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CHAMBERLA1N- At Howell. Mlch April 13LI1, 15, of peritouitls, Mrs. Sarah' Chauiberlalu, aged B5 yeara. Ia the dealh of Mr. Sarah Chamberlain of Aun Arbor, wnieh occurred at the reaidence il her luie brother.V. K. T. Angelí In Howell lier irienda aud famlly have lo mourn thé lo. ol a (jood aud true woraan. Of Puritanlc ili-.-ctiu, siie met and patleutly endured many irlalaaud bereavements to which many. of leBS persevcrauce aud euergy would have sucoumbed. sne was bom In Pownal, Bennington Co., Vermom, In 1819. Wheuahewaa elgt.tyea.ra ola, her pareuls removed to the westeru part ol New York state, where ahe afterwiirds mariied Aliñaron Naah, who, wlth hls brid " helpmate, undertoolc the taak cominon 10 early seltlers, of reclaiinlng from nature' a wilils a home and the fouudaliou of rutur e oompetenoe. They aettled In the town of uio, m ihis State in lató, where tney beuan thestruggle together; but Juat as ihey were Komg losee the way clearer loa realizalion ut iheir hopes, the Ueath Mensenger clalined lier coQipauion and leli ijer to purgue the luak alone, sirengluened only by ihe love ue bore her three small chlldren, whose fulure ahe uiuat uow provlde for. Thla ahe dld alone untll lfóO. when ahe wu marrled lo Uavid U. Chamberlalu, of Dexter. At this luiiur place hey re ldeded for over twiily jtiu. Whlle here. her ouly son Wlllle . Hh, Inwhom waa ceutered Ihe prlde and liope ol a lu.ilher'a love, was taken from her by dealh. This seemed a blow almosl too .evere to be boni; bul Irom ihla time her Uioughts and hopes foüowed hlm to the betler land, aud alie ever allerwards thruuirii lile, looked lorward to the time wheu they ¦-liould be reunued. In the spring of 1S73 she wusugaiu lefia wldow. Kor the .aal ten yeara ahe had been a restileiil ot Ann Arboi. Tliree diui;litera uurvtve lier: Mra K. D. Uoane, El. r-aao, Texas ; Mrs I'. J. .Merrlman, Pulueavllle. Ohlo; aud Mrs r. K. L'leavelaud. Hailloid, i oiintctlcul All who ever kuew her can cheerlully testlfy Ihat he ever slood talthfully at the post ol duly ; and herdaughtera, though comforled and Nireiigiiieued hy thelr own fauilly tles realue only too well what It la to feel the' loss of me loving care that haa ever been slrong toKlileld, prolectand guide them