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The lefiislature of Georjria lias jiassed n local option law by i vote of 111 to 22. And now the prohlbltfonista wil] be mwobing through Qorgla. Poor Jolin McCulloiigli lias been pronounced incurably ineane. Tlie sympatliy of tlic public is with liim In this sad llliction, but alas, sympatliy wlll avail notlilng. The action of Gov. Alger in forcing the mili owner8 to dispense with the Chicago gmog of Pinkerton-ites U commendable. He gave the rnill owners the cnfliïce of sending t hem home or the witlulruwal of the state troops. Dennis Kearney, lic of the sand lot notoriety, bas not sunk into elernal obscurily, ufter all the fuss, but bobbs up serencly and asks the democratie party of California to nomínate him for fjovernor. It would be a kind thing for California dem'8 to do, and they should prant Dennis' modest request, by all nieuns, and then get B. F. Butler, Esq., of Massachusetts, to stuuip the state tor him, even g Dennis once did for Ben. before the Duke of Tewksbur? had tallón upon the presidential bee with ita lightalng end up. Circulars are beinj; sent out announcing the second annual re-union of the Soldicrs' and Sailors' Associations of Mirliigan, wlilch will occur on the 5th, Gth and 7th days of August next, at Greet.ville - supposed, but the circular domnt teil wbere it is to be. An entertaininir proirram for the old veterans lias been prepared, and Gens. Logan, Weaver, Cutcheon, Alger, and other notables will be present and apeak to the boys. The iiutborities of the state school lor donf-mutoG, ut Plint, nimM bc ]lh-eü to secure the address of every deaf-mule chilil in the state not now receiving the beuefits of that iiistitution. This school isoneof the noblest and best charitiesthe state has yet establlthed, faun the fact that it is of incalculable benefit to a class of anfortonatM who would otherwise grow up in ignorante, unable to even communicate intellifjibly witli their fellow men. Now, after graduatinjr froni the Plint school, the raxjortty ire comparatively well educated, and ill are mach benetkeil. Justbear the hiudaüve and the plaudatory articles ilven Traverse City. The press of the state bas siuldenly found out that it is "the garden spot of God's creation;" that "the trout-fishing surrounding the place is as fine as any in the world;" " t is a, located on the shores of tlie handtomeat sheet of water on which the ion in its daily cirele turns night into day." And tlien Haiinah, Lay c Co.!! Great molhor of uk all, that liiin excels even her in broad liberality and fii.e steanici-. WC shall expert that this gratuitous advertisinfr will divert a larve portion of trade from its usual channels to Traveise City, and Hannah, Lay & Co. isnura iawe, tne cmnp grounu tor tüe state militia, wliere the state paya $2,400 in cash for the rent of a fiirm for camping pui poses for four yeais, (wlien the entire lnd could doubtless have been bouglit uitlicht for a less suin of money), is to be turned into au iannense sumiller resort. Tlie land surrounding the ake has been hnught "p by a stock compaiiy compone J of Detroit and Howell cipitalists; a steamer has been piirohturl for pleasure parties; a nuniber of eottag;s aiul h bif hotel are in contemplation ; and Uien; are sly IntlnaaUoni that the State Soldier' Sume wjll be located at that poin(. All iliis is true or tlie 8"iitli Lyon Picket lias iieen leadinij tlie public into ambusli. The leCMtlon is a j.r(od one, liotli tor the Soldii'i' hume and the siiinmcr resort.


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