthecityol Ann Albor alonK the Unes of thelr waier pipes, wlien requesiíd so lo do by such al reasontle rales and notexceediiif! I ainount the HveraKe sums pald by Inhabilaiits of oiher citltsof MichiKan siinllailv Bltuateü and ofllke populatlun andsupplled by private companles rhe salet party of the second part shall furnUh such water as afursald for iniiiniliiclui-lng purposes, and for rallroad compañías on as reasonable lerms a Is furnlshed by the averane of other water compaiiles In tliis suteandatasum nol to exoeed Iwo cenis for one hundred gallons. The party of the second purl further azrees t( KO HniUIL'C t I 1 iifü ,r . i . . 1 i._. . . llmt whlle oleanslug Ibe reservoir ur f ir uv olher purpose the supply eau be chitnged at any ilinefruin the reservoir to direct supply from the pump =jyij All pipe and special cnstlnifs shall be subJected loa bath of coiil taraud llnseed oll accordlng to Dr. A;nes.Smitlis formulas ' The party of thu sec iud partfurtlier aerees to furnlsh water as aforesald Tor the Michigan Central Kallroad Compa y tor depot and englne purposeK ata nuinnot loexceedslx bundred dnllarH per aiuium.and for the Toledo Ann Arbor & Northern ralhoad compauy 8UCh water at the same ruten The party of the secoml part, In conslderation of thepremlsesaKrees wlie-i requested o todo, lo lurnluh water for theseven public school houses, for the sum of twu hundred and flfty dollars per annuni; alno tofurniNh water for two public drlnklng fountaiiiM for tliesum ofone hundred and rtfiy dillars per annum; also to furnlsh water for witshlni; gutters and ntiHtiing sewers, whether oow constructed or hereafter lo be built and for the city councll room for the urn of une hundred dollar!' per annum; alo that they wlll furnlsh water for any school house or or houses, that are now In process of conslructlon.or that may be liereafler be built : forthesumof twerity flve dollars per aniuun ' each. It Is hereby understood ilial for thé 1 prlce above mentlonet, the partle of the , nrsi part are to have the use of all the water thut they may requlre, at the places above mentloned for water closet, urlnals, drlnklng puri oses, washlng, washlng luwe for upplylng steam boilers, and for the use of riand hoe for washlng wludows In nll tb bovo buildings and for sprlnkllng the lawns eonnectea wiin me lame. Tiie sum m-t partítm shall nol allow the water to be used In mul about the buildings aforesaid lo run to raste, or to be used for motive p.iwer exeepl wlien generaled lulo steam, or the water !it the public: drlnkiiiK fountaius to bu taken therefnmi for prívate ue. Tlir party of the Recund part shall protect the party of the flrst part frora and agalnsl all suits and demands on account of any lnJury resultlng froin auy defect in lilghways or anythlng oonneoted wllh the oonstruc' tion, or exi.slenee ol said water works, bv tlie s.-ild party of thesecond part: and they shall proteet their excavalions and restore the sireeisproinptly loasgood condiilon, prac ticitlly as before the works were beeuu and they Nhail secure the performance of' thls ¦greement set forth lo iiils paragrapn l.y a good and sutHcieut bond to be apnioved bv tlie party of iheHrst part. The parltes of the örst part do lierehv grant to tlie party of the second part tli"e righttolay pipes as above provided foi water supply in any and all sireets of the city or Aun Arbor. The said pailles or the flrst part, shall nol graut such rlghu to any other jiarty or partles unttlsiich time as the paiIiesof the tlrst part may pu reliase sald water works; or the right of sald party of the serond part shall have expired by lis artlcles of Incorporatlon ; or It shall have lost lts rishls and privlligrs by forleiture, or lts fallure to perfonn lts part of thls contract, provided however tlial all rlghts of layliisr pipes already gramed by the iarti-s of the rtrst part shall be respecled, and remaln in force The partles of the flrst part shali have the right to purchase the en tire water works at Kiiy time they choose, and H the partle hereto cannot agree In the price to be pald therefor, the Jadffei of the Supreme Couit of the State of Michigan may appolnt three c-otnmlssloners who shall award the price to Uie ar'""'1 saiduw"ra slla11 be binding upon The grant to the party or the second part of the riKits and privllegei beraln narnêd is eatabllHheil by an ordinance of the suld parties of theflrst part duly adopted In witness whereof the parlies hcreto by Jhe r respective offleers have heretinto set their hands and afflxed thelr corporaie seala day and year flrst above written


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