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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. Ten days ago we advertised the finest Tricots manufactured in this country at 60 cents, 20 cents and at this prieel SO7U6 ladies wanted thent cheaper. If these goods cosí 75 cents andwere advertised at 25 etsthere are some people who would want to buy them still cheaper and ask you to charge them six monthsA new black silk for wraps and dresses attracts attentionLooks like the Jersey fabric, but lacks the Jersey's looseness. Tricot, flrm and solid silk, as if to last for e ver, $1-75 Fabric Gloves are ready. You may form a new notion of the importance of this stock when we say that six month's ago we ordered these gloves made for present tradeLisie Jerseys: 25, 40 and 50 cents, according to fineness of fabric Colors: modes, tans, slates and grays. Silk Jerseys: Six button length, 50, 75, $1.25 and $1.50. Colors: tans, brown, modes, gray, black, pink, blue, white and cream. Prices according to weight and strength, not fineness Fan time- and fans are always There isn't a day in the year without its sort of We knew that summer was coming. The summer fans came first. All sorts of summer fans. In one of our windows, we, this week, display a small line of our Embroidered Robes i'or They are handsome and stylish Just the thing for commencementstjli-h Embroidered Ires for $8.00 A litíle Better at $12. OO Ketter Stlll I - $15.00 And flner if you want them, and cheaper if necessaryMore Jerseys, and Jerseys come and go as fast as in their palmiest day- it is their palniiest Jerseys from 50 cents to $16 00. At $1-00 our black and colored silks are without a rival. For a number. of years we have been selling them with satisfaction to both ourselves and our customersand can confidently liar antee every yard for wear. Our price untü this spring has been $1.25 per yard. Gents Colored Hosiery this week at 25 cents, former price 40 and 50 Full regu" "" BACH & ABEL. GEA2TD OPERA HOUSE! UNUSUAL ATTRACTION. ROBT. McWADE IS HIS GRAND l'OBTKAYAL ATO 0WN DBAMATIZATION OF RIP VAN WINKLE VAGABOND OF THE CATSKILLS. As played byhlm in every city of Araerica for flfteen yearg, supportcd by an EXCELLENT DRAMATIC COMPANY REMEMBEU THE DATE, THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1885. Frices of Adinissioa, 50 3.5, and 25. Reserve .Seats now on Sale at Bougliton's Post-ofllce News Depot.


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