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The Chinese Collection In The University

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Frora the Detroit Journal. The Chinese cxhibit is divided nto two puiis- the Wianhal and the Cantón collecUüus. The anieles coutributed from ShaiijfhiiUiidetber places in i.orth and c-ntial China aic is tdlows: bani.ei-s wUb il.e nscrlpiio,, -rLureat Expo tlon mtteo n Chinese è pairs ol scroll, valued al J20. Kach roll Is wrtien ,n a different sty.e 1 ïu a slv e Si 14 8nin'n!Kn: P"'- co'' forspiï riK LVtTïo iffne man at work ; collón splnnlng machine wil i gureofwoman Kpluiiing. The iuvëntor of h,s machine, a woma named Huang wlw ved tl uring the MlniidynaMy was n non, ï. stzedfor her iiiKenuily aml ya' têmphfdeü 1 aied to lier memory stand in BhanShal Machine twiti, figures) for pieparlnL vftrn reviousloplacing In the loon. U oom wï gure ol woraan ut work ; mach ne for rïl uk thread. wiih Hure of glrl at work Jfai" tgnmtaa;xtCOD prmm; end less 'chfn" uinp workeU l.y au os T; prd'dío" -Vu, p ck nlandjunk; Rea-golng nteraiu wrii' o?swc,lm1!in„?f,;P :, brüj; "' tn ch"r -'!¦' ínter ature; Buddhisl prlet ie?'at re; brldeln w, d llnggarmenulklof'wTdow i ruU mourulng; "oarüs ror stampi Tó t ,n loth, 11 specimeiw, v,,llM at stemM i.rrh„,1„tshl.,.!sl,„-,„inti„., bteuc" White, yello and bn.wu cotton without eed sj-ven peoimeng. vuloed at o' wuhout Wh ie and brown c.tto.i, ilocked;3ü _'.l!'l0'cloPet" of Agr culture " H volumes hls Is one of the most eh ustlve workTou' agrloulture In Uie Chinese laiiëutie ñ u iwo bumlred pleces of cloth of different rade designs and oolon, valued at tm rnirty-six run, made r Co ton wooi of camel s halr, valued Ht f50 ¦SWfiS5Sg.BM-nt "¦ "¦ " w Ouehui..h,d nd forty-one pleees of tow ls. di""rvin ji"ud poT„,r'o;sid Elght walst sashes different color 22 ho1 urtams In tabl,. cover, Mt, gf,„t halend L,tUn, dUIorent colon, and d8eslgus,"vV„""d Cirds of different sIzps and colore, 55 cueue ords; 13 walst cords: 2B walst bands d7fferolo.s; 42pa.r.,nkle bands, different coloraarge axsurtment of brald, tape, iancv irlnU jmgs. thread, arn, artittciul c'oth Cm] AïssiSa made f wo' Winter outtit for genlleman of llterarv laas (tnlddle iHtion), 14 pleces, f summer ulflt for sentieman of lltrary clas 8 n ëces i.7U; amumu ..utfit (br geutleinaii' oP S ry p'aaa pito. W1.7S; winter ou fit for entleinan of mercanllle class 14 uleces 49 -i7 ; suinineroutlU lr geirlemai ni ní? canjéelas 7 pieces, 15.71 Butumn'oSflTf'í entlHinan of mercan cía s pieces tto K u.n.nerandaiitumu ouifit for a farmer 2 UtiCCS, 15. to the above outflts there are everal hundred artlcles of clolhing lncludig every article of dress worn in' ciilii Among the anieles woru by men are 13JackW, 8 vesU., 5 pairs oí trousers. 12 coats 6 air of leggings. 28 ,,alr of socks 12 pair of ot8,4i) pairs ofshoes 4 pair boys' nhoes nda 6..dler's unllorm-coat anu trouscis' f legging,. 2S pair of bocks, 64 pairs of hoes" Í Paírss.3 ' fe"rl'S cMbi d The anieles contributed from Cantón nd south China are as f..)l.,us .- Slx pairs of hanglng lanterns, valued at H; 10 palrsof wrltlen nerolis, valued at 15 pair of pa nu-d s rolls, valued al gin ' Chinese Imperial enslgn, of every i'M'ripilon.Inc.udinie Rpeplinens of all the Iuü.s and titundardsused by the navy armv tale, cltlesand trmplea. ' Household lurnilure, includlng cablnet 2 aDk-s 4 stools, 4druin-Hhapcd stools S chalrs and i trays. ( I hese anieles aremaueoí iiaikwood, Inlald wlth inarble and mutherofpearl.) 1 pair unibrella stands 1 pnir drum shaped stools. They arevalued al (381 Klvepalr porcelain viutes. paluted lu Union and valued at Í86, 21 porcelain vases, and lmaees wort h from (1 to (u ea-h carved Ivory curio li; one set lvory draughumen, Í7.4) ; one set carved Ivory chesamen, $15 82 ¦ lacquercd chess-board lu; H slik fans two slik fans, two slik embroidered screens' $23aud a fine display i,f emb'oldered scrolls, ciialr covers, tuble hangings, etc. A set of models to Illualrate the dyelng process 36 pieces of entton clolh, used principally for lothlng; each piece is 24 leet long aud 14 inches wide. The dli-play of cotton clothlng conslsts of ejackets, I waisicoat. S llued Jackets, :l wadded jacktts lpaii oltrous 'rs, I pjlrollegginiis woru by woim-n, 6 Jackeis, 2 couts. 4 llued J u-kets, 1 walstiMiat, 4 wadded jacketg, 3 Hrwlded walstcuats, I wadded coat, 4 pairs of Irouser8 2 pairs llni-U legKintts, 3 wadded colrarti, tknilted cai n, 1 skull cap, I head band worn by old person. 8 pairs Kinckmg. 2 pulrs uiiin-ns. 8 pairs of shoes worn by men, 1 pair gs 2 pal is nf shoes woru by womeu, 2 pairs of boots woi n by officials. Cnttoi. and slik mixture, used for clothlng 27 pleces; each ploce la 25 feel long and 18 Inches wi-'e. Collón aud slik Larong, 3 iiiecea slik velvet. S plecas, eaoh L'l teel long and lii inches wl e. Cotton and slik brald 68 rolls. 52 feet in each roll. Cotlon aud slik ¦elts, 8 sample. Larong, cotton anJ slik mixture. Inlerwoven wlth trnliatlon gold thread, U pieoea, Cotlon yurn, four samples. Orasjiclolh, nnbleached, 8 samples used for uininer clotblng. Orucololb, dyd 1 1 samples, used for clothiug. (irassclolh haudkerchlels, 6 samples. There are 2,718 articles in tlie collectiori and u hen arranged In the museum the exhibit nrlll be the most attractive to be t'ouod in the country.


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