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Torn Fletcuer, of Lima, is building a ut w baru. The Union church at Milan is being repaired, repainted, etc. A sa8h, door and blind factory ia in contemilation at Milan. Jay Norden and Chas. Parker huye Ijought the Ypsilanti riuk. Sidney D. Harrington died in Chelsea on the 12th, aged 54 years. Burglars have been working Chelsea, autdidu't secure much plunder. Mr. Jay Everett, of Chelsea bas gone Tlie Milán Baptiet ludios give a lavvu social ut Alva Dexter's residence on FTIday evening, June 26th. Rev. Dr. Woodruff bas been tendered and accepted a cali te the Baptist cburch ot Ypsilauti, at a salan ot' $1.200 per year. Farmers are compelled to do considerable replanting in t luir corn fields, on account of dauiages by cut-wornis. - Milan Journal. The school board have secured the services of Miss Alice Wheeler as preceptress in our Union school for the next year. - Saline Observer. " Where are our girls to-night? " We can't fay for certaln, but we often henr témale vwiecson the milt-pond atterdark. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. Chas. P. Ridleyand Miss Lulu 1). Jacobs, botli ot Milan, were united in marriage June 18ti. by Rev. W. P. Tompkins, assisted by Rev. A. W. Gower. The city of Milan will build several hundreds of dollars worth of sidcwalk this -imiincr, one firm having a contract for 300 worth. Milan is rapidly coming to tüe front. "Ah, there! " Milan will celébrate the coming Fourth of July. Please put it in your memorandum book, and f you're going that way that day stop off and help tliem alocg The P. O. site question, which has vexed liit Yp-ilaiituns for a time li is been xettled by retaining the old building, and ihe government has least'd the same for tour years more. A prominent builder end carpen ter of the vil lage, says the building improveineiits made here thus far thisseason will amouut to ful ly f45,000. And there is more to come. - Milan Journal. We would not con8cientiously censure farmers if they refuse to sell more thiiu enough wool, at present prices, to pay for their local paper and acopyof the revised cuition of the old testament. - Saline Observer. Stockbridge wants telephonic connection with Clielsea, for the accomplishment of which a subscription of $250 is asked. The Sun says Waterloo has alieady raised f50 and Stockbridge $160, and the enterprlse Is undoubtedly assured. - Chelsea Herald. An editor having read in another paper that there is a tobáceo which, if a man smoke it, " will make bim forget that be owes a dollar In Ihe woild," Innocently concludes that many of bis suhscribers liaye been furnished with that article. - Manchester Enterprise. The question that agltates tUe minds of 8alineiles!s whether Frank Jones or John (üllen will be postmaster at that place. The present incumbent if an " offensive partlsaH1' - 'canse he's a republican, you know. It is said that Jones has the best show among the pollticlans and Gillen among the peopie. Now which sliall it be, Grover, peopie or pollticians? Archie McMillan, former agent at the Wabash depot ut this place, has rat her a good thing at Merino, Col. He la station agent at that place at a salary ot ;f 50 per month ; the depot is also used as a school house, and hls wite teaches the young ideas, numbering from two to six, how to shoot, also at a salary of $50 per school üioüth. Mac has just taken up 320 acres of as good land as lay out of doors, and probably aspires to be one of the future "kings of Colorada - Milan Leader. In a certaln vlllage of Washtennw county the hlgb school will gradúate three acholara. There should have been four. But It occurs that the foarth one Isa coloretl glrl, wtio althougb by far the brlghtestof the quartette. U not permltted to gradúate beuause the lilKh-toned (?) white young ladiea hold themmbI vm above belng osaoclnted 1 r ¦ grailnnttng ezerclaes wltli a " ulgger." Tlie coddali aria tocrata of the country will trample under all liberal and liuinnn laws where there la not enoagh lntelllgrnt aentlmsut to enforce them.- (jiielsea Herald. The Herald shonld give the nnme of the place. The fact, If It be a tact, Is a disgrace to the placo and the county. And when those youngster get old enough to have some enoe In their heads, they will be ashamed of their actions.