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Answer Tliis. My mother says Hup Bitten is Ibe nniy thlng tliat wlll keep lier from severe attaeks of imi-ülysis Mid hcaciache. Ed. Oswcjro Sun. My llttle, aickly, pony baby, was rhanged into a jrreat. botMCrng boy. nnd 1 was r.iiaed fr.m a sick bad by using Hop Bitters a thort time. A YoiNi; Motiikk. No use to worry about any Liver, Kidney OT urinary trouhle ; epeci illy Briglit! I)i-ease or Diabetes as Hup Bitters never tails of a cure where a cure is possible. I had spvere attacks of gravel and Kidney troubli ; was miable to get in; medicine or doctor to cure me tmtil I used Hop Bitters. They cured me i" a short time. T. R Atty. Is tliere a person living who ever saw a case of Hgue, biliim-ncs.--, nervousnens or neuralgia, or any diaewe of tbe ttomach. livcT or kidneys tliat Hop Bitten will not cure? ' Unliealty or Inactlve kldneya cause gravel, Brlght'a ili-c -ise. :licuiniitisni, and a bord oí oihíT serioui and i.ttal UifleaM8, ..i.:,i. Lo e,.uVwuUJ nflli Xlr ltfctei 9 it taken in linie. Ll-dinoton, Mich., Kel. 2, 1879 I have soid Hop BiUeit for four yean, and tliere is DO medicine tliat surpasse tliein for bllioufl atlack-, kidney Complaints and all disenset incident to tliis malaria! climata. H. T. Alexandkr. Monrok Micii.. Sept. 23, 1875. Siks- I have been mkln Hop Bitters lor iDflammatlon ol kidneyiand bimliicr, lt hus done for me wliat tour doctor tal led to do- cured me. The effect of the bitter seeined llke nmglc to me. W. L. CARTER. Qkmts - Your Hop llitters have been of greut VHlue to me. I was la d up with lyphnid tfr over two uiuuths, anrl could gel no reli,-i untlt I trled your Hop bitters. To those sufferiDK from debility or any one In feeble hoalth, I conilally rcooiiiineiul thera. J. C. STOlfiTZEL, 6! Faltón Btreet, Chiciigo, III. At the close of the sermón, the minister becaim; impressive Ratelon li is roiw lie said: " .Iiidfimcni . ; " and u smull boy neir the vestibule shouled "(Jut on lirst! " Pains in biick, or loins OU red lv tinbest kidnney aiut liver medicine - Hunt's Remedy. "Wliat will be the drink of the future?" asks Mr. Moody. There will doubtlesa be inniy drink, among wlilcb whisky will loom up proniinently. - Arkaiuaw Tra veler. An Answer Wanlcil. Can any one bi-ing ns u case of Kldnpy or Liver Compluinl that Electric iJitters will not speedily cure? We say they onn not, as thousanda of cases atready permanently cnn-d and who are dally reeoin mendinff Electric Biitcis, will prove. Bright's Dlseuae, DfAbetos, Weak Bnck.or any nrinary coinplaint qnk-kly cured. They purlty tlie blood, regúlate the bo.v'¦ls, and ai'l diiectly on the dileased pxrte. Every bottle jruaranted. Por sale at 60c a bottle by Eberbach & Son. "Ah, Dudley, I onderstand yon arelo be congratulatcd Ii the fair prettyf" " No, can't 8 iy sim i.s." " Good tifiuiè?" " Yes, 'bout a million "- Life. Some remarkable miii-s oi 4esftiew M recorded of Dr. TIiouihss ESeetrta oil. Never faiU to cure vm-.u lic. "Och," said a love-sick llihcrniiin, whHt i recreatlon it is to be dyliig of lovc! Itscts the Inart RChlagRO dellcately there's no takin; a wink of Mep lor the l'lcasure of the pain ! " My physician said I eould noi rw tny livcr out of order; frequently romlted greenlsn mueocutakln yellow, smal! dry iiuniois on faoe, siomiieii wouM not rétalo food. Hurdoe.k Blood Bitters cured me. Mr. Ailclaido O'Brien, :i;-2 Exehange si., Huffiilo, N. Y. Ayounglady being taken to uk fiir tight lacine, Mld she reiorted to the prUclice on purflyeconomiüaliounda "How Isthat?" asked lier n-nrnv.-r "Wliy" he replted, "I lace tight ilmply to prevent waist tulliii-s This Idea of Going West to Colorado or New Mexico, tor pine sir 10 relieve Conromptlon, halla misiake Any reawnabk man roalij use Dr Bownko'i Coagfa mi.i Ltg Brmo forConsamptlon in all iti flrat aUges. li never fallí to give relief in all cases of Coughf! (.olds, Bronchitis, Pain In the Cheet and .¦ill atlretiiins ilmi are consldered piimai i to Consumición. Príce, 80 cebU and il oo 8old by Bberbach A Son. WoNian is H delusion," said n enisty old bachelor in onr sanctum, recently Snodftrass retoi-ted : " W'ell, mini 8 alwajs buggtaj; some delusion or nnotber. Three Reasons Why evory one neeris, and should take Hoods iSarsiiparillii in toe spring: lst. Beeauae the ystem s now In iis grreateM nued. Hood'a SartnparlllA glvet Htienglh. 2d. Beoinse the blood t nlugrtah and Impnre. Bood's Saranparilla piirlHes 8d. 1'cau-e, fimn the iltiove fact, Bood'a Sarmparllla will do a greater amount ofgfod now tlian at any otlier time. Tak It now.


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