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Tlie Burdock plant is orle of the best diurética ür kidncy regulators. Burdock Blood il i i te rs is unsurpassed in all diseaies of the kMneyi, livor and blood. A boardlnjc-bouM mlitreM, like tbe rest of lis, lias lier wcak and Itrong pointe - the wcak point belng her Ooftee, and lier stronjf point the butter. An I ¦liiicrprlslnir, Reliable House. Eberbach A Son can alwavs be relied u pon, not only lo rarry in stock the best of everyttainir, bat l" secure the Agcncy for sncli aiticic ia Imvc ell-known merits ind are popular wil!) the people, thcrebv ¦ustainlng the reputation of belng ülwayg enterprialng, and over reliable. Hnving ¦ecured the Ajrency for the eclebrated Dr. Kiiifj's New Diaoovery tor Contumptlon, will soll it on a positiveguarantee. It will hui el v cure any and every aftection of Thltwt, Lungs, and Cliest. and to show our OAiifidence, we invite you to oall and gel ii l'iiul Uott le .Cree. "Wliin I uas ii boy,"suid a vcl'V DtOtf. long winded orator to hia friend, "1 used to talk in my Bloep." "And dow," said hia frlond. "you sleep In your talk."


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