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Teachers For 1885-6

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At a special meeting of the school board Monday evening the report of the committee on teachers was acted upon as follows : Superintendent- Walter S. Perry. $2,000 Principal High School- J G Pattengill, 1,600 German, Rhetoric and English Literature Lucy A. Chittenden 800 Physics- Horatio N Chute 1,500 Book-keeping, Commercial Law, and Political Economy, B. E. Nichols 1,100 French - Emma R. Chapin 500 Higher Mathematics- L. D. Wines 1,000 Book-keeping, Penmanship - Imogene O. Royce 400 Natural Science and English - Mary Hunt 600 Latin an English - Alice Porter 525 English and Elocution- Adele M. Garrigues 700 Arithmetic and Algebra- Mrs. iMllner.. 500 Librarian- Nellie S Loving 250 GRAMMAR AND PRIMARY DEPARTMENT : Principal- Abbie A. Pond 450 Eliza Ladd JOO FIRST WARD. Hattie E. Strickland, Principal 450 Adda C. Jewell 350 Emily G. Eldrige 30U Susie Spoor 350 Emma Spoor 325 Maggie McDivitt ' 375 SECOND WARD. Mary Mulholland, Principal 450 Estelle G. Mozart 350 Emily Gundert 350 Luck K. Cole ' " 328 Amelia E. Lutz 3.50 THIRD WARD. Josephine Armstrong, Principal 375 Emma E. Banfield 354) Anna h. White 325 FOURTH WARD. Georgiana Carman, Principal 450 Cornelia E. Corselius, 350 Clara G. Plympton 350 Belle K. Edson " 350 Lizzie U. Cooper 350 FIFTH WARD. Mattie Goodale, Principal 375 Zada A. Rhodes 850 Alice M. Lovejoy 350 TAPPAN SCnOOL. Ella S. Wright, Principal 375 Matie Cornwell 325 Louise L. Loving 350 SPECIAL. Music- Alvin Wilsey 800 Drawing, 1/2 time- Alice Hunt 300 A recent issue of the Plattsmouth (Neb.) Journal had the following in reference to one of D. Donovan's sons, of the 5th ward : " Pete Burns, ' The Missouri outlaw,' made a raid on the dime savings bank yesterday about 4 p. m., shot the cashier, Jas. Grace, wounded the teller, Maurice O'Rourke, was knocked down and captured by Donovan, the artist, placed in jail, and afterwards marched to the photograph gallery for his picture. Copies of the outlaw's photo can now be obtained at the bank." New walk in front of A. R. Hall's bakery. The new night clerk at the Franklin house is M. J. Stone. The H. & L. boys are anticipating a grand time at Milan Saturday, the 4th. 'I'he Northfield grange had a strawberry picnic last Saturday evening and passed an enjoyable time. A grange picnic is down on the program for July 4th, at Jas. Brokaw's, in Northfield. Forepaugh's great and only show at Ypsilanti to-morrow. The Street cars will carry passengers for nothing! Mr. Frank Bannister, was married last week to Miss Greenman, of Owosso, at the latter place, where Frank is now engaged in trade. The ladies of St. Thomas' building society will give a social at the Irish National league hall on Catharine st., on July 4th- all day. Frank Hangsterfer took his tent, went out to Whitmore Saturday, and furnished the Jackson excursionists with 25 gallons of ice cream. The graduating class of the Dexter high school were down to the city in a body Monday, having Randall & Burnham make a class picture for them. Station Agent Hayes says that the hard times doesn't seem to effect the selllng of tickets from tuis station, and tliat as many are called for as usual at this time of year. The sweet strains of the brass band boys' and girls' instrumente as they learn to " raise and full the eight notes," swells out on the night air occasionally, A fisliiiifr party consisting of Dud. Lootnta, Jaas Imu&, J. L. Stone, et al., went to Strawberry lake a few days since and caught a lot of flsh beside haviug a good time. Wm. Allaby was exhibiting a strawberry Monday, raised on his farm that measured 6x8i inclies Ín circumference; of tbe Wooüruff variety, and shaped like a beart. S. N. House knows how to raise big berries. A box of tliem wandered into ye local's saictum, any one of wbich would raake two mouthi'uls, nnless one had an awftil great raouth. The Wabash R. R. is to run an eurly morning train out froni Detroit to connect at Milán with the train trom ttiis city on the T. & A. A. road, taking company A to Adrián, July 4th. The bouquet nuisance, as handled by the university authorities commeticenient