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Another Through Route

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Tliere i a rnmor that the Grand Trunk 1 aboui to purchase the Ypsllantl br rn-li of the I.akc Shore. uikI lake u i the road froiB l'iltsfle d Junctlon to Ypsllantl and replace lt to Ann Arbor. 'I he rumor wlll doubtleHH prove incorrect.- Saline Observer. Tlie aboye rumor ig said to be founded on fuct. The scheme is to lease the right of way over tho T. & A. A. R. R froin here to South tyon, from tlience over its own Une to Pontiac. Reacliing Pontiac, the Grand Tiunk already has control of the Pontiac, Oxford & Port Au8tin R. R, which now e mis at Caseville, on the south side of Saginaw bay, running turough the heavy t m' er lands and fue new gold iind silver fields recently discoveretf in Tuteóla county, neiir Cass City. At Caseville we understand that tlie G. T. Co. have made arraiigements to put on B line of steamers running from tlieru to Alpena and intermedíate shore points, thus tapping the whole salt and lombar interests of the Hurón shoi'e. An additiona! scheme, which will probably be workei! out within a few moi ths, is to construct a branch road froni eilher Newburv or Wilmot, on the P. ü. c i'. A. R. R throujrh Caro to Bay City, tlius securin;; a portion of the fieights handled la that section by the F. & P. M. R. R for thts new line. This will practically jrive tlie O. T. a nortb and soutli line thioujfh tlie richest belt of Michigan, and have the great luniber and salt interests of the north as a feeder. Ann Albor mav soon be placed on another through line of ïailroad, and bids fair to becoine quite a rail road center after all. The workingoutof til is écheme has been done very quietlv, and it was the inten lion of the authorities to keep it perfectly still lint il all anangements weiv perfect ed, but negotiatlons liuve progressed so far that tliere can be no liarra In v'uv the news to th world.


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