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Expense In College Education

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Miicli Iiis been said of late years in re ï:ird to tlie inereaced expense attoiHÜng ; iïv. itlucnilu ird L aulla nnnltlUJ tlieietrcm. Farts seem to justifv tin conclusión tliüt younjr peopïe in thesi days have lonned extravagant habits Wlilch nuika tlie colljre eilncation of i larjie tamil v next to Impoanlblo, excep lo the wealtliy class. This is not becaus tuition is high or board expensive. By i compariflon of statisties of twenty-threi leading colleges, the liijjhest pi ice fo regular boarding is $4 per week and tin lowest f 1.50 per week. Tliis tabular state mentof expense, preparad by Mr. Tbwlaj la n Interóttlag ttuuy: RENT "2"".. TOTAL EXPENDÍ. AXNUAL. WK " COLLEGES. . . II J 11 ' I j__ iA1 „,v: %g 18 Hffl í Í & - llowrtolu 50 2.75i 4, 75 auo lflüo 'm Brown .. 4U 3.u) 5 ,g = Unv. ofCal. 30.00 11) 8. ui 9 I Si Ja!! wu Ijiilunih a .... M nu 450 ónri aV. iiH L Hamlllo...... 6,ojl : 3)5 s S00o !!"r,ffr,?rd::: - " 8 " S ÏS S s. Univ.. 1000 mi nu e 45 sal euo IS u'" 15. T5l 3.50 4 10U 350 1000 550 Onlon. isj 3 go 5, 300 8U0 So Kt Union.. 18.00 36 2.75 5 rë í HUI 3J) yillnl 15.(10 so 3. 6 96 SU '(I 500 vÜSirTOÜl 8-UÜ ' '-1" 8 14U "! " ndlioard..j 3 i40 50,, ,oooj SOO Now add these amounts of neeessary expenses and accouut tor the large expenditnret reported. Thirty years ago, a young man wlio had 800' at hi3 commaad, had no hcsitation in entering for a tour year courae n college. He lived in health and comfort on the money, and completed lus course. Thousands of young men did it upon far smaller amounta. Tuition and room rent and boarding can be obtained now nearly as clieap as tlien. Tle gaine facilities for clubbing areofiersd, and the costs of the neomtarlea of life has not largely increaxil. The factl Bi reported justify the conclusión tbat the yuuiiï men and women of mr lollerjes have been seized iih the spirit of extravagance, and that luxmics c-t more than the uewssaries of a stuI--1'- if cAun expcnilltnre added to the health and scholarship ot the Itudent, it mlgat not deserve censure. Bat it does not require au argument to to conviene that ts effect are directly opposite. The evil, perliaps, retiults from the largely increased number of rteb men in tiiete d.iys over that clasa of a generaticni afto. Tlieirsonsand daufrhtem have ii()t been tralned to know the value of a dollar as their jirandfathers and grand ttlns wre and they enter college fully persuaded that a show of money and libernllty will add to their good standing in tlie nstitutioii. The middle and the p"orer classes of Ptudents are In consequtnee often strainod to play a part their puraea will not justify. It is not to be doubted ihat there are many who are pluoky eiiough to keep within their meana and tnke the chances of ostracism.


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