day, ceased to be a nuisance. The high school authorities miglit take a lesson tlierefrom to good advantage. A large mimber of Aun Arbor people attended tbe State Sanitary Convention at YpsiWnl! yesterday, and many more are there to-day. The exercises are said to be very entertelnlng and instructive. Jim White, of the 5th ward, who has beeii a faithful attendant on tbe gasoline street lamp?, will care for 42 of them under the new contract of Harkini & Dignan, taking up his oíd route once more. By the way the English eparrows go for Uie 17-year locusta, one would judge that city lite wasn't healthy for the noisy insect. It is said that these loenste are especially delicious to tbe ])alates of black Gottlob Bigalke, a brother to Theodore Biralke, of Ann Arbor, will n the coming year celébrate his 25th anniversary Id the service of the U. S. army. Mr. Bigalke is a dashing cavalry offleer and excellent swimmer as well. Tovvn Cleik Davis is in the woodchuck business heavy. Saturday he took n 568 scalps, at 25 cents per scalp. The plaguey animnls instead of growing loss seem to inerease all the time. It must be line woodchuck soil in Ann Arbor town. Stephen Mills, on Saturday evening brought in a box each of Cresent Seedling, Jersey Queen, Wilson, Albany and SMarpless strawberries, one of the latter variety measuring Hve inches in circumference. For which treat we muke our bow. An eight-year old lad named Ed. Wasser, while walking the plank leading over the dam, Sunday, lost his balance and fell in. Several young men jumped in after hini, and one named Keeffan was successful in getting him out. But it was a narrow escape. The empty cars standing on the tracks of the T. & A. A. R. R.. in the 3d ward, have been a bonanza for a great crowd of tramps to lodge in for some two or three weeks past, and residents in that seclion ie uureu io aeatu witti them. Can't something be done to " lire them out ? " Wool has been coming in lively the past week, and it look very much as if tbe greater portion of the clip would be maiketed this week. But few of the large growers are holding their clips. One cumce Int snld by VVni. Bnsh, of Superior to Mack & Schinid, brought 24 renta on Monday. If you want to enjoy the 4th quietly, and at the same time go on an excursion, take an early morning train for Detroit, buy a quantity of bacanas, oranges, etc] get on board n ferry boat and remain there all day. Tt is cool nnd pleasant and you don't eet seasick or deafened by firecrackers, either one. The remains of Mrg. James Mallory were brought here from Tribe's Hill, N. Y., last Saturday, and taken to Northfield for interment. Mrs. Mallory was about 90 years of nge, and had been one of the old residents of this city up to two years' since, when she went to live with her daughter in New York. Mr. Reynolds, who is n A. W. & J. Hamilton's law office, drove to Dexter last Thursday, and hitched his horse In front of a store. While absent two men took the horse and vehicle and drove all night. The horse was found between here and Dexter the next morning, was brought home, but died shortly afterward from over-driving. Two boys, Ed. Manning and Al. Donohue, aged about 12 and 14 years, were up the river shooting mud-turtles with a revolver, Saturday last. A man being attracted by the shooting went over where the boys were to see about it, when young Donohue put the revolver under his left arm, and while holding it there it went off, the ball entering the arm of Manning who was standing near, and at latest accounts had not been extracted. Our friend Martin Clark, den es the bead story and writes: "Some one has played u huge joke on you in reference to the planting of beads with holes In them for peas. You local editors are sometimes too greedy to get something funny for your readers to laugh at, even at the expense of being sold yourselves. Your esteemed original contemporary I see has ' caught on ' lo your bead story albo, and ig as badly ' taken in ' as yourself. Now, boys, if you would like some of the finest peas- green peas- that ever tickled the palate of an epicure- or a local editor either- come to my garden and get them." All right, speaking for ourself, we'll- send up the devil.