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A Shattered Officer

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A few years ago Gen. Black, the present eoinnilssioner of pensions, suceeeded in getting a bilí thrnugb cngress. This particular bilí recited as as a fact thal Gen. Black was all shot to pieces - physically a wreek, and mentally iucapacitated froni attending to business, or words to the same effect. And being in such a condition he asked the govemment to give bim a pension of $100 per montli. This congress did. Now Gen. Black is at the head of one of the bureaus at Washington as commissioner of pensions, and besides the $100 per month pension receives $5,000 per year salary. Hecan't be mcntully in capacitated to any great exteut, certainly Is there not dishonesty somewhere? We believe it perfectly rlght for the governraent lo pension her ciippled and disabled soldier.?, whether their disability comes froni bul let wounds in battle, or from expoUre In the camp. Kurthermore, we believe that not a soldier, in the army who seived three years or even less, bu; had liislife shot tened bj'the exposure and hardihips of camp life. But for a man to secure a pension on the ground of bein n ui.w.M,v - f-.v-.-w, mi.4 tLiii capauie oi fultilling the duties of an important gov eminent pos'niou! That's the question involved in this case. The democratie journals of the country, undt-r the leadership of that dude of the cabinet, Air. Sicretary of the Navy Whit ney, are levi-llin? their guns it Mr. John R'iach, the only American wlio has had backlione enough to engage in üilp-baltding on any considerable scale, and who Id consequence has liad some government contracta. Mr. Koach recently constiucted a new war vessel for the U. S. Davy, under the ilirection of the officials of the U. 8. navyalidnow thelittle fellow whose riches have gained tor him a position af far beyond bis capacity as an elephant is gieater than a grasshopper, seeks to mikc capital for himself by quibbling and squlrining around, and trying in some nianner to cheat Mr RraoK o.,t ofti.oP..y for liis vvork. 3uch smallness is to be expected, of course, bilt 19 notvery pleasant. Öince theabove was in type Mr. Roiicli lias siiccmnbed to the pressure brouglit pon bis business by tlie uncalled for action of Sec'y Whitney and made an a.signment. If Secretary Whitney feels proud of his work, he is a queer sort of an individual. It may be that lie has a petfrieml whom lie desires to enricli with contracta and at government expense. Time wfl] develop tliis. How true the assertion tliat tliis is a worldof cliange, and In no walk of life do we find it more strikingly exemplitied than in our public men. Ia the olden time meo rose by forcé of brain or will power. They caine into prominence by tlieir ability to teil the people what they knew, through the faculty of speech. Oratory was at a premium. To-day oratory is at a discount Men rise by the aid of the newpapers' He who ia fortúnate CDOugh, or liberal enough, or wealthy enough to secure the attentlon of the olass who control the great newspaper?, can gain distinction in a short time. It does not rcquire the tliought or study or ability to make a great man, that ie did fitty years ago' One can have greatness forced upon him atasmall outl.iy of brains or perseverance. Tliis sone feature of modern Journal. ism that is lo be restretted. Maimfactnred stateímen are not as good for the country is are those of natural growth, and it Is to be hoped that the error of the press in this particular will be outgrown or remedied. Chronlc "kickers who are continually fiiiding fault with the manner in whlcu tlieir home jnurnaU are conducted, are respeetfully adinonislied that the printing press has made presidents, killed poets, funiished bustles for beauties, and furnished genius with the fandpaper of criticisms. It has made worlds ííet up tb roll cali every uiorning; given the pulpit lungs of iron and voice of steam. It has set the price of a bushei of wheat and made the country postofflce the glimmering goal of the rural scribe. It has eurtiiiled the power of kincs, embellished the pantiy shelves and busted rings; it has converted bankers into paupers, made suwyera of college presidents; it has educiited the homeless, and robhed tbr pblluwipher ut his reisn. It suiil.-s mimJ kicks, ei es niid dies, but can't be iQij to snit everybody, and the editor is a fooi who tries it.- Middleville Rep.


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