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Potatoes are acaree among Manchester h nuera. Mis Nancy Lee, of Webster, (lied June 8.1, '86, uged 82 years. 0. W. P rks, of Webster, is down íor a ' house wai ming " oofl. The :ip)lc, pear, and cherry trees ironiid I)ixtc-r promi8e a good crop. Gabriel L. Van Warmer, of tillan, and Mis. Jaita Lacy, of Ypi., marrled. 'M ii i.i"n incnm jiOnnG m ín he e.ifrle screuin there on July 4th. Tlie Manchester cornet band are billed or íi picnic in Granger's grove, on the JOth Inst, Milán is on the ragged edge of theques ion: "Sliall we celébrate the coming July 4th?" Dexfer Kniglits of Líbor wilt iio't pennanently hereafter over G. Wull s store. .1. B. Miles is the new expresa agent at ) xter, and lile office has been removed o liis drug store. The new flonrlng mili of T. Wilson & Sons at Milán, is about completed the jeadersays, and cost $5,000. Milán'. high school commenceraent ex¦reises are to be held at the rink, June 17th. There are x gradúate?. The per cent. of attendance at the Dexer high school for the present school has been 92.0, larger than ever belor-. The S. W. mili have not been solrl. We learn tllMt Courtright bncked out and would uot take them. - Manchester Enterprise. James W. Tlicks, who died at Dexter, fcfny 38th. came to tliat township in 1835. mi thus Uad been a pioneer of HO years' standing. Scio pays 13 cents apiece for woodchuck calps; Pittstield 10 cents; and Northflil 99 oentt. At thia rate tbe ground 1OL' OUgllt tO gO. Mrs. Wideiimaiin, of Whitmore Lake, who has been spending several weeks with her sou Roberr, in Brooklyn, N. Y., las returneil to her home. Fifteen bundred dollars for the old jail ilte I Well, let it go; tue oM thiug )is ong be'ii a disfrace, especially to the classical - Dexter Leader And now will the snpr-rvisor of York 'ie kind enoiiirh to note that tbe Milan Leader sayf thnt $30,725 of mpmvernents are to be in that corner of hls townohlp this summer? Considerable alarm has been feit at our oeiglibórlng city of Ypsilanti over a disease whtch lus brrtkeh out in that place, re-eml)ling cholera, but tbe pliysicians pronounce it simply au epidemie of chol era morbus, The niajority of the new houses in proOCM "I iri'ctioii in the town, aie located in the eMtern part This section s des tintel to breoine the (irettiest part of the village, and is fast lilling lip wit b liandnorae resldenert, - Milan .Imnnal. On Sunilav, M 'V 3 st, tbc incmbers of M:inchci(M lo.lge F. & A. M., deCOTfltPd ihegravwof thefr lii-ihcrs lyingin the ieniHiiy at tliat wilh aipnpri:it cefemoiite, an cliiborutc account of nlllcll is Lrivin in tbr iMt Usue of tbe Enterprise. Oh ! hut a - lie frnra the the Adrián Record': "The edttorof Mi Chelea Hitii,i ig a Swnday rfï"H teacher. Ittsworth whlle t'i note inch things wben thev happen. Be ia, t leant a "type "of editor who ld n'solvcd to "stick" to tbe golden " rule" and t'i "Jnstlfy" his "pi"'-cty, lliat wliea hta "f"rm" is"locked up'1 in rteHth, will sppem1 at the " heail oí the column " illBOÏIg I ." The Stobkbrtöge Sun is jnst, over the line out nf the eounty, luit this charniing recipe, given by the Snn min would ba a shinliitr ëxampfeon tliisslde the line i ucll : " It is siisiiccted that a good judlcloua spanklng administeied liy some of oor parents upon 8"iue of tlieir overgnnvn bal pooi ly brmigbt up bables, would prevent snrai' of I beir midnight howlingC and Mach them what pertalni to good civil conduct." A little 3 year's old daugbter of Mr. FinneT, living west of the Wabasb depot, whlle playins in the yard one day faut wek, was attacked by a gaine rooster, who ent several deep gasbes in the eliild's head and back, and was prevented frmn inflicting furlher injury by the tinnly discoverv of the child's danger by scctiiin men. There was nothing slow In the wav that rooster' head was cut offby