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[Thlscolumn is open tothe people toexpress thelr opinión upon any subject of Interest to the public, and corretpondence upon all sidet of all subjects Is deslred. All we ask of correspondent U to keep out of personalities, and use argument lustend of abuse. Be conclse, don 't use more word tlian necessary to expresa Ideas. The publlsher of the C'ourikr does not hold himself reaponsible foroplnlons expressed.J The Water Works ys. tbr City. Editor Courier:- In conversation Wlth the gentleman who represents the city In the matter of luying the water malus about our streets, Prof. C. EQreene, he informeel a good citizen of this city - and by the way, a member of the council at ihat- tbat no changea could be made f rom the plan adopted by the council without the consent of Messrs. Goodhue & Birnie, or tho Ann Arbor Water Uo. These -changos, if mude at all, had to be made at once, as the men were about to begin work at that point, but the flrm of Goodhue & Birnie were inaccessible, and so nothing oould be done in tJte intertstt of the peopU. Another citizen conversing wlth the city's superintendent. Prof. C. E. Greene, was informed that several changos had been made froui the plan adopted by the cominon council, and he, Greene, gave as a reason that the water company had been obliged to go out a mile and onehalf or thereabouts, further than was conteniplated, for a water supply, therefore he was obliged to reduce the length of ftgm laiü In tlie city tnat extern. So it seeins that changes in the original plan can be made when the water companv's interests are at stake? Allow mp to if the city is responsible for the chance of base made by the water company? What right bas Prof. G reene to cut down the length of pipe to be laid In the city b';cause the water company, for their own benefit, went out in the country a mile or more further, tliat they might secure better water for their customcrs? Perh:ipa Prof. Ureene can prove to the people wlierein lie is worklng in tht-ir interrsts while receiving their money ? If he can the people would be very glad to Iiear from him. The writer understunds still further that the portion of the city from whicli tlie pipe has been taken is the portion where a water supply will be ueeded. Tliis at first glance would not seem reasoHable, but irben one considera the fact that under the contract made by the city with tlie water company, that for every 700 feet of extensión the city is obliged to put in and pay $40 per year reutal lor a ncw hydrant, tlie strangeness is done away with. Where there are no wclls or Source of water supply is where there will ba n dcmund for the extensión of the water pipes. The city's interest, howt'ver, for whlch Prof. Greene 8 supposed to be worklnff, lies in having tuis tenitoiy supplied noto, and the plan adopted by the council and made a part of the contract, did cover that terntory. What right has Prof. Greene to change it? Accordlng to the published report of tlie council prnceedings (I have uot eximined the records) Prof. Greene was appoiuted a sórt of superintendent to look ifter the city's nterests, but no price was tipulated. There are a few of Ann Aror's citizens who are old fogy enoiifjli o iliiuk that way of dolng business loose. Wou ld the senior aldennnii trom the 3d wam, ïnsLaiice i.ue is a goou nusmess man) hire a man to smiwintend a job for liimself in suck a marnier? Hurdly. The cumiiion council better keep their eyes open. Tliey have a big job on tlieir hands. Tlie people may not make much fuss over being itnposed npon, but wlien the dav of reckoning comes tliey will ask their servants to give au account of their stewardublp. The people want water works, but they want their servants to work for their inteitsts and uot for the interests of a lot of capitalista who have got a valuable fcHtioElM froin the city, and who will seek by every hook and crook to add to their own pocketsand deplete the pockets of the people. Youra truly,


Ann Arbor Courier
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