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Larry O'Toole now has liis head-quarwith Scliuli & Mueliüg. The season of yachting on the raglng waters of the placid Hurón has tully opened. The wheat-fïelds in the vicinity of Ann Arbor, with a few exeeptious, indícate an excellent erop. During April there wc re 15,816 bushels of wheat markotod in this county, at the seyen milis reporting. Bishop ILirris will probably assist Dr. Pitkin in the Ascensión Day services at St. Andrew's chin cl), Thursday. Communion services at St. Andrew's church, Thursday morniog at half-past 10 o'clock, that being Ascensión Day. Miss Frank Haran, daughter of Thos. and Margaret Haran, of Northfield, died May Bth, aged 27 years, of consumption. Charles J. Durheim, has gone to Muskegon to enter business. He didn't tany here long afler selling out. Many warm frtonda will wish Charlie success, wherever he goes. An invesügation nto tlie numerous stories afloat respecting Geo. P. Sutton, of NorthtieUl, was held at the office of prosecuting attorney, Monciay. and said stories fouud to be sheer fabrications. A stone walk is being put down in front of the resiiences of O. U. Martin, Jr., Geo. W. Moore and Jno W. Thompson, on South Fifth Street, whicb. is a grand iinproveinent for pedestrians in that quarter. Since we are in the recording business we miht as well record the fact that a snow-storm prevailed last Friday night, and a good portinu of Snturday, also. Quite encoura;ing for " garden sas?,"' eh ? Snow-storm May '.'th? What will the hiirvest be ' John Gore, of Belding, Ionia Co., a former resident of his city, and haring inany reUtives and friends here, died on the 9th inst., and his remains wcre brought here for interment. Funeral services were held Tuesday from 8t. Thomas' church. The Detroit Post gives the Coiriek the following very complimentary notice: "The Ann Arbor Codrikr is to be congratulated on lts suceess as a local newspaper. It is alive to the wants of its constltuency, is of sound republican )roclivities, and an excellent chronicler of passing events. " Not enough Bohemlan oats can be procured to snpply the demuml iQ this vicinity. It is nollceable that the purchast'rs of thisgraiu are among our mo8t reliable farmers. The president of the Flrat National Bank of Ann Arbor. It is sa 1. has sown soine of these oats. -Saline Observer. Which reminds us of the wordsof the Ann Arbor Democrat, in its last issue, which were : " The Bohemian oats men are swindlers, thieves, robbers anü scoundrels.1' Our neighbor doesn'c draw It very mild, to say the least. The Lock Spring Gear company, composed of Carl Hendrickson, Ernest Eberbach, A. R. Schmidt and Geo. A. Douglas, has been formed, for the purpose of manufacturing the lock spring gear, for carriages, an invention of Mr Schmidt, and the factory will be located in his shop on Detroit street. We hope it will be eminently successful, and thus add another new enterprise to Ann Arbor's estahlishments. The law office of Morgan & Checver, pposite the east door of the court house, -on Fourth 8t., is bcing raised up and a stone foundation placed uixter it by Jakobus & Son. The lot of land on which this office stands was rented by E. W. Morgan for a period of 30 years for $5 per year, when tlns old building was firat built thereon. But we doubt f Mr. Goodrich would agrec to renew such a contract to-d;iy. It is no wonder Chat the average tree agent ia considered a consuinmate rascal. One of these honey-tongued chnps informed us the other day that he had been in the business for fi ve vears, and that one lirm he worked for sent hiin asparagus Toots to flll an order for the eleraatis vine, whose roots are very similar - also young basswood trees for magnolias, whose leaves they very much re-emble. Frank Greening, of Chelsea, was the fir8t man frotn Washtenaw cuiuity to receive a direct appointment trom Waliington. A telegram was received by liim on the street frora Superintendent Willard G. Lovell of Clevelanc to the effect that he had been appointtc as postal cleik, and that he shoiild report in the latter city for assignment of duty May llth. Mr. Greening is tobe congratulated, as he is said to be deserving. The appointment was Pecured through the aid of Judge Harriman and Col. EkJredge. Dr. P. B. Rose, of this city, has struck a lead in liis line that will probably bring to him greater returns than a huge silver mine. Peptonized beef is an article ol commetce thut is rapidly growing into popularity as a food for those having weak stomacliR. At present the retail piice of the article is 50 cents for a three ounce package. Ur. Rose has foiind a way to manufacture it so that one pound can be retailed for $1. The doctor went to Chicago, Monday, where beef and pepsin are both cheap, and will at once enter upon the manufacture of the article upon an extended seale. Here is success to the doctor and hope for weak stomachs. Ice one-elglitU ot nn inch thick In the city May 13th, and yet It la time to plant irn. At the Presbyterian church