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Memorial Day

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I Arrangements are alrendy heing made r by the Grand Army Post of this city to ; propei ly observe Memorial Day. t At a meeting of the general committee (appointed at the last regular meetilljt o( ! the Post) liekl at Capt. Mnnly'a office 1 Monday eveuing, Capt. Cinpbell prelltled and Capt. Manly acted as secietary. ; The tollowing sub coiiiniiltets were appototed to make the ncct-ssaiy arrangeinents tor the appropriate observance ui the day. On Klnanco-C"l. H. 8. Dean, Dr. W. F Bruakt-y. Ur. W. B Smlih nd O. K Webster' ün Klowerx- J. Clark, A F. Martin, Conanuíue'fj'cobs01"111"'"'' Sleplle" Muurt 11 PrlCe' l8HaC Qren. nü.fublaTk1!''0 Dürrance' fo-nraaesüarü¦ (1'!"!1,mLtIeeor Arrangements-Cnpt. Campbell. Prof Oreenc, Dr w. II. Ja kaon Cuut ü. ü. .Vlau y and riu.s. Keai na. ' P ' Marslnl of Ihe Day- E. N. öllbert. The cominitttcinen are nquested to emunience work and tnake the ariancuineiits a? promptly as pOMible. All membeis f Oumuilfteea are requested to inei-l al Capt M.nlv's office Monday tvening next, May 18i li, lo rtport pMtftfU and unite tlielr effoit in fiutheriug the plans proposed. AN 1NVITATI0N. Editor Courier:- Throiifh yonr colu we wislj (O Invite "The Veteran (lome Guards," Coinp.iny A, M. S. T ihe Lidies' Decoración Society, the Younjr Ldies' Decoraflon Society the Co ion Couiicil, the Knight Templar, the Flre DepHitinent, the ministers ot th.' variouschurche-, the profewon and student óf the University, the teaclier hikI pupila f the hlyh Khooi, gramnwr and wai-il scliools, the menjber of all otlier civic societie.--, all old soldicrs and uaf riotlc citizensof Aun Albor and VVshlenaw county geneially who clierish the niemory of Americmi tokllery, to cooperatewlth Weloti Post, 137, tí. A. K and thcrehy asgit them in showinjr ttnit thelr patriotten and vnlor in trying hoUr8 hal DOt been forjrotten, and that we do notbelieve Iheir health and live were WHSted away in vain. Com. Welch Post, G. A. R,


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