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"turn The Rascals Out."

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Mb. Editor, Ann Arbor Courier:- "Turn the rascáis out." Not the republican rascáis are in office. Those are not the ones I uiean, I refer to the rascáis wlio are lounging aboiit the court house square. Passing by tuere lnst Friday I snw no less t.lian twelve, great, stout, lazy fellows, lounging abour, and eprawled at full length on tlie grass undcr ihe shade of the trees. It was an nteresting sight. It was t sight the City Marshal sliould h.tve gazed gazed upon " with blood in his eye," for a few moments. Way back in the days of my childliood I was tau;lit a Hule rlijme by my good inother wliich run thus: For every ailraent nnder the sun There U u remedy or ther i uuue. If there be one, try and flnd It. lf there be uone, never ralqd it. Which is quite applicable in tliis caseBut "if there be a remedy," I sliould advise our oftlclals to "trv and flml t "


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