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Captain Connett lias gone to Chicago. Dr. P. B. Rose went to Chicago Monday. Geo. Irish, of Chicago, is visiting his old home, for a few days. Wm. McCreery was out Monday for tha first timo in seyeral daj-s. Frod'k Pistorius started for New Orleans yesterday worning. L. C. Risdon and wife have returned from a trip to New Orleans. Mrs. .1 ¦nu Foster, of Detroit, is visiting her parenta, on North Main st. Miss Stella Saxon of Manchester, is visiting at the residence of Mr. T. J. Keech. P. M Harlow of Springlleld, Vermont, is visiting his eousin, A. V. l'arks, frosh. lit. Mrs. Qeo. A. Sheeley, of Detroit, is expected to-day to visit her sister, Mrs. P. Bach. Mis. Mary E. Foster has returned to Ann Arbor, and Is Uring at lier old home on Catharine st. Eugene Mutschel can tell you a long and painful story ia respect to what he knows about boils. A. J. Sawyer, who has alinost entirely recovered his heaith was in Chelsea on lusincss last Sitturday. I. K. Pond had a chance to greethis old friends while spending Sunday at home. He returned to Chicago, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Forristall of 3oston have been visiting at W. W. Whedon's a few days while on their wedding trip. H. C. Waldron clerk in the state delartment atl-ansing, and lady, were present at the Ann Arbor Presbyterian servces last Sabbath. H. J. Brown, Dr. Palmer and wife, and Miss Louise Richards of this city, attended the funeral of Rev. John Wilson at Ypsilanti, Monday. L. F. Bulkley now of Cincinnati, spent Sunday with his old friends iu the city. He expects to return here again uext Saturday for a threeor four weeks' sinv. J. D. Warner, who graduated from the iniversity with the class of '74, and who ïas been in business for several years at Soroco, New Mexico, is at present at lioine with his fainily. W. G. Doty, W. V. Nichols, Chas. S Fall, D. C. Fall, J. R. Miner, J. T,. Stone, Tohn J. Robison and B. F. Watts, went to Jetroit yesterday, in attendance upon the (rand Comraandery of Knights Tempiar of the state of Michigan, which is holding a two days' session in Detroit.