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Deeps And Shallows

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The shallowsmuniiur, but the deepsare dumb. And do you know, to put a new interpretation on au old bit of wisdom, that is wliy we love the shallows. We stroll beside the broad, deep, voiceless Hver. There Is no sonr in all the silent gtreani. lts bo8on) beai-s the fleetg of commerce; shallop and 8te;itner and ruft drift down lts silent cuirent to the sea. By dock and slip and bonding willow sweep its noiscless waters. But wheti we reach the windiu;lrook, singinif over the white, shining iebtles, inurmurinjt around tlie VMUf rocks, wliisifiiiir through the swayinj leeds, we sit dmvn and listen, and the iiuisic and i Imnii of its inressanl babble drive away every care and every though of soitow aud trouhle. Who U t th:i said the miificof runnino: water produce in a mild insanity .i gomething like that? 'l'rue It is, "the shallows niuiniur but the deeps are dumb," and so we lov the shallows. Yes, my son, yes. That is perhaps th roason why so many people love you By andby you will be older - you will be asme deeo. Then they will hate vou. -


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