last Sabbath, several persons uniteü with the cluircli by letter and otherwise. Dr. J. M. Martin is to address thn temporalice meeting 8uuday. Subject: " Inconsistencies of Intcmperance." Tlie month of May, in the Catholic church is dedicated to tlie Virgin Mary, and is tetmed the month of Mary. John Pfisterer's house in the 2d ward is looming up nicely, being a grand im provement for that part of the city. John B. Dow, on VV. Hurón st., ha shold that beautiful matched team of horse for $ G00 to a wealthy New York city merchant. What everybody ought to know about the earth, moon and starry heavens, is made clear and attractire by Prof. Bailey with his Cosmosphere. Our esteetued contemporary is wrong again, ns usual. E. B. Pond will not have cliarge of the construction of the new depot to be erected by the M. C. R. Ii. this season. The Ann Arbor water works company, according to the articles of association filed witli the county clerk, consistí1 of Wm. Birnie, Chas. S. Goodhue, Alex. W. Hamilton, Thos. N. Birnie, and Alfrod Birnie. On Tuesday of last week, Catherine F. Fletcher died at her home in the first ward, of consumption, aged 58 years. DeoeMed had been a resident of this countv 45 years, 27 of which have been spent iu this city. The new house of Eugene E. Beal, on Madison street, is now, and has been for the past two weeks, in the hands of workDien, who are ñnisliing it up and putting it in the condition as called for in the original contract. Gather up your little oalona, put them la their üttlc bed, sow your cabbage and your lcttuce, ]usli your gardening right abead; soon the sultry summer season will be here, you bet your life, so get your garden erop all ready, and a hoe, too - for your wife. Those wishing good furniture chcap, can gpt room sets, c.irpets, stoves, crockery, bedding, etc., at rare bargains. The furniture of the St. James, but recentlv new, is being disposed of at private ule. Awply t the Coi'riek oltiee where the joods are The Union Hook and Ladder company held a practice Friday even ing, Introducing many new features i tito their drill. They started off in excellent shape, and will hereafter hold weekly meetings for the purpose of perfecting tliemselves in the DMnifoaient of their ladders and other implenients of tire torture. At a meeting of the council last Friday eveniujr, the bonds of B. F. Watts, as city Mmnr, in the sum of $80,000, and of the Ann Arbor Savingi Bank, in the sum of f50,000. were received and approved. The bondsmen are Frederlek Schmid, C. Maek, W. B. Smith, W. D. Harriman, W. W. Wines. C. H. Worden, Moses Sea!)olt. David ttlnaey, D. Hiscock. The Cornwells, at Geddesburg, are turnin' out 90.000 pounds of pulp daily, which is mude at present from seasoned spruce floek. When the pulp mills at Ann Arbor and Birkitt are built, It will take all the three milis can manufacture to supply tlieir paper milis. Rags and straw are used with the pulp, but they Intend soon to do away with straw eutirely. Something in the line of the unique may be seen In the yard of P. Bach, it being an exact re-production of an old fashioned log cabin, very popular hereabout sume fifty years or more ago. The house is 10x12 feet in size, has a door with a wlndow on each side in front, and is all fitted up, with chimney, fireplace, uto., and is used by Mr. Bach's youngest son as a play-house. According lo the April erop report the wheat in this county as compared with last April stands at 96 per cent. The per cent. of clover winter killed is 11, and the condition of the remainder is 95 per cent. ascompared with last year. The prospecta for an average apple erop is 77 per cent. The condition of horses U 100; cattle, 94; sheep, 90; and swine. 97 per cent. as com pared with last season. From the Daily Capital, published at Jamestown, Dak., we learn that Dr. R. G. DePuy (an old Ann Arbor boy) who has been on trial tliere on a serious charge, has been honorably acquitted, and the verdict gave great satisfaction among the people. The Daily Capital of Mav lst says of the event: After mónitas of weary wa'ting, resting under the sligma of the worst charge which can be made auainst au honorable physician. Dr. H. O. DePuy to-aay stands before ihe comrauuity and the world relieved from even the Hllghtesl tuint of suspioion of gullt. Before a jury of twelve as intelligent men us ever dehberxted upon a case, wit n an ahle prose!utor who lost no polm which might be made agaiDRt liltn, he has proven hlmself 1dntcent of the charge of abortion, preferred by a wotnan of no cuaracter and wuose testituony proves her lo be most desperate and dangerous. It were worse thau idle to revive at this time the unpleasant personal f ties which have been connected with thtscase. The cae Is Ki-tticil forever, and whlle It bas lefi wounds deep and painf '1, the scars of which may never heal. Dr. DePuy has come out of the irylng ordeal strongerlhan ever hefore tn tne opinión of those wlio have watched the caxefroin flrst to last, and Uu-re he can afiord to lel the matler rest.