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- It is said that one out of three persons does not hear with one ear as well M wilh the other. - Deroe, the weather prophet, says that if a potato is left in the ground after the vines are dry it will lose ita flavor. - The Western Union Telegraph Company has three thousand, eight hundred and forty-nine stookholders. - N. Y. -V-.-.. - In no other city in the country do as many wonien make their living by keeping boarders as in Washington. - Washington Star. - A horse at Cleburnp, Tex., got into his master! poultry-yard and devoured thirteen young ehiekens, whicli he found in a box there, feathers and all. - If you have any oyster plates in the house throw them into the alley at once. ïhey are no longer in fashion. You must eat your oyster soup from a bowl. - Detroit Post. - Idaho claims a population of eighty-eight thousand and shows vn assessment roll of nine million dolían as an evidence that she is able to imdrtain a State Government. - Mr. Thomas Meehan, who has been visiting the Alaska glaciers, reports a torrent a hundred feet wide and three or four feet deep flowing winter and sufflmer from under the Muir Glacier there. - A larfj in Nashville, Tenn., keeps five cats, two dogs, two canaries, a monkey and a swearing parrot, and vet she is very indignant at her neighbors beoause they think that this domestic menagerie is a nuisance. - Captain Chetwynd, of the British Navy, who has been pouring oil on troubled waters, concludes tfat although it may beof great use tnships in an open sea, it is of no practical advantago to lifeboats having to pass through large breakers. - The advertisements of furnished houses to let in a Washington paper indicate that the lowest price a desirable house can be procured for is seventyfive dollars a month and the highest three thousand, seven hundred and thirty-three dollars. - There are now about one million and two hundred thousand domestic servants in this country, who annually earn about two hundred and sixteen million dollars. In England the samo number of servants would earn only ninetv million dollars.


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