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Oscar Sorg has just finished a nice job...

Oscar Sorg has just finished a nice job... image
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Oscar Sorg bas just finislied a nlce job of frescoing in tbe lodee room of the A. O. U. W. Supervisor O'IIenrn, who recent ly bought the old Scott property on N. Tliayer st., is moviDg the old hoae back and making room for a new dwelllng which he proposes buildinfr at once. Mr. Clark, who acts as nielit watrli fnr the business blocVs on the west sido of Main st., is one of the most faithfnl offl. oers ever in Ann Arbor, and (ieserve the coot] will of the oitizens. "The whipporwill's thnrnt bns heen a little hoarae for a few nlyht's past." - Stockbrklge Sun. Y-a-s-! Botioraews] it sepm8 to be in the mnrnlng that poo Wlll's throat ishoarse, hereaboute. John Conn, the father of Mrg. W. W Bliss, died at Wahoo, Neb., ob Tuesday May 19th, at theadvanced age of ninety two years. His remains were taken to Keokuk, Wis., his fonner home, for in terment. One of the cases of hounty fraud beinp invcstigated by the lejrislüture, is tliat o John McCarthy, fornieily of tliis city, f whose boiinty O. L. Matthews h:id ap plled. It wasfound tliat tlie bounty ha been transferred to a man in Detroi eleven moníh ater his (McCarthyV) death. The board of health of Ann Arbor township are afler the fellows who drew de-id horses into the woods west of the Catholic cemetry, and left them laying upon the top of the ground to shine anil stink and stink and shine like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight ; and asa consequence the dead equines have been buried.